Indian Engine Parts

December 13, 2020

updated 2024-05

Indian AMI-50 Chief Engine Parts

  1. Cylinder and Head
1a. Carburetor
  2. Clutch and Cover
  3. Valves and Cam
  4. Transmission 
  5. Piston and Crank
  6. Case and Magneto


The 1978 Parts Book has better illustrations than the later ones. So the 1978 pictures are used here. There are no suffixes a, b, c, etc on any item numbers. So there was only one version of every part. There was no carburetor parts section (Tillotson). 

The 1979 Parts Book had some parts that came in two versions. They had an A or B after the item number, such as the carb, intake pipe, fork, fork lock and battery. Some of the 1978 item numbers changed in the 1979 and later parts manuals. There was no carburetor parts section (Tillotson or Keihin). 

The 07-1979 Parts Book had some parts that came in three versions. They had an A B or C after the item number, such as the carb, intake pipe and magneto. There was no carburetor parts section (Tillotson, Keihin or Mikuni). The page numbers were 1 to 36.

The 1980 Parts Book had some parts that came in four versions. They had an A B C or D after the item number, such as intake pipe. There was no carburetor parts section (Tillotson, Keihin or Mikuni). The page numbers were 1 to 36?

The 06-1981 Parts Supplement had the Keihin and Mikuni parts, the 79-later 2-coil magneto, and Mira mag wheel parts sections. The page numbers were 37 to 42. So it was a continuation of the previous books. It was a stack of pages to be inserted into the back of any parts manual. 


Indian AMI-50 with Keihin PA-MOA carb




1. Cylinder and Head

OHV: This type is over head valve OHV, not over head cam OHC. Head or piston replacement is easier on OHV than on OHC, because the cam and cam chain are in the bottom, out of the way.

Heads: Indians have 2 types of cast iron cylinder heads, #3 black ’78-80 and 3d silver ’80-81. Head #3 has 33mm intake bolt spacing, while 3d has 35mm. Head 3d has a more side-facing flange angle. Head 3d has valve stem seals. Head 3 did not.

Pipes: Indians have 4 types of intake pipes, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d. The first 3 are for head #3, and so have a 33mm lower bolt hole spacing. Pipe 4d is for head 3d, and so has a 35mm lower bolt hole spacing.

1. Cylinder and Head
 # qty price  Indian part#  description
u00 1 $45.0 E000-00-50 engine gasket set
u01 1 $155  E110-00-50 cylinder new  0.007″gap
01u 1 $50.0 E110-00-50 cylinder used 0.018″gap
u02 1 $7.00 E910-00-50 cylinder base gasket
u03 1 $140. E120-00-50 head early black bare new
03u 1 $70.0 E120-00-50 head early black bare used
03d 1 none   E120-50-50 head late silver bare new
04a 1 $48.0 E220-00-50 intake ’78  Tillotson 6×33 5×31
04b 1 none   E220-20-50 intake 78-80 Keihin 6×33 6×32
04c  1 none   E220-30-50 intake 78-80 Mikuni 6×33  ∅18
04d 1 $57.0 E220-
50-50 intake 80-81 Mikuni 6×35  ∅18
04e 1 none   E220-40-50 intake 80-81 Keihin 6×35 6×32

u05 1 $25.0 E911-00-50 cylinder head gasket
u06 1 $29.0 E130-00-50 valve cover bare
06u 1 $29.0 E130-00-50 valve cover assy used
u08 1 $17.0 E912-00-50 valve cover gasket
u09 1 $16.0 E160-00-50 decomp shaft/lever
u10 1 $9.00 E162-00-50 decomp shaft spring
u11 1 $8.00 E161-00-50 decomp bracket
12a 1 $14.0 E230-00-50 insulator Tillot.  ∅5 x 31
12b 1 $21.0 E230-20-50 insulator Keihin ∅6 x 32 
13a 2 none   E920-00-50 i. gasket use 13b ∅5 x 31 
13b 2 $2.50 E920-20-50 int. pipe gasket ∅6 x 32  

13c 1 $4.00 E920-30-50 int. head gasket ∅6 x 33 
13d 1 $4.00 E920-50-50 int. head gasket ∅6 x 35 
13c 1 $4.00 13c, 13d are 13b with holes widened 
13d 1 $4.00 by using a 1-hole paper punch ∅6
u14 1 $0.20 H106-00-50 washer M6
15a 1 none   E163-00-50 circlip decomp 7mm
15b 1 $2.00 E163-10-50 substitute
6mm widened

u16 1 $3.00 E164-11-50 o-ring ∅1.5 x 5 (8 od) 
u17 1 $0.50 H462-00-50 hex bolt M6 x 20
u18 2 $0.80 H467-10-50 hex bolt M6 x 71(70)
u19 1 $2.00 H461-00-50 hex bolt M6 x 100

u20 1 $2.00 H461-12-50 hex bolt M6x112(110)
u21 1 $0.60 H462-80-50 hex bolt M6 x 28(30)
u22 1 $0.60 H463-20-50
 hex bolt M6 x 32(30)
u23 1 $0.80 H465-60-50 hex bolt M6 x 56(55)
u24 2 $2.00 H563-00-50 exhaust stud M6
25a 2 $2.00 H662-00-50 carb screw for Til. M5 x 55?
25b 2 $0.80 H662-20-50 carb screw for Kei. M6 x 20
26a 2 $1.00 H662-50-50 intake screw Til. M6 x 25
26b 2 $1.00 H662-20-50 intake screw Kei M6 x 20

u27 2 $3.00 E532-00-50 knock pin 8 x 12

Indian gasket set

Indian intake gaskets and heads


 Black early head #3 for all three carbs.
Intake flange faces more back. Here with pipe #4a and Tillotson carb.

Black early head #3 for all three carbs.
Intake flange faces more back. Here with pipe #4b and Keihin carb.

 Black early head #3 for all three carbs.
Intake flange faces more back. Here with pipe #4c and Mikuni carb.

Indian with Mikuni carb intake bolts fase more outward Silver late head #3d for Mikuni carburetor.
Intake flange faces less back. Requires pipe #4d and Mikuni carb.



1a. Carburetor

Some 1978 Indians had a Tillotson “no-float” (12mm) carb, with choke lever on carb.
Some 1978, most 1979 had a Keihin PA-MOA (10mm) carb, with choke lever on carb.
Some ’79 and ’80, all 1981 had a Mikuni H9-10 (10mm) carb, choke lever on handlebar.


Tillotson Carburetor Parts (none)
Info on parts and service is now offered in the Carburetor/Mikuni and Tillotson section.

Keihin Carburetor Parts
Most Keihin carburetor parts for Indian are now offered in the Carburetor/Keihin section.

Mikuni Carburetor Parts
Some Mikuni carburetor parts for Indian are now offered in Carburetor/Mikuni and Tillotson.


