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Myrons Mopeds sells vintage moped parts.


Brands has photos and specs for identification. Some have parts for sale.

Parts has parts for sale, grouped by type or by part brand.

Service has service information, such as wiring diagrams.

More has other topics, including the 2003-13 rides.


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Ride 66: Descanso Gardens, Nov 2008, 55 riders, 34 miles



For your amusement, all 100 monthly moped rides 2003-13 are shown in More/Myrons Rides.
Each ride 1 to 100 is two images A and B. All 20 to 50 riders and their bikes are shown and listed. 
For your wall, laser-printed glossy 8½ x 11 copies can be purchased for 75¢ each, or 10 for $5.