What’s new

What’s new

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These are the major revisions. Many more minor ones are not listed.

2022-07 Main Menus were made small-screen-friendly. 

2022-06 Parts/Ignition/CEV Magnetos was improved.

2022-06 Brands/Slovenia/Tomos/A3 Parts and A35/A55 Parts were revised.

2022-05 Parts/Cables/Cable Parts was improved.

2022-05 Parts/Cables/Tomos Cables was updated.

2022-04 Parts/Carburetor/Gurtner was revised.

2022-04 Parts/Cables/Puch Cables was updated.

2022-04 Parts/Wheels/Tires and Tubes was updated.

2022-03 Brands/Japan/Honda was revised.

2022-03  Parts/Frame/Covers, Reflectors/Reflectors was expanded.

2022-02  Parts/Cables/Motobecane Cables was updated.

2022-02  Parts/Electrical/Tail Lights. CEV Tail Lights was updated.

2022-02  Brands/France/Motobecane/Motobecane Cady was revised.

2022-01  Parts/Electrical/Batteries was revised.

2022-01  Brands/Puch/Puch U.S. Models was revised.

2021-12  Parts/Controls/Grips was revised.

2021-12  Parts/Controls/Handlebars was revised.

2021-12  Brands/Italy/Di Blasi was revised.

2021-11  Parts/Electrical/Speedometer Parts was revised.

2021-10  Parts/Accessories/Tools was revised.

2021-09  Brands/Germany/Sachs/504 and 505 Engine Parts was completed. Eighteen 1974 to 1984 parts and service manuals were combined to make colorized illustrated parts lists.

2021-08  Brands/Austria/KTM Photos and specs were added for 1968-88 KTM Hobby and other worldwide KTM moped models. The purpose is to learn what parts might be available.

2021-08  Brands/France/Motobecane/Cady Photos and specs were added for 1966-76 Cady, with the unusual Isodyne engine, to hopefully learn what parts are the same as other models. Cady’s were sold in mid-70’s Canada, but never in the US.

2021-08  Parts/Cables/Sachs Cables, Columbia Cables, Hercules Cables, KTM Cables, and Kynast Cables were all updated. Each cable is illustrated and specified so that replacements can be found or made.

2021-07  Parts/Controls/Taiwan Controls 1970’s and 80’s General and Lazer moped controls and parts are explained, shown and offered. So far these are just the controls with brake cable adjusters, used on General, Lazer, Clinton, Grycner and others. Later, Taiwan controls without brake cable adjusters will be added, used on Angel, Indian and others.

2021-06  Parts/Cables/General and Lazer Cables All Taiwan-made, Japan-style 1970’s and 80’s General and Lazer moped cables are now illustrated and specified. Most are offered for sale. 

2021-06  Parts/Cables/Honda Cables Many Honda moped cables are now illustrated and specified, but only some are offered. This is an effort to find replacements for all Japanese style cables.

2021-05  Brands/India/Kinetic, Soni Kinetic history and US models are explained. The Soni connection is revealed.

2021-05  Parts/Cables/Batavus Cables The table was replaced with a text list with application columns a,b,c,d,e. 

2021-05  Parts/Cables/Columbia Cables The table was replaced with a text list with application columns a,b,c. More specs were learned. Now all replacement cables are offered.

2021-04  Parts/Frame/Gas Valves was divided into five sections, selected by a menu. 

2021-04  Parts/Electrical/Tail lights, turn lights was expanded with a new menu. ULO was corrected and updated.

2021-04  Parts/Drivetrain/Pedals, cranks, pins, freewheels was revised. Pedal cranks are now easier to understand.

2021-04  Parts/Carburetor/Keihin was completely overhauled. The single long page was subdivided using a Keihin Menu. Links to photos were replaced with photos. New content was added. 

2021-03  Parts/Carburetor/Dellorto was made neater and easier to follow. Short codes now allow all prices to be in view. A Dellorto Menu was created. It is the first Myron’s menu that you click on images instead of words.

2021-03  Brands/Italy/Pacer was improved. History, models, parts, wiring, speed versions are all explained better.

2021-03  Parts/Engine/Pistons, Rings/Pistons 230 different pistons, all of the possible versions on US-model mopeds, were assigned universal 11-digit part numbers that contain their specs. The piston list was cleaned up and made easier to understand.