2. Cover and Clutch

2. Cover and Clutch
 # qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 none   E511-00-50 right case cover
u02 1 $10.0 E930-00-50 clutch cover gasket
3 1 $3.00 E314-00-50 sprocket distance collar
4 1 $10.0 E537-00-50 dip stick
u05 1 $65.0 E310-00-50 drum & drive gear ??T
6 1 $7.00 E315-00-50 clutch center guide
7 1 none   E312-00-50 starter friction plate
8 1 none   E313-00-50 clutch assembly
9 1 $12.0 E311-00-50 ball retainer
10 1 none   T108-54-50 driven gear 54T
11 1 none   T117-00-50 engage slider shaft
12 1 none   E534-00-50 engage lever knob
u13 1 $2.00 H214-00-50 clutch nut M14x1
14 1 $3.00 H114-00-50 lock washer M14 spec
15 1 none   H117-00-50 thrust washer 17
16 1 none   E153-00-50 engage washer 5 x 30
17 3 $0.50 E316-00-50 starter balls Ø7.9 = 5/16″
u18 1 $5.00 E535-00-50 engage shaft seal 5x30x6
19 1 $1.00 E536-00-50 dip stick o-ring
20 2 $0.80 H662-00-50 phillips bolt M6 x 20
21 2 $1.00 H662-50-50 phillips bolt M6 x 25
22 1 $1.00 H663-20-50 phillips bolt M6 x 32(30)
23 5 $1.00 H667-50-50 phillips bolt M6 x 75
24 1 $1.20 H668-50-56 phillips bolt M6 x 85
u25 2 $3.00 E532-00-50 knock pin 8 x 12



1. Trans, clutch, cam parts  2. Clutch Parts



3. Valves and Camshaft

3. Valves and Cam
 # qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 none   E405-00-50 oil pump bush 17.5mm
u02 2 none   E406-00-50 set plate for bush
u03 1 $55.0 E401-00-50 cam w/sprocket 30T
u05 1 $16.0 E403-00-50 cam chain #25 x 42L
u06 2 none   E416-00-50 push rod ∅4.5 x 139
u07 2 $7.00 E417-00-50 rocker arm
u08 2 $5.00 E418-00-50 rocker arm pivot
u09 1 none   E404-00-50 chain tensioner
u10 1 none   E407-00-50 tensioner spring
u11 1 $15.0 E410-11-50 int. valve (same as ex)
11a 1 $17.0 14711-081-020 Honda int. valve
u12 1 $22.0 E410-12-50 ex. valve (same as in)

12a 1 $25.0 14721-081-020 Honda ex. valve
u13 2 $8.00 E411-00-50 lifter
u14 2 $8.00 E412-00-50 valve spring
u15 2 $2.00 E413-00-50 valve spring retainer
u16 4 none   E414-00-50 valve keeper (cotter)
u17 1 none   E415-00-50 push rod guide plate
u18 1 none   E430-00-50 oil pump inner rotor
u19 1 none   E431-00-50 oil pump outer rotor
u20 1 none   E432-00-50 oil pump shaft A
u21 1 none   E433-00-50 oil pump shaft B
u22 2 $5.00 E419-00-50 rocker bolt M6-0.50
u23 2 $8.00 E420-00-50 lock nut M6-0.50 x 4

u24 1 $0.20 H106-00-50 washer M6
u25 1 none   E434-00-50 oil pump washer
u26 1 $2.00 H161-70-50 wide washer M6 x 17
27 1 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips bolt M6 x 12
u28 2 none   H661-40-50 phillips bolt M6 x 14
u29 1 $0.80 H661-50-50 phillips bolt M6 x 16
u30 1 $3.50 A610-23-50 spark plug NGK C7HSA
u30 1 $3.50 A610-23-60 hotter plug NGK C6HSA

31 2 $7.00 E511-00-50 valve seal only for head 3d
u32 2 $7.00 E510-00-50 seal cup  only for head 3d

 Head and valve parts
1. Head #3d with seals  2. Head and valve parts

Valve seals are for #3d head only

No valve guides: Both the head #3 ’78-80 and the head #3d ’80-81 have no replaceable valve guides, just precision holes and spring seats cut into the solid cast iron. When the holes get worn the whole head has to be replaced.

No valve seals: Head #3 did not have valve seals #31 or cups #32. It had no facility for holding valve seals. Indian engines with un-worn valve stem holes do not need seals. Indian’s mid-70’s relatives Honda PF50 and QR50 did not have them. But old engines with worn valve holes do need seals. Oil creeps down the valve stem, and is then burned. Burned 4-stroke oil smells, smokes, and blackens spark plugs.

Valve seals: Only the later ’80-81 head #3d had valve seals. The built-in valve guides outer diameter was reduced from 9.9 to 9.0 mm to allow a thin seal cup to fit inside the lower end of the 10.0 mm ID valve spring.


4. Transmission Shafts

4. Transmission shafts
 # qty price  Indian part#  description

u01 1 none   T101-00-50 main shaft
u02 1 none   T102-00-50 counter shaft
3 1 $19.0 T110-15-50 sprocket 15T used
3a 1 $24.0 T110-16-50 bigger sprocket 16T
3b 1 $140 T110-14-50 smaller sprocket 14T 
3c 1 none   T110-11-50 smallest sprocket 11T
4 1 none   T103-00-50 engage push pin
5 1 none   T104-00-50 engage coil spring
6 1 $15.0 T111-29-50 pedal ratchet sprocket
u07 1 $40.0 T105-00-50 pedal shaft
u09 2 $4.00 T106-00-50 pedal ratchet pawl
10 2 $4.00 T107-00-50 pawl spring
11 2 $1.00 H117-00-50 thrust washer Ø17
12 1 $2.00 H115-00-50 push pin disk Ø14.8 x 1.7
u13 4 $1.50 H120-00-50 pedal washer Ø20 x 30? 
14 3 none  T114-00-50 seal 20x30x6 
14 3 $6.50 T114-subst. seal 20x30x5
15 5 $1.00 T115-10-50 circlip (snap ring) 20-outer
16 1 $1.00 T115-20-50 circlip (snap ring) 10-inner
17 1 $8.00 T116-00-50 bearing 6004, 20x42x12

White ratchet “springs” and trans parts.

Indian pedal ratchet pawl springs, early spring steel leaf type, often broke. That caused the pedals to freewheel both ways, but the engine could still be push-started. The upgrade springs for 1979-later were silicone rubber. The good thing is those never break. The bad thing is the pedal chain and ratcheting sprocket are trapped in the center of the engine cases, and cannot be serviced without engine removal and complete disassembling, with splitting of the crankcases. 

Indian front sprockets fit on many small Honda models, like early Honda 90, but not early Honda 50. They have 6 splines, 17mm inner by 20mm outer diameter. A normal Indian goes 27mph with a 15 tooth. With more power it could go 29mph with a 16T. With less power, or with quicker take-off, it could go 25mph with a 14T.


5. Piston and Crankshaft

5. Piston and crankshaft 
 # qty price  Indian part#  description

u01 1 none   E600-00-50 crankshaft complete
u02 1 $39.0 E660-00-50 ring set std 42.00
02a 1 $39.0 E660-10-50 ring set 1os 42.25
02b 1 none   E660-20-50 ring set 2os 42.50
02c 1 none   E660-30-50 ring set 3os 42.75
02d 1 none   E660-40-50 ring set 4os 43.00
u03 1 $48.0 E650-00-50 pist bare std 42.00 
03a 1 $48.0 E650-10-50 pist bare 1os 42.25  
03b 1 none   E650-20-50 pist bare 2os 42.50  
03c 1 none   E650-30-50 pist bare 3os 42.75  
03d 1 none   E650-40-50 pist bare 4os 43.00
03x 1 none  6131 piston complete std 42.00  
3xa 1 none  6132 piston complete 1os 42.25   
3xb 1 none   6133 piston complete 2os 42.50   
3xc 1 none   6134 piston complete 3os 42.75    
3xd 1 none   6135 piston complete 4os 43.00 

u04 1 $12.0 E651-00-50 piston pin ∅13 x 33
u05 2 $2.00 E652-00-50 piston pin clip ∅13
u06 1 none   E601-00-50 con. rod w/pin
u07 1 none   E602-00-50 roller retainer cage
u08 1 none   E603-10-50 right half of crank
u09 1 none   E603-20-50 left half of crank
u10 1 none   E604-00-50 crank pin
u11 1 $12.0 E610-15-50 timing sprocket 15T
u12 1 none   E605-00-50 sprocket pin ∅? x ?
u13 1 $7.00 E606-00-50 flywheel key 3x4.6×12.2
u14 20 none E607-00-50 rod bearing roller 2.5×8.5
u15 1 $7.00 E611-00-50 L crank seal 15x25x6
u16 1 $6.00 E608-00-50 L bearing 6202 15x35x11
17 1 $6.00 E609-00-50 R bearing 6203 17x40x12

Cylinder, piston, rings



6. Case and AC generator

There were two types, made in Taiwan by WTEMCO.
1978-79 had a 3-wire, 4-coil (3 for lights, 1 for ignition)
1980-81 had a 3-wire, 2-coil (1 for lights, 1 for ignition)

