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July 12, 2012

Kreidler       made in Germany by Kreidler       Kreidler 2-speed engine

Contents:  1. Kreidler Models   2. Engine Parts
3. Speed Versions   4. Frame Parts


Kreidler Racers

Kreidler Racers

1. Kreidler Models

Kreidler (pronounced Kr-EYE-d-lur) was founded in 1903 as “Kreidlers Metall- und Drahtwerke” (Kreidlers metal and wire factory) by Anton Kreidler. Motorcycle production began in 1951. By 1959, one third of all German motorcycles were manufactured by Kreidler. Visit the Kreidler Museum at

In the 1960’s and 70’s Kreidler became very successful in 50cc motorcycle road racing. With riders Hans-Georg Anscheidt, Jan de Vries, Henk van Kessel, and Eugenio Lazzarini, they were FIM World Champions in 1961, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982.  Those racing Kreidlers were not mopeds (except the very first one), but they did have the same size pistons: tiny. In 1974 Henk van Kessel did a lap around the Belgian Gran Prix at an average speed of 101.7mph. That is unbelievably fast. Read about 120 mph super-high-rpm 50cc road racers at  Now from one extreme to the other, 120 mph 50cc to 20 mph 50cc:

Mofas and Mopeds In Germany there are two kinds of mopeds:

Mofas are 25 km/h (16 mph), no licence required, minimum age 15, no passengers. German flag“Mofa” is short for motorisertes fahrrad (motorized bicycle).

Mopeds are 40 km/h (25 mph),  drivers license required (any class), minimum age 16. “Moped” is short for motor mit pedale (motor with pedals).

In the 1950’s and 60’s they used the name “Florett” for everything, motorcycles, mopeds, and mofas. From 1969 to 1982, Kreidler mofa models had the prefix MF, while moped models had prefix MP. In the 1970’s the name “Florett” was for top tank motorcycles, mostly 50cc 5-speed. Starting in 1976 the name “Flory” was used for step-thru mopeds and mofas, both automatic 2-speed and manual grip-shift 2-speed types, and “Flott” was for top-tank mopeds.  

1972-75 Kreidler MF 2 mofa
Zwei gäng Automatik 50

1972-75 Kreidler MP 2 moped 
same as export version MP 7
Zwei gäng Automatik 50

1976-78 Kreidler Flory 12
Zwei gäng manuell 50










Kreidler MP 9 Flory moped was the export-to-USA version of a German-model MP 2. Other MP 2 export (non-German) versions worldwide include MP 6, MP 7, and MP 8. Some things are the same. The MP 9 air filter has “MP 8” molded into it. The MP 9 parts price list uses the term “MP 7” for those parts used only on the more restricted MP 9 models. See below “USA Speed Versions”. 

Info Kreidler 3

Kreidler USA p1

Info Kreidler 4

Kreidler USA p2

Info Kreidler 5

Kreidler USA p3

Info Kreidler 6

Kreidler USA p4

Info Kreidler

Kreidler MP 9








Another ZA: The Kreidler two speed automatic (Zwei gäng Automatik) is like a Puch, Garelli or Tomos two speed, with two centrifugal automatic clutches, in a transmission oil bath compartment, one that gets the bike moving forward, and another that lets it shift automatically between first and second (low and high) gear, according to the rear wheel speed. Roughly speaking, below 15mph it’s in first gear and above 15mph it’s in second gear.   

Engine Service: Here is a link to the 1976 engine “Assembly Disassembly Instructions” manual.


This beautiful illustration of an early 1970’s engine is from the 1976 service manual “Assembly Disassembly Instructions”. The front of the engine is facing into the page and to the left. In the views below the front is facing out of the page and to the right. So both the front and the back side of each part are shown, here or there.



2. Engine Parts

Parts specific for 17 and 20 mph versions ore orange.

fig qty   part #   price  description
0A1 1 215.00.12 N/A engine with normal gaskets, 12T
0A1 1 215.00.17 N/A engine with restricted gaskets, 12T
1 000.00.77 $$2 hex head screw M8 x 60
0A3 2 000.40.67 50¢ toothed lock washer M8
0A4 2 000.20.16 50¢ hex nut M8
0A5 1 000.10.09 $$2 hex head screw M8 x 65
0A6 1 215.09.22 N/A back square