2021-02  Parts/Controls/Domino was organized and updated. 1970’s and 80’s moped controls are grouped in families, each with many variations. “D” part numbers are used that help with understanding the differences.

2021-02  Brands/France/Solex A complete list of Solex engine numbers was added. It incudes specs, photos, and links to photos. Now anyone can identify the year and model of their Solex. 

2021-01  Brands/Italy/Benelli was completely overhauled. New parts lists and color illustrations were added, for beloved Benelli mopeds and mini-cycles 50 to 65cc. A Benelli Dynamo Service Manual was added. 

2021-01  Brands/Italy/Motron was improved. All US models ’78-80 are explained. Colorized parts illustrations and official parts lists are shown. 

2020-12  Service/Engine Service/Spark Plug Reading was created, with color photos and analysis.

2020-12  Service/Engine Service/Torque Specs was created, listing both generic and service manual specs.

2020-12  Brands/Taiwan/Indian/Engine Parts was revised after recent discoveries. New items were added.

2020-12  Parts/Accessories/Manuals Tomos manuals were updated. New ones are offered.

2020-12  Main-bar/Pull-down/Sub-menu/Sub-sub A new sub-sub layer of menus was created in some of the larger posts. This menu revolution began a month ago with cables. Instead of waiting for the large post to load, looking in it’s table of contents, then scrolling to the section you want, you choose that section almost instantly from a sub-sub menu. Finding things is easier and faster. 

2020-12  Brands and Parts menus were embellished with eye-friendly country flags and icons.

2020-11  Home was revised. New Brands, Parts, Service, and More alternate menus were created. They have the same choices but in a thin-screen-friendly format. They also serve as back-ups. Having back-up menus allowed for the menus to be overhauled safely. 

2020-11  Brands/Spain/Derbi/Derbi Parts Illustrations for 1986-89 (flat reed) engine parts were added.

2020-11  Parts/Hardware/Cables/Derbi Cables was expanded and improved. All 27 original Derbi USA cables are illustrated, specified and listed. Most are offered.

2020-11  Parts/Hardware/Cables was overhauled. Cables A to J and K to Z are reunited. Now, instead of scrolling, you select the cable brand from a sub-sub menu. This was needed as the cable list grew longer.

2020-11  Brands/Slovenia/Tomos Motor was added. 44 Tomos USA parts catalogs are combined! All Tomos A3, A35, and A55 engine parts are illustrated, explained and listed. Most are offered.

2020-10  Brands/Italy/Gadabout was improved. A BM-Pryer-Gadabout connection is exposed.

2020-09  Parts/Carburetor/Keihin was expanded after much study. More carbs are covered. More parts are offered. The goal was to find available substitutes for unavailable parts. 

2020-08  Brands/Italy/Garelli Models now includes all models worldwide 1947-1993, not just USA. Each year has a model list and a sales flyer image, made from several pages combined. 

2020-07  Parts/Drivetrain/Chains is now cleaner and easier to follow and understand.

2020-06  Brands/Italy/Baretta was expanded and updated, but parts lists are not finished.

2020-05  Parts/Controls/Magura was updated. The part numbers now link to part images.

2020-05  Parts/Engine/Seals, O-Rings O-rings are listed by size so that substitutes can be found.

2020-04  Parts/Frame/Gas Valves was improved. 172 applications images were converted to links. Now the page loads faster, scrolls better, and is easier to understand and use.

2020-04  Brands/Taiwan/Indian Info was improved. The 26 page Indian Owners Manual was added.

2020-03  Parts/Controls/Domino 1970’s Domino Italian controls are renovated. New items are offered.

2020-02  Brands/Italy/Benelli Benelli is loved, admired and updated. All US models 50-900cc are listed. Benelli 50-65cc engine types are explained. Benelli G2 engine parts are shown, some are offered. 

2020-02  Service/Engine/Top End Service How to check and restore cylinders by honing is added.

2020-02  Brands/Italy/Vespa Parts Vespa (Piaggio) parts are revised. Engine parts are shown and listed. 

2020-02  Brands/Italy/Vespa, Piaggio Piaggio moped models are separated from Piaggio moped parts. Ciao models worldwide 1967-87 are added, with frame numbers and quantities made for each year.