6. Case and Dynamo
 # qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 none   E512-00-50 right case half
2 1 $6.00 E931-00-50 case center gasket
3 1 none   E513-00-50 left case half 
4 1 none   E521-00-50 dynamo cover maybe Sachs?
5 1 $14.0 D110-00-50 3-piece points M19A

6 1 none   D111-00-50 felt wiper
7 1 $1.20 D112-00-50 points screw M4x10 phillips
8 1 $0.20 D113-00-50 lock washer M4 
9 1 $0.20 D114-00-50 washer M4
10 1 none   D115-00-50 ignition coil 4C blue
10a 1 none   D115-10-50 ignition coil 2C blue
11 1 none   D120-00-50 magneto 4C (4-coil) 
11a 1 $240  D120-10-50 magneto 2C (2-coil)
11b 1 $120 D120-stator stator assy WTEMCO

u12 1 $140  D117-00-50 flywheel WTEMCO
13 1 none   D116-00-50 ltg coils (3) 4C lt grn+yel
13a 1 none   D116-10-50 lighting coil 2C lt grn+yel
14 1 none   D118-00-50 rubber grommet
15 1 none   D119-00-50 clamp for cord
16 1 none   E538-00-50 sealing bolt M8x15
17 1 $2.00 H210-00-50 flywheel nut M10-1.25 
18 1 $1.00 E553-00-50 seal washer M12
19 1 $0.20 H000-00-50 washer M8
20 1 $1.00 D121-00-50 flywheel washer 10x?
21 1 $5.00 E531-00-50 drain plug M12-1.5×15
22 4 $0.50 H000-00-50 coil bolt M4 x 22(23) slot
23 3 $1.20 H000-00-50 case bolt M6x36(35) phil
24 1 $1.40 H000-00-50 case bolt M6 x 45 phil
25 4 $3.00 E532-00-50 knock pin 8 x 12mm
26 1 none   D122-00-50 back plate for 4-coil
26a 1 none   E122-00-50 back plate for 2-coil
u27 1 $12.0 H000-00-50 condenser M36
u28 3 $0.80 H000-00-50 stator screws M4x15

Magneto and ignition parts


Indian 4-coil Magneto
Indian 4-coil Magneto


Indian 2-coil Magneto
Indian 2-coil Magneto


The WTEMCO magneto is similar to a 90mm Bosch magneto, like on Puch mopeds. The points, condenser are Bosch compatible. The original points are the older style 3-piece kind, identified by the e-clip. By removing the screw-in post, newer style one-piece Bosch points will replace the older 3-piece ones. The WTEMCO flywheel timing angle is close to Tomos, which is different than Puch.



Indian Non-Engine Parts

December 14, 2019

updated 2020-12

Indian AMI-50 Chief Frame Parts

Continued from Indian Engine Parts

  7. Controls, Cables
  8. Fork and Fender
  9. Front Wheel
10. Rear Wheel
11. Frame Body
12. Seat and Rack
13. Exhaust, Swing Arm
14. Shocks, Pedals, Stand
15. Chain, Covers, Air Filter
16. Speedo, Head light, Battery
17. Tail Light, Turn Signals



Section 7 – Controls, Cables and Handlebar

Indian Controls

Two types of Indian moped controls were original equipment, here called Type A and Type B. They both have the same wires and brake levers (which can be silver or black). Cables for both control types are the same.

Type A (1978-80) has silver lettering and includes a built-in Indian-type start lever. There is a threaded hole for a choke lever mount in the right control. A handlebar-mounted choke lever was used on Mikuni (cable-choke) carburetor versions. A remote choke lever was not used on Tillotson and Keihin (lever-choke) carburetor versions. Type A controls had silver or black brake levers.

Type B (1980-81) has orange lettering and a separate clamp-on Lazer-type start lever. There is no threaded hole in the left control housing to attach a Type A start lever. Type B controls had silver brake levers. Unlike most motorcycles, black came before silver.


Indian type A controls installed (from owners manual)

Indian Decomp Cable

Start cable is decomp type

Indian start cable adjuster

Start cable adjuster







Taiwan moped start levers
1. Indian #B (77 Lazer) 2. General 3. Indian #A

#B Start Lever Substitute The type B substitute clamp-on start lever is a black metal BMX brake lever, item 16. This is also a substitute choke lever shown in Magura controls.

Indian start lever substitute

#B start lever substitute

ndian start lever substitute top view

#B start lever substitute







Threads: The 5 mm metric screws and nuts in these controls have pre-1970 JIS (Japan Industry Standard) coarse threads, M5-0.9 instead of M5-0.8 standard metric. 

Illustration: The controls section 7 illustration in the Indian parts manuals is poor and incorrect. It is for 1977 Lazer (Her Chee) type controls. Here the controls illustration is from an Angel (TYM) parts manual, corrected and colorized.

A, B after item number means the controls type A or B that item is for
a, b, c 
etc. after item # means different versions of that one item

7. Controls, Cables and Handlebar

# qty price  Indian part#  description
u1A 1 none   C420-00-50 R control assembly
1B 1 none   C420-10-50 R control assembly
2A 1 none   D435-00-50 R housing/switches
2B 1 none   D435-10-50 R housing/switches

uu3 1 $19.0 C311-00-50 throttle twist tube
4A 1 none   C310-00-50 R waffle grip 25id x 103

u4B 1 none   C310-10-50 R ribbed grip 25id x 103
u041 $11.0 generic set   R+L ribbed grips 105 mm

5a 1 $28.0 C210-00-50 R brake lever black 78-80
5b 1 $14.0 C210-10-50 R brake lever silver 80-81
08a 2 $1.50 H652-50-50 rear screw M5-0.9 x 25
08b 2 $1.50 H653-50-50 front screw M5-0.9 x 30

9 7 $0.25 H105-00-50 lock washer M5
11a 3 $1.50 H652-50-50 lever screw M5-0.9 x 25
11b 3 $6.00 H652-60-50 lever sleeve Ø5 Ø6×11.8
11c 3 $4.00 H652-subst. replaces 11a, 11b, 9, 13 

12A 1 $12.0 D440-10-50 start lever mount
13 3 $1.00 H205-00-50 lever screw nut M5-0.9
14A 1 $90.0 D439-00-50 L housing/switches
14B 1 $95.0 D439-10-50 L housing/switches

15A 1 none   C309-00-50 L waffle grip 22id x 103
15B 1 none   C309-10-50 L ribbed grip 22id x 103
15B1 $3.00 C309-10sub L ribbed grip 22id x 100

16B1 none   C230-00-50 clamp-on start lever
16B1 $10.0 C230-subst. substitute start lever
16A1 none   C230-00-15 start lever blade only
17A 1 $3.00 D440-20-50 start screw M5-0.9×10
18A 1 $3.00 D440-30-50 start screw M4 x 8

21a 1 $19.0 C220-00-50 L brake lever black used 78-80
21b 1 $14.0 C220-10-50 L brake lever silver 80-81
23a 1 none   C510-00-50 L mirror screw-in M8-1.25
23b 1 $15.0 56-9808 L/R mirror screw-in chrome
u24 1 none   C410-01-50 handle bar with holes
25A1 none   C430-00-50 L control assembly
25B1 none   C430-10-50 L control assembly

for bikes with Mikuni carbs:
30 1 $12.0
C114-0?-50 choke lever
31 1 $3.00
C114-1?-50 choke wave washer
32 1 $3.00
C114-2?-50 choke wide washer
33 1 $3.00
C114-3?-50 choke lever screw
34 1 $7.00
C114-4?-50 choke cable stop

Front brake cable 
7a $32  C110-00-50 front brake cable original silver
07a $0041.4″ total = 2.0 + 3.1 + 36.3
07b $28 C110-00sub replacement cable black
07c 0$2
07d 0$2
07e 0$7