fig qty   part #   price  description
0B1 1 215.01.35 N/A housing left
0B2 1 215.01.27 N/A housing center
0B3 1 215.01.03 N/A housing right
0B4 1 2150118A N/A center case gasket
0B5 1 215.01.10 N/A trans. cover gasket
0B6 2 000.63.01 N/A ball bearing BO15 3-piece
0B7 1 001.00.35 N/A ball bearing 6202/C3
0B8 000.60.32 N/A ball bearing 6001/C3
0B9 1 001.00.11 N/A seal ring 15 x 25 x 5
B10 1 001.00.25 N/A seal ring 15 x 24 x 7 double lip
B11 4 000.22.02 N/A stud bolt M6 x 92
B12 1 011.00.19 N/A check plug M12
B13 1 000.19.60 N/A drain plug M12-1.5
B14 2 000.70.08 N/A ring seal C12 x 16
B15 4 215.01.12 N/A fitting bushing
B16 7 000.16.00 N/A oval head sunk screw M6 x 30
B18 000.16.20 N/A oval head sunk screw M6 x 45
B19 000.17.46 N/A fillister head screw M6 x 50
B20 000.70.08 N/A ring se
al C6 x 10
B20 3 000.43.57 N/A lock washer B6
B21 1 215.09.21 N/A magneto cover
B22 3 000.16.22 N/A oval head sunk scre
w M4 x 40
B23 001.00.22 N/A dished washer M4 (2 per screw)
B24 1 215.01.13 N/A clutch shaft
B25 1 215.01.14 N/A spacer
B26 1 001.00.14 N/A o-ring 20 x 2.5
B27 1 215.01.83 N/A clutch lever
B28 1 000.11.13 N/A hex head screw M6 x 12
B29 1 000.43.57 N/A lock washer 6
B30 1 000.30.02 N/A washer 6.4
B31 1 215.09.09 N/A return spring

fig qty   part #   price  description
0C1 1 2150388C N/A cylinder with piston
0C1 1 215.03.88 N/A cylinder only
C2 1 215.03.83
see pistons Ø12 pin, 19 tall
0C3 1 215.03.08 N/A piston pin Ø12 x 32.8
0C4 2 000.90.07 see piston rings 40 x 1.5 GI
0C5 2 000.45.02 N/A piston pin clip Ø12
0C6 1 215.03.43  N/Acylinder head
0C7 1 215.03.44 N/A head gasket thinner
0C7 1 215.03.30 N/A head gasket MP 7 thicker
C8 1 215.03.12 N/A base gasket

0C9 1 215.03.20 N/A intake pipe
C10 1 215.03.25 N/A intake gasket bigger I.D.
C10 1 215.03.06 N/A intake gasket MP 7 smaller
C11 2 000.10.52 N/A hex head screw M6x32

C12 2 000.43.57 N/A lock washer B6
C13 1 215.03.45 N/A decompression valve
C14 1 000.70.14 N/A ring seal 10 x 13.5
C15 4 215.03.16 N/A hex nut
C16 4 000.30.02 N/A washer 6.4
C17 1 008.11.03 N/A spark plug W175T1 (NGK B6HS)
C20 1 215.35.00 N/A crankshaft
C21 1 215.35.01 N/A connecting rod
C22 1 001.00.32 N/A needle bearing top
12 x 15 x 15
C23 1 001.00.17 N/A needle bearing bottom
C24 2 215.05.07 N/A spacer washer
C25 215.05.08 N/A shim washer 0.10 as required
C25 215.05.09 N/A shim washer 0.15 as required
C25 215.05.10 N/A shim washer 0.20 as required
C26 1 000.80.03 N/A plate spring 2 x 3.7

fig qty   part #   price  description
0D1 1 215.06.16 N/A shaft
0D2 1 215.06.81 N/A gear 92 teeth
0D3 1 215.06.17 N/A pawl carrier
0D4 1 215.06.06 N/A pawl
0D5 1 215.06.07 N/A wire ring spring
0D6 1 215.06.02 N/A gear 87 teeth
0D7 1 215.06.18 N/A key
0D8 1 215.06.19 N/A spacer bush
0D9 – 015.06.09 N/A shim washer 0.1 as required
0D9 – 015.06.12 N/A shim washer 0.3 as required
0D9 – 015.06.13 N/A shim washer 0.5 as required
D10 1 215.09.29 N/A sprocket 12 teeth

D11 1 215.09.30 N/A spacwer bush
D12 1 001.00.36 N/A ring seal 14.75 x 1.5
D13 1 000.47.50 N/A tab washer Ø12
D14 1 000.20.52 N/A hex nut M12-1.0 x 6 hex19
D15 2 000.46.60 N/A snap ring 15 x 1