2020-01  Brands/Italy Misc. 1964-69 Chris Cycle (Wilier) mini-cycles are added, Morini 3CV or 101 engines.

2020-01  Parts/Engine/Transmission Vespa (Piaggio) 1967-86 transmission parts are added. All US model moped parts are specified and explained, including gears and gear ratios. 

2019-12  Parts/Engine/Pistons, Rings Rings and pistons are organized, corrected and updated. 217 different 50cc pistons are listed, 82 are offered. 80 different rings are listed, 63 are offered.

2019-11  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Dansi, Motoplat/Wtemco Dansi magneto parts for 1960’s – 1970’s small Italian motorcycles are revived and revised. A table of over 30 Dansi magneto images and specs is presented, with ID numbers decoded. 6 different Dansi points are shown and offered for Benelli, Morini, Moto Guzzi, Aermacchi, and others. Many Dansi stator images online have missing points. This info ends the widespread confusion. 

2019-11  Parts/Engine/Bearings, Seals Needle bearings and bushings are organized and updated. 

2019-10  Brands/Italy/Garelli Parts Garelli Parts is separated from Garelli Models. Engine parts are illustrated, specified and listed. Most but not all are offered for sale. Agrati-Garelli of America parts manuals and revisions are shown and understood.

2019-09  Parts/Engine/Bearings, Seals Seals are updated. Seal types are illustrated and listed.

2019-08  Brands/Italy/Di Blasi Di Blasi folding mini-cycles and parts are shown and explained.

2019-08  Parts/Cables K to Z Motobecane cables and cable parts are revised.

2019-08  Parts/Controls/Motobecane Motobecane controls and parts are organized, illustrated and offered.

2019-07  Brands/Derbi Derbi history is told and appreciated. US models 1976-89 are shown and explained in detail.

2019-07  Brands/Motobecane Motor 1949-98 Mobylette engine versions are explained, and how to tell the year by the engine number. 1970-80 engine parts for model series 40 and 50 are illustrated and offered.

2019-07  Brands/Italy/Wards Riverside 1965-69 Montgomery Wards mopeds (Benelli) are shown, along with the parts manual. All 1955-69 50-350cc Wards Riverside models and product codes are listed and compared.

2019-07  Brands/France/Wards Riverside 1960-64 Montgomery Wards mopeds (Motobecane) are shown. How to tell the year is explained. Correct Motobecane equivalent models are shown and explained. Tire size confusion is ended.

2019-06  Parts/Cables, Hardware/Cables K-Z  Cables are split into A-J and K-Z. Kreidler cables are illustrated, explained and offered.

2019-06  Brands/Italy/Italjet, Indian Indian and Italjet mini-cycles 1969-84 are loved, studied, displayed and explained.

2019-06  Parts/Wheel Parts/Tires and Tubes  Tubes for sale are updated. Weights and sizes are shown and compared. Expansion and correct fit are explained. Misleading size labeling is exposed. 

2019-05  More/Riding and Maps/Nature Walks This has nothing to do with mopeds. Shaun and his dog explore natural and wild areas. 96 local wild plants are studied and identified. Most are photographed and explained.

2019-04  Parts/Wheel Parts/Spokes 10,000 spokes in 200 different sizes are listed and explained. Most are offered. Every spoke at MM is identified, from 200 wheels and 20+ moped shops inventories.

2019-02  Parts/Carburetor/Dellorto  Dellorto SHA type Italy-made carburetors 1960’s to 2010’s explained. Parts offered.

2019-01  Brands/Italy/Misc Italian Harley Davidson (Aermacchi) US models 1961-78 are shown.

2018-12  Brands/Taiwan/Indian Parts All AMI-50 4-stroke moped parts are listed. Most are offered. Parts illustrations are revised.

2018-12  Brands/Japan/Yamaha Every US-model vintage Yamaha up to 1993 is listed, displayed, explained. Confusing early models are understood. History and two-stroke development is appreciated.

2018-12  Parts/Carburetor/Mikuni Baby Mikuni Japan-made carbs for 50cc mopeds are shown. Parts are listed. Some offered. Mikuni jets for many motorcycles are displayed and listed. Many are offered for sale.

2018-11  Parts/Controls/Magura Installing a 1970’s Magura wrap-around throttle cable is added.