Throttle cable for Tillotson carb only (1-ended)
10a none C112-00-50 throttle cable original silver
10a $00  40.0″ total = 11 + 29
10b $10  C112-00sub replacement cable bare gray
10c   $7  C112-0.pipe cable curved pipe dark plated


Throttle cable for Keihin or Mikuni  (2-ended)
10d $42  C112-20-50 throttle cable original silver
10a $00  40.6″ total = 2.6 + 34.5 + 3.5
10e $27  C112-20sub replacement cable gray
107 $26  C112-20sub replacement cable black


Rear brake cable 
20a $42  C111-00-50 rear brake cable original silver
20a $00  64.5″ total = 2.0 + 3.2 + 59.3
20b $38  C111-00sub replacement cable black


Start (decomp) cable (1-ended)
27a none C113-00-50 start cable original silver
27a $00  42.0″ total = 5 + 37

27b $11  C113-00sub replacement cable bare gray
27d 0$2 step ferrule 4 x 7
u28 1 $3 C230-10-50? start cable boot
u29 1 $2 C230-20-50? start cable pinch bolt 6 x 10

Choke cable for Mikuni carb only (2-ended)
35a none C114-00-50 choke cable original silver
35a $00  37.5″ total = 1.3 + 36.2
35b $21  C114-00sub replacement cable gray


Tillotson cable stop

1978 throttle cable stop for Tillotson carburetor is on the lower cable tray mount, hidden when the cable tray is installed.



Taiwan Integrated Controls: The lever mounts/housings are also the electrical switch mounts, so these are “integrated” controls. That means the switches and buttons are part of the control housing, and were never sold separately. Indian controls share many things in common with General controls. They look the same. Two main things are different. 1) General controls have bottomless cable holes with threads (made for adjusters), while Indian controls have thread-less cable holes with bottoms (made for no adjusters). This means Indian and General  brake cables have different “exposed lengths”. Indian inner wires stick out 1″ less. 2) General controls have wires with multi-pin connector plugs, while Indian controls have individual bullet connectors.

Levers 78-80 are black 1980-81 are silver

Levers – black or silver

Substitute Controls: To use General controls on an Indian two things have to change.
1. Cable or Cable Hole: Either A) the control has to be modified with a M8-1.25 threaded slotted bottom-plug, and the threads slightly drilled to become smooth (made ready for a no-adjuster cable), or B) the no-adjuster brake cable has to be changed to an adjuster type, with 1″ longer exposed length, and an M8-1.25 slotted adjuster added. The easy way to do that is to add a 1″ metal tube onto the threaded rod at the wheel end. The difficult way is to cut off the upper “ball” end and solder on a new one 1″ closer to the conduit.
2. Wire Connectors: The multi-pin plug has to be cut off, and individual male bullet connectors installed onto the wires. Some wire colors are different. On those colored tape or written labels need to be attached, to make the “General” wires (left – yellow, black, light green, right – light blue, brown, orange, red) become “Indian” ones (left – yellow, gray, purple, right – light blue, brown, orange, blue). 

Indian handlebar holes

3. Choke lever for Mikuni Carb: Only only some of the black General right controls have threads for a choke lever. So not all would work for an Indian with Mikuni, without drilling and re-threading. Most of the silver General right controls have choke lever threads.
4. Start lever: Only some of the silver General left controls have mount holes for the start lever mount. So not all of those work for Indian, without drilling.

Indian Brake Levers: They’re the same as General, Honda Express and other Taiwan mopeds (but not 70’s Lazer). 

Special Threads: Screws on Indian controls have special coarse thread M5-0.9 instead of M5-0.8. This was the pre-1970’s Japan Industry Standard (JIS) for 5mm screws. If you ever had a 1960’s Honda or Yamaha you might know this. After about 1969 JIS changed to normal M5-0.8. So Indian and other 1970’s Taiwan controls might be remakes of unknown 1960’s Japanese controls.  

Left Indian, no wire slot.
Right General, with slot.

Handlebar Holes: Indian control switch wires run through the inside of the handlebar, but not the brake light switch wires. The handlebar has seven holes: 1 – bottom slot where all wires exit, 2 – small side holes for turn signal wires, 2 – top holes for control wires, and 2 – top small holes for control locating pegs.

Control wire slots: General-type Taiwan moped controls, made for external switch wires, have wire slots that look like “mouse holes”, to let the wires out. Indian controls do not, but slots can be cut with a Dremmel or disk grinder. 



1970’s Taiwan moped fork lock keys

Section 8 – Front fork and fender

Fork lock keys: Some missing keys can be purchased by the key number on the lock. Here are shown five types of Taiwan moped fork locks and keys. Indian key blanks are vintage Honda HD57 or Yamaha YH38. 

General key #’s 7650-7689 (0000)  and 7750-7789
Indian key  #’s  5540-5546 (HD57) and 7540-7546 (YH38)


8. Front Fork and Fender

 # qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 $25.0 F120-00-50 fork top yoke
u02 4 $0.60 H483-50-50 hex bolt M8 x 35
3 4 $0.20 H108-00-50 washer M8
4 2 none   H410-31-50? hex chrome domed M10-1.25×35
5 2 $2.00 H110-00-50 thick washer Ø10 Ø25 x 3.2
6 2 none   F152-00-50 oil filler seal
7 1 none   H410-30-50 hex bolt chrome M10-1.25 x 30
8 1 $2.00  H110-00-50 thick washer Ø10 Ø25 x 3.2
9a 1 $30.0 F125-00-50 steering tube-yoke A
9b 1 none   F125-00-50 steering tube-yoke B

10a 1 none   F145-10-50 L HL bracket chrome used
10b 1 none   F145-20-50 R HL bracket chrome used
11 2 none   F146-00-50 reflector black rim Cateye RR-210
11a 2 $5.00 F146-subst. reflector white rim Cateye RR-210

12 2 $8.00 F147-00-50 reflector grommet
13 2 $4.00 F148-00-50 outer chrome ring Ø24 Ø37 x 5
14 2 $4.00 F149-00-50 inner rubber seal Ø24 Ø35 x 4
15a 1 none   F140-00-50 lock A for fork A, no switch
15b 1 none   F140-10-50 lock B for fork B, with switch
16a 2 none   F141-00-50 key for A #241, 242, 243, or 244
16b 2 some   F141-10-50 key for B #5540-5546, 5740-5746
16c 2 some   F141-sub-B key (General) #7600-7799
17 2 $1.50 H661-20-50 flat (sunk) phillips screw M6 x 10
18 1 none   D310-00-50 horn 6VDC red=male purp=fem
18a 1 $35-25 D310-subst. horn 6VDC red=male green=fem

19 2 $0.60 H660-90-50 phillips bolt M6 x 9(10) 
20 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
21 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
22 2 $14.0 F155-00-50 fork boot (each)
23 2 $2.00 F156-00-50 fork seal clip ring
24 2 none   F157-00-50 fork seal 24x33x10.5

Indian 4b

Indian forks

Fork parts

u25 2 none   F159-00-50 fork seal washer
26 2 none   F158-00-50 outer tube bushing
27 2 none   F130-00-50 fork tube inner/upper
28 2 none   F133-00-50 fork plunger pin
29 1 none   F131-20-50 fork outer tube right
29a 1 none   F131-10-50 fork outer tube left
30 4 $0.80 H481-20-50 hex bolt M8 x 12
31 4 $0.25 H108-00-50 lock washer M8
32 1 none   F167-00-50 steering lock nut M24-1.0
33 1 none   F168-00-50 fork upper race M24-1.0
34 22 $2.00
 F169-00-50 22 upper balls 5/32″
34 22 $2.00 F169-00-50 22 lower balls 5/32″

General fork lock 7653

u35 1 none   F170-00-50 frame race (cup) upper Ø30
36 none   F171-00-50 frame race (cup) lower Ø30 
u37 1 none   F172-00-50 fork race Ø27.0 Ø38.35 x 7.2
38 1 none   F211-01-50 front fender
39 2 $0.60 H660-90-50 phillips bolt M6 x 9(10)
40 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
41 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
42 2 none   F132-00-50 fork spring
43 2 none   F160-00-50 handlebar clamp
44 1 none   F110-00-50 fork type A (some 1978)
44u 1 $130. F110-01-50 fork type B (most 78-81)


Fork yokes: Left, type B on fork. Right, type A bare

True Hydraulic: The Indian front suspension is hydraulic (oil-dampened) for a smooth ride. Each 24mm outer diameter fork tube holds a maximum of 3 ounces of 20W fork oil.