D16 – 2150911K N/A automatic transmission fluid 330cc

fig qty   part #   price  description
0E1 1 215.07.81 N/A clutch drum with pinion 12T
0E2 1 001.00.18 N/A needle bearing 10 x 13 x 10
0E3 1 215.07.02 N/A pinion 18 teeth
0E4 1 001.00.29 N/A needle bearing 13 x 17 x 20
0E5 1 215.07.22 N/A spacer
0E6 1 215.07.14 N/A thrust washer
0E7 1 215.07.82 N/A clutch I complete
0E8 1 215.07.85 N/A clutch II complete
0E9 3 215.07.88 N/A centrifugal weight II
E10 1 215.07.92 N/A hub II complete
E11 3 215.07.21 N/A damping segment
E12 1 215.07.09 N/A bracing spring
E13 3 215.07.90 N/A riveted locking block
E14 3 215.07.26 N/A guide shackle
E15 3 001.00.21 N/A lock spring
E16 1 215.07.18 N/A disengaging spring
E17 1 215.07.19 N/A supporting ring
E18 1 000.60.52 N/A ball bearing 16006
E19 1 000.45.20 N/A circlip 26
E20 015.06.09 N/A shim washer 0.1 as required
E20 – 015.06.12 N/A shim washer 0.3 as required
E20 – 015.06.13 N/A shim washer 0.5 as required



’81 parts price list

’76 parts catalog

3. 1976-81 U.S. Speed Versions

The 1977 MP 9 and MP 19 owners manual says there were four speed versions offered, 17, 20, 25, and 30 mph, for different US states. But none of Myrons Mopeds’s Kreidler brochures or manuals, parts, service or owners, say specifically what parts are on each speed version. The parts catalog is only for 30 mph.

Here is what can be learned from the Kreidler of America, Inc. 1981 Parts Price List and the Kreidler Werke GMBH 1976 Catalog of Spare Parts for MP-9 USAThe carburetor size is always the same 12mm, either early metal-tip-float-needle 1/12/260, or late rubber-tip 1/12/268 which superseded it. There is no other carburetor anywhere in the 1981 USA price list. Other similar Kreidler mopeds and mofas worldwide have 10mm carburetors, such as 1/10/105 or 1/10/126. Besides there being only one carburetor, there is also only one cylinder, one piston, one head, one kind of internal gears, and one intake pipe.

So in the parts price list and catalog, only these four things are different:

Exhaust can be normal 215.23.99 with straight muffler 15.23.74B
Exhaust ca or restricted 215.23.89 with turned-up muffler 15.23.64B
Exhaust    The head pipe, rear cone, and baffle are all the same. 

Intake gasket can be small or big, Ø10 215.03.06 (MP 7) or Ø12 215.03.25 (MP 9) 

Head gasket can be thick or thin, 8.5:1 CR 215.03.30 (MP 7) or 10:1 215.03.44 (MP 9)

Rear sprocket can be big or small, 38T 265.02.12 or 36T 265.02.11 or 36T 265.02.11A

Assuming that the equipment that came on the bikes was in the price list, the speed version differences can be guessed. The guesses are shaded light grey.

30 mph has normal exhaust, big intake gasket, thin head gasket, small rear sprocket

25 mph has restricted exhaust, big intake gasket, thin head gasket, small rear sprocket
25 mphh or normal exhaust, small intake gasket, thick head gasket, small rear sprocket

20 mph has restricted exhaust, small intake gasket, thick head gasket, small rear sprocket

17 mph has restricted exhaust, small intake gasket, thick head gasket, big rear sprocket

All of the other parts on the bike are the same for all speed versions.



4. Frame Parts


The swing arm bushings #2, one on each side, often wear out. The loose swingarm pivot then causes some rear-wheel steering, which makes the bike wobble or weave. There are no replacements available, so far. Here are some dimensions (mm):

swing arm inner space is 81.5, frame outer is 76.0, pivot bolt is 13.95

original bushing: 14.2 ID, 17.35 OD, with a lip 22 by 2.5,     brass replacement: 14.1 ID, 17.1 OD

A tube 14.2 x 17 x 76.5, plus two washers 14.2 x 2.5 would be a simpler, but maybe less precise substitute.

The original material is a soft plastic. It squishes or deforms under heavy load. When installed the soft bushing shrinks from 14.2 x 17.35, to 14.0 x 17.0. A hard material like brass would not shrink. That’s why brass replacement bushings need to be slightly smaller than the originals.




Where else to get Kreidler parts in Germany

They have most things. They can take a month or more for handling and shipping.