2018-11  Parts/Cables, Hardware/Hardware Over 1000 different sizes and types of metric bolts, screws and nuts are listed and offered. Many are original replacements, for when it is desired to match the existing original bolts.

2018-10  Brands/Italy/Morini Motor All vintage Franco Morini (FM) engines 50-80cc 1954-1999 are displayed and explained. Parts for most 1970’s-80’s engines are illustrated, explained, listed. Some are offered.

2018-10  (all sections) Until now, item prices that appear in many places had a link to a single place.  The price of a 6×25 hex bolt would say “see Hardware“. Shortcode variables make that obsolete. In future revisions, shortcode variables replace links, for the price of items listed in many places. The only other change visible is “shortcode new” price is a lighter green than “new price.

2018-09  Brands/Italy/Misc Italian Table of Contents is a “who’s who” of vintage Italian mopeds. All US-model and many Euro-model Italian moped brands and their manufacturers are listed. Twenty 1966-70 Italian-model moped advertisements are added, each in their brand section. Benelli, Cimatti, Fantic, Franco Morini, Garelli, Itom, Malaguti, Minarelli, Moto Bimm, Moto Graziella, Moto Guzzi, Motom, Negrini, Omer, Paloma, Testi.

2018-09  Brands/Italy/Fantic Many Euro models and all US models, including Concord, are specified and displayed. The underlying connection between Fantic and Agrati-Garelli is explained.

2018-08  Brands/Korea/Daelim Motor A large color-coded cut-away illustration comparing the DP50 and DK50 engines is shown.

2018-07  Brands/India/Hero Majestic Some 2003-2006 Hero, TBS and Yumbo flyers are added.

2018-07  Parts/Cables, Hardware/Cables  Vespa and Trac cables are illustrated and added.

2018-07  Brands/Korea/Trac Parts catalog illustrations are scanned, enhanced, colorized and added. Many parts for 1982-1990 Trac mopeds and nopeds are shown. Some are listed and offered.

2018-06  Brands/Slovenia/Tomos Models Myrons Tomos flyers and 2017-18 models are added. All US models 1975-2018 are displayed and explained with VIN codes, speed versions and specs.

2018-06  Brands/Slovenia/Tomos Grid 2 Part 2 of apps grid. What bikes each part goes on. All painted Tomos parts are in a Part Colors Grid, with actual bikes of each color-column. All US model moped colors are listed for each year and model in a Bike Colors Chart. This is to help eliminate mistakes or confusion between similar colors or bike models.

2018-05  Brands/Slovenia/Tomos Grid 1 Takes a minute or two to load. Part 1 of 2. All Tomos USA parts from 2012 are indexed in a massive 2300 row by 34 column applications grid. It tells the model and year range each part is original on. Tomos part names are also enhanced.

2018-04  Brands/Italy/Garelli 1967-70 Broncco Garelli mini cycles US models are added. All US models 1967-92, remakes 2000-02 and some Euro models are shown and explained. Engine parts for 1975-92 US models are illustrated and listed. Some are offered.

2018-03  Brands/Austria/JC Penney, Sears Free Spirit (Kromag) All US models 1978-79, Puch-compatible, are shown and explained, including speed versions. 

2018-03  Parts/Cables, Hardware/CablesAMF, Batavus, Peugeot, Sparta cables are shown and added. 

2018-02  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Ducati, IDM, Iskra, AET  AET magnetos are shown and explained.

2018-01  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Bosch magnetos Bosch moped magnetos 1960-1990 are shown,explained. Parts are listed. Some are offered. 

2018-01  Brands/Germany/Kreidler US-model Kreidler mopeds 1977-80 are shown and explained. Engine parts and some frame parts are illustrated and listed. Only some are offered.

2018-01  Brands/France/Peugeot Motor All parts for 1975-83 Peugeot 102 and 103 engines are illustrated and listed. Many are offered.

2017-12  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Dansi,Motoplat,Wtemco Motoplat magnetos 1970-90 are shown.

2017-12  Brands/Italy/Malaguti Malaguti US models with Morini engines are displayed and explained.

2017-12  Brands/Italy/Bianchi Bianchi, Snark, Italvelo US models are shown and explained.

2017-12  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Spark plugs, Points Plugs points condensers are shown and offered.