Fork Types: (from 1981 Service Manual) There are two fork types, denoted by the series letter on VIN digit 8. Series A,B,C,E have “type B” fork. Series D,F,G units have “type A” fork.
The first Indians made in 1978 had the type A cast iron fork yoke. It was made for the type A fork lock F140-00-50, which did not have an electrical switch. That fork lock had the lock pin in between the mounting screws. The type A yoke for that can be identified by the 3 holes in a row where the fork lock goes. Those early Indians had a battery minus wire with an eyelet connector, that was always grounded to the frame. But anyone could turn on the signals, light up the brake light, or beep the horn. So Indian decided to change the fork lock to one that had a battery off and ignition off switch. The only fork lock they could find had different mounting screws. So they had to make a different fork yoke, type B for the type B fork lock F140-00-50 with electrical switch. That type B fork yoke can be identified by the 3 holes in a triangle where the fork lock goes. 



9. Front wheel assembly

Sect. 9 – Front Wheel Spoke, Sport Mag II (sm2), or Mira
  # qty price  Indian part#  description

m00 1 $80    W100-00-50 F spoke wheel bare, orig 1.3 rim
0s 1 none   W100-10-50 F sm2 wheel bare black, 1.6 rim
0s 1 $100. W100-10-50 F sm2 wheel bare silver, 1.6 rim
00m 1 $100. W100-20-50 F Mira wheel assy silver, 1.6 rim
1 2 $3.00 W121-00-50 coil spring for spoke
1s 1 $5.00  A121-00-50 “U” spring for sm2
01m 2 none   W121-10-50 coil spring for Mira
2 1 none  W122-00-50 brake shoes 90 x 20 090203
2s 1 none  W122-10-50 brake shoes 090204 U-spring
02m 1 $29.0 W122-20-50 brake shoes 100 x 20 100201
3 1 none   W123-00-50 front brake panel bare for Ø90 
03m 1 none   W123-10-50 front panel bare Mira  for Ø100 
m04 1 $12.0 W110-00-50 front axle M12-1.25 x 158

5 2 $1.00 H112-00-50 axle washer M12
m06 1 $38.0 W112-00-50 speedo driver M11-1.00
7 1 $40.0 W117-00-50 front hub bare 32H Ø90
8 1 none   W118-00-50 front center spacer Ø13 Ø18 49.0
8s 1 none    A118-00-50 front center spacer sm2 Ø13 Ø19 49.4
9 16 $2.50 W142-00-50 inner spoke 12g 172 Ø2.9-0.55 176
 10 16 none   W141-00-50 outer spoke 12g 172 Ø2.9-0.55 176
m12 2 $7.00 W215-00-50 bearing 6201Z 12x32x10 1-shield
13 2 $3.00 W216-10-50 seal ring 18.5×31.5
 13s 2 $3.00  A216-10-50 seal ring sm2 19.5×31.5
14 1  W235-00-50 tire 2.25-17
15 1  W236-00-50 tube 2.25-17
m16 1 $1.50 W120-00-50 rim strip for 2.25-17
m17 1 none   W119-00-50 outer rim only 32 hole
21 1 $1.00 H112-00-50 washer M12
m22 1 $2.00 H212-00-50 axle nut 12-1.25

Wheel parts

Axle parts

m23 1 $21.0 W135-00-50 brake cam shaft
23m 1 none   W135-10-50 cam shaft Mira
24 1 $0.30 H206-00-50 brake arm nut M6
25 1 $0.25 H106-00-50 brake lock washer M6
26 1 $20.0 W131-00-50 brake arm, used rusty
26 1 $25.0 W131-00sub brake arm, General modified
26m 1 none   W131-10-50 brake arm Mira
27 1 $0.60 H463-00-50 brake arm hex bolt M6 x 30
m28 2 none   W128-00-50 front inspection cap
28m 1 none   W128-10-50 inspection cap Mira
29 1 none   W124-00-50 front panel assy Ø90
29m 1 none   W124-10-50 front panel assy Mira

W100W200 Indian 17″ sealed-bearing spoke wheel set, new except for the silver painted hubs are scratched and the spokes are dull.

mxx 1 $100. A912-01-50 sm2 fr. wheel silver used, 1.6 rim
mxx 1 $250WHL-B200  sm2 wheel set bare black, 1.6 rim
xx 1 none   WHL-S100  sm2 wheel set bare silver, 1.6 rim
mxx 1 $150W100W200 spoke wheel set bare, original 1.3 rim

Yuan Ta: Indian spoke wheel hubs and brake plates were made by Yuan Ta. That name is in the cast aluminum. The same Yuan Ta 90mm hubs are also used on AMS and Trac (Dailim) mopeds. Most Indian brake panels say “Yuan Ta”, but some say “AMI50”.

Replacement Spoke Wheels: The 32 hole 17″ chrome rims say “KI 2.00×17”. This is the recommended tire size, but 2.25 is what they come with. The inner rim width is 1.30, thinner than the  mag wheel width of 1.60 inch. They are sold bare, without axles, axle spacers and brake plates.


Sm2 and Spoke Interchange: The brake and axle parts are the same on the Sport Mag II and spoke wheels, except the horse shoe spring is for sm2, and dual coil springs are for spoke wheel. That is because the Sm2 wheel center is thicker, and would rub on coil springs. The original brake shoes were the same, except the spring holes are bigger for the horse shoe spring. The horse shoe spring is more difficult to install, but leaves room for a bigger, stronger hub center section. When coil springs rub against the rotating center section they “sing” or “zing” like a violin. The cure is a horse shoe spring.

No Sm2 shoes: One issue with the EBC 913 modern replacement brake shoe is the spring holes are fine for the coil springs they are made for, but are not surrounded by enough aluminum to be drilled bigger for a thick U-spring. That is why there is currently no replacement for Sport Mag II brake shoes. Either the spring ends have to be ground smaller, or the holes have to be drilled wider, or some of both. But then there could be failures, if there is not enough strength left.

USA-made: Indian 17″ mag wheels were made by Sport Mag II in Placentia, California USA, near Myrons Mopeds. On the wheels that come on the bikes, no markings are in the cast aluminum, but “1.60 x 17” and “DOT” are stamped on the rim. The mags were made in natural silver or coated black with silver trim. The same mags were also sold as accessories for upgrading a spoke wheel to mag. Those say “1.60×17 Sport Mag II   DOT-N” and the date (this one 5 80 means May 1980) in the casting.


American made moped wheels

Front Mags Left Side

Front mags right side

Indian “8-ray” mag set, made by Sport Mag II







Yuan Ta sprocket lip

Sm2 sprocket lip








Sprocket Centering Lip: Left, a Yuan Ta rear hub, showing the 42.0mm centering ridge for the sprocket. Right, a Sport Mag II rear wheel, also with a 42.0 mm center hole lip. This lip keeps the sprocket centered, running smooth, and makes the bolts last long and not come loose. European moped sprocket centering holes are 39.5 or 42.5, too small to fit, or too big to stay centered.


This is the label on the Mag Wheel Set box. It was shipped to A.V. Moped on Aug 23 1982 for $2.68. Myron bought out A.V. Moped a few years later.  American-made wheels, with history.

Hardware kit that comes with mag wheel set.

These are the parts needed to upgrade your original Indian spoke wheels to Sport Mag II solid aluminum wheels. The mag center spacers are a hair longer. They’re also thicker so 4 inner dust shields are provided with slightly bigger center holes, 19.5mm ID and 31.5mm OD. Here are the center spacer specs:

W218-00-50 center spacer rear  spoke Ø13Ø18 x 66.1
W118-00-50 center spacer front spoke Ø13Ø18 x 49.0
A218-00-50  center spacer rear  mag   Ø13Ø19 x 66.4
A118-00-50  center spacer front mag   Ø13Ø19 x 49.4


Also in the kit are two horseshoe style brake springs, to replace the coil ones after drilling the (original, not modern EBC613) brake shoe spring holes bigger. Also four 5/16-18 by 3/4 long sprocket bolts thread into the American made aluminum. There once was an instruction sheet but that has been lost.


10. Rear wheel assembly

Sect. 10 – Rear Wheel  Spoke, Sport Mag II (sm2), or Mira
  # qty price  Indian part#  description

m00 1 $100. W200-00-50 R spoke wheel bare, orig 1.3 rim
0s 1 none   W200-10-50 R sm2 wheel bare black, 1.6 rim
0s 1 none   W200-10-50 R sm2 wheel bare silver, 1.6 rim
00m 1 none   W200-20-50 R Mira wheel bare silver, 1.6 rim
1 2 $3.00 W121-00-50 coil spring for spoke
1s 1 $5.00  A121-00-50 “U” spring for sm2
01m 2 none   W121-10-50 coil spring for Mira
2 1 none  W122-00-50 brake shoes 90 x 20 090203
2s 1 none  W122-10-50 brake shoes 090204 U-spring
02m 1 $29.0 W122-20-50 brake shoes 100 x 20 100201
3 1 none   W221-00-50 rear brake panel bare for Ø90 
03m 1 none   W221-10-50 rear panel bare Mira  for Ø100 
m04 4 $0.60 H484-00-50 sprocket hex bolt M8 x 40
m05 1 $20.0 W210-00-50 rear axle M12-1.25 x 168

6 1 $40.0 W217-02-52 rear hub bare 32H Ø90
m07 4 $0.60 H484-00-50 sprocket nut M8 

8 1 $2.00 W212-00-50 sprocket lock plate
9 1 $10.0 W218-00-50 rear center spacer Ø13 Ø18 66.0
9s 1 none    A218-00-50 rear center spacer sm2 Ø13 Ø19 66.4
10 1 none   W213-00-50 rear sprocket 30T, Ø42.0, 4 x 
10m 1 none   W213-28-50 sprocket Mira 28T, Ø42.0, 4 x 62.0

11 1 none   W214-00-50 axle spacer Ø13 Ø18 17?
m12 2 $7.00 W215-00-50 bearing 6201Z 12x32x10 1-shield

Indian brake parts

m13 2 $3.00 W216-10-50 seal ring 18.5×31.5
 13s 2 $3.00  A216-10-50 seal ring sm2 19.5×31.5
14 1  W235-00-50 tire 2.25-17
m15 1  W236-00-50 tube 2.25-17
m16 1 $1.50 W120-00-50 rim strip for 2.25-17
m17 1 none   W119-00-50 outer rim only 32 hole 1.60 x 17
 18 16 $2.50 W142-00-50 inner 83° spoke 12g 172 Ø2.9-0.55 176
 19 16 none   W141-00-50 outer 90° spoke 12g 172 Ø2.9-0.55 176
m20 2 none   W222-00-50 rear inspection cap
20m 1 none   W128-10-50 inspection cap Mira

m21 1 $1.00 H112-00-50 washer M12
m22 1 $2.00 H212-00-50 axle nut 12-1.25
m23 1 $21.0 W135-00-50 brake cam shaft
23m 1 none   W135-10-50 cam shaft Mira
24 1 $0.30 H206-00-50 brake arm nut M6
25 1 $0.25 H106-00-50 brake lock washer M6
26 1 $20.0 W131-00-50 brake arm, used rusty
26 1 $25.0 W131-00sub brake arm, General modified
26m 1 none   W131-10-50 brake arm Mira
27 1 $0.60 H463-00-50 brake arm hex bolt M6 x 30 

Indian sprockets, cranks, stands




Brakes: In the above right photo, at left are 100mm brakes, at right are 90mm ones. The 100mm brakes are for the 1980-81 Mira snowflake style aluminum wheels. At bottom right is an installed horse shoe brake spring. Above that are dual coil springs installed. The coil springs make it easier to put the brake shoes onto the panel: “fold the taco into a tortilla”. See Service Dept.

Sprockets: Indian front sprockets fit on many small Honda models, like early Honda 90, but not early Honda 50. They have 6 splines, 17mm inner by 20mm outer diameter. Indian rear sprockets have a 42.0mm centering hole with four 8.5mm bolt holes, spaced 62mm apart, center to center.   




Indian gas keys 241-250

Section 11 – Frame body

Gas cap keys: The Indian gas cap keys 241 to 250 can be copied with a common BN7 key blank. Keys 351 to 360 are different, also one-sided but with two grooves instead of one. Keys 321 to 330 are unknown type.


11. Frame body

 # qty price  Indian part#  description
01a 1 none   F200-66-50 frame Black
01b 1 none   F200-67-50 frame Silver grey
01c 1 none   F200-68-50 frame Burgundy
01d 1 none   F200-69-50 frame Pacific blue
01e 1 none   F200-70-50 frame Green
01f 1 none   F200-71-50 frame White
02a 1 none   F210-66-50 fender Black
02b 1 none   F210-67-50 fender Silver grey
02c 1 none   F210-68-50 fender Burgundy
02d 1 none   F210-69-50 fender Pacific blue
02e 1 none   F210-70-50 fender Green

02f 1 none   F210-71-50 fender White

u03 1 none   F225-00-50 plastic chrome strip
u04 1 none   F220-00-50 wire harness cover (cable tray)
u05 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
u06 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
u07 2 $0.60 H660-90-50 phillips screw M6 x 9(10)
u08 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
u09 1 none   D437-00-50 wire harness early 1978
09a 1 none   D437-10-50 wire harness late-78-on
u10 1 none   D438-00-50 ignition coil WTEMCO
10a 1 $6.00 D438-pl-cap spark plug cap (screw-on)
10b 2 $1.20 D438-bolt coil mount bolt M6x40 phillips
10c 2 $5.00 D438-tube coil mount spacer ∅6×15
10d 2 $0.30 D438-nut coil mount nut M6
u11 3 $1.60 H489-00-50 engine mount bolt M8x90 hex
u12 1 none   F228-00-50 ID tag sticker
u13 1 none   F224-10-50 Indian head tank sticker left
u13 1 none   F224-20-50 Indian head tank sticker right
u14 1 none   F226-00-50 gas cap w/2 keys 90°-turn odd-size
14a 1 $9.00 gas key 241-250 241, 242, 243, 244, 250

14b 1 none   gas key 321-330 none
14b 1 $9.00 gas key 351-360 353, 358

Right gas tank sticker F224-20-50

u15 1 none   F221-00-50 original petcock M16-1.5 side-mount
u15 1 $22.0 634983 substitute petcock M16-1.5 vert.
15A 1 none   
F000-00-00 turnbuckle nut M16-1.5 R and L
15B 1 none   F220-21-50 outer seal ring ∅12 ∅16 x 2

15B 1 $5.00 F220-21sub substitute ring ∅10 ∅16 x 1
15C 1 none   F000-00-00 valve body 20.9 ID
15D 1 none   F000-00-00 trap filter disk 19 x 1.5
15E 1 none   F000-00-00 trap seal ring 15 x 19 x 2
15F 1 none   F000-00-00 trap cup M20-1.0

#15 Indian petcock disassembled

15G 1 $11.0 F220-22-50 inner seal disk D10 ∅20.5 x 3.2
15H 1 none   F000-00-00 handle plate 23.5 OD
15I  2 none   F000-00-00 wave washer 20 x 16 x 0.3
15J  1 none   F000-00-00 face plate 17 ID
15K 2
$0.80 F000-00-00 face screw M3-0.50 x 6 phillips

u16 1 $1/ft   F222-00-50 fuel hose (no clip nec.) 3/16″ clear
u17 2 none   F223-00-50 hose clip (for original hose only)
u18 3 $0.20 H108-00-50 engine mount washer M8
u19 3 $0.60 H208-00-50 engine mount nut M8-1.25

Gas Valve: is unique. It has the M16-1.5 thread of a 1970’s Honda, but instead of being a more common “up and down” or vertical mount, it is a “sideways” or horizontal mount. The supply ran out long ago in the late 1980’s.