2017-11  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/CEV magnetos Many CEV magnetos 1960-1990 are shown and explained. Most parts are listed and offered.

2017-11  Brands/England/NVT, Scorpion  All US models 1976-78 are shown and explained.

2017-11  Brands/America/Dialex, Pivar, Pryer, Tri-Rad, Whizzer All Whizzer originals 1938-1965, and remakes 1997-2009 are displayed, listed and explained.

2017-11  Parts/Cables, Hardware/Cables Garelli cables are illustrated, explained, and offered.

2017-10  Brands/France/Peugeot Parts in other sections are listed. Peugeot history is appreciated. All Peugeot mopeds US models 1976-1983, and many Euro models, are shown and explained. A photo tour through the massive 1977 Cycles Peugeot moped factories is presented. Be amazed!

2017-10  Brands/Italy/Misc Italian 1970’s Beta mopeds are added. The relation to Bianchi is explained.

2017-10  Brands/Italy/Benelli 1965-75 mini-cycles, ’76-77 Blazer, ’77-80 G2 mopeds are shown. 

2017-10  Brands/Italy/Moto Guzzi 1970’s Moto Guzzi mopeds are shown. SEIMM is explained.

2017-09  Parts/Carburetor/Keihin “baby” Keihin carburetors for vintage 50cc Hondas are shown. Keihin carb versions are explained. Parts are illustrated and most are offered for sale.

2017-09  Brands/Slovakia/Manet 1995-99 Puch Korado and parts are shown. Manet is explained.

2017-08  Parts/Engine/Engine Hardware Circlips (snap rings) and apps are illustrated and offered. 

2017-08  Brands/Germany/Hercules 1972-82 Sachs and Eagle mopeds made by Hercules are shown. Hercules, DKW history and brands are explained. Some US-model parts are illustrated and listed.

2017-08  Brands/Germany/Sachs Motor Sachs engines are explained. Model numbers are decoded. Sachs 504/1 and 505/1 parts are illustrated, listed and some offered. Speed versions are explained.

2017-07  Parts/Drivetrain/Pedal Parts Pedals, pedal cranks and freewheels are shown and updated. Most original and replacement pedal cranks and measurements are shown, listed and offered. Pedal and freewheel threads are explained, including French thread freewheels on Motobecanes. 

2017-07  Parts/Ignition, Magneto/Bosch Magneto 38 magneto numbers (on flywheel) are shown. Illustrations and specs are listed for each magneto. Most parts are shown, listed and offered.

2017-06  Parts/Engine/Engine Hardware Shim washers and apps are specified, shown and offered.

2017-06  Parts/Electrical/Tail Lights  Moped tail lights and parts, original on US models, are shown. Parts for CEV, ULO, Peterson, Stanley, Cateye, Saturnus, Fiem brands, and replicas are offered. 

2017-05  Parts/Accessories/Mirrors Mirrors are updated, displayed, and offered.

2017-04  Brands/Slovenia/Tomos Models Tomos model photos, specs, VINs are shown and updated. 

2017-04  Service/Electric/Indian Ignition Magneto testing and points replacing are topics covered.

2017-04  Service/Electric/Vespa Electrical Many Vespa moped colorized wiring diagrams are shown. Confusing electrical systems, parts varieties, and corroded engine wires are the main topics. 

2017-03  Brands/Italy/Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa moped electrical parts are shown with apps, and offered.

2017-03  Brands/Taiwan/Angel  Mikuni carburetor service info, for Angel and Speed Bird, is added.

2017-02  Parts/Electrical/Tail Lights CEV and ULO tail light versions are displayed. Parts are offered.

2017-02  Brands/Italy/Vespa (Piaggio) 1968-85 Vespa mopeds (US models) are shown and explained. Piaggio history and aircraft production is explained and appreciated.

2017-02  Brands/Belgium/Flandria Flandria history and US models 1976-79 are shown and explained.

2017-01  Brands/France/Motobecane 1949-88 mopeds and 1974-81 US-model mopeds are shown.

2017-01  Parts/Frame/Gas Valves  Replacement gas valves (petcocks) and apps are shown and offered. 

2017-01  Parts/Controls/Handlebars, Grips Many stock handlebars are measured, shown, and offered.

2016-12  Brands/Italy/Garelli The history of US distributors, manuals and models are explained.