Inner seal disk: Usually the valve is good except it leaks or does not shut off completely, because the rubber seal disk is old and damaged (shrunken, hardened, or cracked). The remedy is a new rubber disk, 15G above (also Section C item D10 in Gas Valves).

Substitute petcock: must remove cover!

Outer rubber ring: There is a 16 mm groove in the middle of the turnbuckle nut. That is where the 13 x 17 x 2 substitute outer ring fits, tightly. On the way in it has to fold to pass over 14.5 mm inner threads. But once in the groove it can unfold and fit tightly.

Substitute gas valve: The only known substitute is a vertical mount type. It fits and shuts the gas on and off. Mounted sideways on an Indian, the handle faces upward, instead of outward. Your fingers cannot reach it through the cover hole, made for the original petcock. So the cover has to be removed, to reach the handle. Also because it is mounted sideways, there is no reserve capability. It is listed if the Gas Valves department section A, item A35.

Indian tank ID = 36.9

Indian cap OD = 36.0

The Indian gas cap is different from all other mopeds. The search for a substitute is ongoing…

Indian gas cap wings=41.0


Indian gas cap OD=50.0


Indian Gas Tank OD = 48.5

OD = 48.5

Indian Gas Tank wings=41.6







Gas cap: It is a common quarter-turn type with an uncommon size. The gas cap bottom part is 36 mm outer diameter, for gas tank holes 37 mm inner diameter. Almost all other quarter-turn moped gas caps are 28-29 or 38-39 mm outer diameter, for gas tank holes 30 or 40 mm inner diameter.


Indian coil original

Electrical versions: The first Indian’s batteries had an eyelet black (minus) wire, a permanent ground. But anyone could operate the lights without a key. So in late 1978 they added a key switch to the fork lock. The fork yoke had to change to accommodate it. The 1979-81 electric fork lock did two things when the key was removed. 1) shut off the lights and horn (by un-grounding the black battery wire) 2) it also killed/locked the ignition (by grounding the blue ignition wire). The later wiring D437-10-50 has the battery wire and the 2 fork lock wires. The early wiring harness D437-00-50 did not have those extra three wires. The early-1978 battery had an eyelet-connector minus wire. After late-78 it had a female bullet black (minus) wire. Then the battery could be switched off.





Section 11a – Stickers and stripesIndian Parts Book 10a Stickers
 cool stripes:  yellow, green, blue, dark blue
warm stripes: yellow, orange, red, dark red

1R 1 $10.0 F344-01-79 cool stripes, front R
1R 1 none   F343-01-79 warm stripes, front R
1L 1 $10.0 F344-02-79 cool stripes, front L
1L 1 none   F343-02-79 warm stripes, front L
2R 1 none   F344-03-79 cool stripes, rear R
2R 1 none   F343-03-79 warm stripes, rear R
2L 1 none   F344-04-79 cool stripes, rear L
2L 1 none   F343-04-79 warm stripes, rear L
3R 1 $6.00 F344-05-79 cool stripes, lower R
3R 1 none   F343-05-79 warm stripes, lower R
3L 1 $6.00 F344-06-79 cool stripes, lower L
3L 1 none   F343-06-79 warm stripes, lower L
4R 1 $5.00 F343-07-79 four stroke R yellow
4L 1 $5.00 F343-08-79 four stroke L yellow
05 2 none   F345-01-79 Indian gold script
06 2 $6.00 F345-02-79 four stroke gold script


Gas lids, decals, cover screws

Color Stripes

Color Stripes

The color stripe stickers have creases and folds where the sticky part has been exposed to air and dust for many years. So in places it might not stick good, and/or it might have a slight bump or ridge in places where it was folded for 20 years. They are sold as is and priced accordingly.  

The gold script tank and side stickers are also old, but not wrinkled. They peel off the back paper OK, but the front paper sticks and tears. It must be carefully removed piece by piece. 


12. Seat and Rack

Section 12 – Seat and Rack
.# qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 none   F560-00-50 dual person seat
2 1 none   F561-00-50 catch for seat
3 1 none   F562-00-50 spring for seat
4 2 $0.60 H481-50-50 hex bolt M8 x 15(16)
5 2 $0.25 H108-00-50 lock washer M8
6 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
7 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
8 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
09a 1 none   F564-66-50 seat tray Black
09b 1 none   F564-67-50 seat tray Silver grey
09c 1 none   F564-68-50 seat tray Burgundy
09d 1 none   F564-69-50 seat tray Pacific blue
09e 1 none   F564-70-50 seat tray Green
09f 1 none   F564-71-50 seat tray White

10 1 none   F563-00-50 release knob M6 x 15-20
11 1 none   F566-00-50 rubber grommet
12 1 none   F565-00-50 tool kit
13a 1 none   F360-00-50 luggage rack 1978
13b 1 none   F360-10-50 wider rack 1979-81
14 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
15 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
16 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
17 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
18 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
19 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
20 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
21 1 none   F361-00-50 rear fender brace
22 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
23 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
24 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6


13. Exhaust and Swing arm

Section 13 – Exhaust and Swing arm
.# qty price  Indian part#  description
u01 1 none   F553-00-50 exhaust complete
u02 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
3 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
4 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
5 1 none   F551-00-50 heat shield cover
6 3 $4.00 F550-00-50 clip for heat shield
7 1 $4.00 F552-10-50 exhaust gasket copper ring
8 1 none   F429-00-50 swing arm
9 1 none   F424-00-50 hex bolt for swing arm M10 x 190
10 2 $0.30 H110-00-50 flat washer M10
11 2 none   F423-00-50 swing arm bushing Ø10 Ø??
13 1 $0.80 H210-00-50 nut M10-1.25
14 2 $4.00 F425-00-50 chain adjuster = 407500
15 2 $0.20 H106-10-50 flat washer M6
16 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
17 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
18 1 $0.20 F430-00-50 zip tie for brake cable

Indian swingarm and passenger footpeg hole




Indian passenger footpegs bolt to the swingarm through long 10 x 50mm holes. The pegs had 10mm posts welded to them. Substitute foot pegs just have a hole, and would use a 10 x 60 bolt instead.


14. Shocks, pedals, stand

Section 14 – Shocks, pedals, stand
1 2 none   F410-00-50 shock (1) blk/chrome adj. Ø10 x 310
1a 2 $35.0 F140-subst. shock (1) red/chrome adj.  Ø10 x 310
2 2 none   H410-35-50 hex bolt, upper shock M10 x 35 
3 2 none   F414-00-50 upper collar Ø10 Ø15 x 21
4 2 none   F413-00-50 upper rubber Ø15 Ø23 x 21
5 4 $0.30 H110-00-50 flat washer M10
6 2 none   F417-00-50 lower collar Ø10 Ø15 x 21
7 2 none   F418-00-50 lower rubber Ø15 Ø23 x 21
8 2 $4.00 F415-00-50 chrome dome nut  M10 x 1.25
9 1 none  F526-01-50 pedal arm R original 9/16-20 RH
9a 1 $25.0 F526-subst. right arm straight 5″ 504R
10 1 $27.0 F525-01-50 pedal arm L original 9/16-20 RH
10a 1 $25.0 F525-subst. left arm straight 5″ 504L
11 1 $9.00 F521-00-50 right pedal classic 9/16-20 RH
11a 1 $18.0 F520+F521  pedal set R & L 9/16-20

12 1 $9.00 F520-00-50 left pedal classic 9/16-20 LH
12a 1 $18.0 F520+F521  pedal set R & L 9/16-20

13 1 none   F510-65-50 centerstand
14 1 $2.00 F511-00-50 centerstand hinge pin
15 1 $0.30 H110-00-50 flat washer M10
16 1 $0.50 H501-00-50 cotter pin  1.5 mm
17 1 none   F512-00-50 centerstand spring
18 2 $2.00 F527-00-50 pedal wedge pin  9.5 mm
19 2 $0.20 H106-10-50 flat washer M6
20 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6


15. Chain, Covers, Air filter

Section 15 – Chain, Covers, Air filter 
1 1 none   F416-00-50 chain guard 
2 2 $0.60 H650-90-50 phillips M5 x 9(10) 
3 2 $0.25 H105-00-50 lock washer M5
4 1 none   F420-00-50 orig. chain w/master TYC 415 x 92L
04a 0 $20.0 F420-subst. substitute chain w/master 415Hx92L

5 1 $3.00 F419-00-50 original chain master link #5d
05a 0 $3.00 F419-subst. substitute chain master link #3d

u06 1 none   F340-65-50 engine cover right
7 1 none   F341-65-50 engine cover left
8 1 none   F347-00-50 R cover screw with knob M6 x 58
08a 1 $0.80 F347-subst. hex bolt M6 x 60
9 1 $6.00 F346-00-50 L cover screw with knob M6 x 64
09a 1 $1.00 F346-subst. hex bolt M6 x 65
10 1 none   F530-00-50 air cover (air box)
11 1 none   F535-00-50 air filter
12 1 $35.0 F536-00-50 rubber tube Keihin ∅27.8 x ∅28
12a 1 none   F536-10-50 rubber tube Mikuni ∅27.8 x ∅20
12b 1 $6.00 F536-20-50 adapter ring ∅19.5 x ∅28 x 10
13 2 none   F537-00-50 air filter spring clip
14 1 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
15 1 $0.80 H661-50-50 phillips screw M6 x 15(16)
16 2 $0.20 H106-10-50 flat washer M6

Indian air filter




16. Speedometer, head light, battery

Section 16 – Speedometer, head light, battery
1 1 $80.0 F610-00-50 speedo. with cover Tatung 50mph
01a 1 $50.0 F610-bare   speedometer bare Tatung 50mph
01b 1 $55.0 F610-subst. speedo. with cover Tatung 50mph
2 2 $2.00 F615-00-50 rubber bushing
3 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
4 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
5 2 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
6 1 $8.00 D430-00-50 speedometer wiring
7 3 $2.00 D222-00-50 instrument bulb 6V 1.5W BA9s #51
8 1 $40.0 C120-00-50 speedometer cable silver Indian
8a 1 $25.0 C120-subst. speedometer cable black General
9 1 none   D210-00-50 headlight sealed beam 6V25W 4767
9a 1 $32.0 D210-subst. headlight replaceable bulb
10 1 $25.0 F350-00-50 headlight rim chrome
11 4 $1.50 F352-00-50 headlight wire clip
12 1 none   F351-00-50 headlight case chrome
13 1 none   F354-00-50 headlight grommet
u13 1 $1.50 F354-subst. slit hose substitute
14 1 $25.0 D425-00-50 flasher 6V 16W bullet connectors
14a 1 $10.0 D425-subst. flasher 6V 21W blade connectors
15 1 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
16 1 $0.20 H106-10-50 flat washer M6
17 1 $32.0 D410-00-50 battery 6N2-2A-I1 (early 1978)
17a 1 $32.0 D410-10-50 battery 6N2-2A-I2  (late-78-on)
18 1 none   D420-00-50 rectifier male bullet female bullet
18a 1 $25.0 D420-subst. rectifier female blade female bullet

u19 1 $1.00 H662-50-50 phillips screw M6 x 25
20 1 $0.20 H106-10-50 flat washer M6
21 1 none   D411-00-50 battery strap
22 1 $2.00 H650-90-50 phillips-raised-flat screw M5 x 9
xx 1 none   D201-00-50 headlight assy
uxx 1 none   D441-00-50 BL switch red & grn/yel
xx 1 $23.0 D441-subst. BL switch red & white

Speedo has good dampening

Indian battery wires

Indian chrome is spectacular when new

Indian battery wires







Indian Battery (early)

Indian Battery (early)
6N2-2A black = eyelet
red = fem+dbl fem bullet

Indian Battery wires (late) 6N2-2A black = fem bullet red = fem + dbl fem bullet

Indian Battery (late)
6N2-2A blk = fem bullet
red = fem+dbl fem bullet


Battery Wires: As mentioned above in the frame section, there is an early and a late wiring version. The early wiring had no shut off key switch. The battery was always grounded/bolted (and thus active or “on”) to the frame . The Indian early 6N2-2A-I1 battery had an eyelet connector on the black wire, an Indian logo on the front, and double female plus single female bullet connectors on the red wire. The Indian late 6N2-2A-I2 battery was the same except for a female bullet on the black wire. The grey scale battery (late) image is a edited copy, but the color image below of the wires (late) is real. 

Indian Wiring Diagram

Indian Wiring Diagram



Indian Wires: In the wiring diagram you can see how the fork lock switch was added on to an earlier version, where the battery ground eyelet used to be. The fork lock wire labeled BK and colored black is actually green. The long BL blue fork lock wire that is shown plugged into the double female bullet above the engine, is actually short and plugs into a single female bullet above the fork lock. So one of the double blue female bullets is unused, as seen above in an actual photo.

bullet connectors

bullet connectors

Turn signal flashers
original & replacement

Rectifier Wires: The square black thing with red and green wires is the (half-wave) rectifier. It changes (half of) the AC, from the green wire, to rippled DC at the (+) red wire, for battery charging. Notice that on the Indian rectifier the (+)red wire is male bullet, (-)green is female bullet. The other Taiwan mopeds with that identical square black rectifier, General, Lazer, AMS, etc, almost have opposite wires. Their (+)red is female blade, and their (-)green is male bullet. Watch out!



17. Turn signals and tail light

Section 17 – Turn signals, tail light
A 1 none   D510-01-50 L front signal, long arm 13.8 x 105
B 1 none   D510-02-50 R front signal, long arm 13.8 x 105
C 1 none   D510-11-50 L rear signal, short arm 13.8 x 75
D 1 none   D510-12-50 R rear signal, short arm 13.8 x 75
 1E 1 $27.0 D510-12sub L or R turn signal, no arm
1 4 $10.0 D514-00-50 turn signal case
2 4 $7.00 D513-00-50 TS reflector
3 4 $2.00 D221-00-50 turn signal bulb 6V 10W #81
4 4 $3.00 D512-00-50 TS rubber seal
5 4 none   D511-00-50 TS lens w/Indian logo
5a 4 $6.00 D511-subst. TS lens USA-made
6a 2 none   D515-00-50 TS arm short chrome 13.8 x 75
6aS 2 $10.0 D515-00sub  arm requires sleeve ∅13.3 x 56

06b 2 $17.0 D515-01-50 TS arm long chrome 13.8 x 105
6bS 2 $10.0 D515-01sub  arm requires sleeve ∅13.3 x 85
6bS 2 $10.0
the sleeve is a strip from an aluminum can
6c 2 $16.0 D515-10-50? TS arm clamp-on bar ∅13.8
7 4 $0.60 H653-00-50 hex bolt M6 x 30
8 4 $0.20 H106-10-50 washer M6
9 4 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
10 4 $0.30 H206-00-50 nut M6
11 8 $0.80 H632-20-50 phillips screw M3-0.60 x 22
12 4 $0.80 H650-60-50 phillips screw M5 x 6
13 4 $0.25 H105-00-50 lock washer M5
14 1 $32.0 D225-00-50 tail light lens for Cateye TL-800
15 2 none  H661-20-50 phillips screw M4 x 52(50)
16 1 $42.0 D226-00-50 tail light case for Cateye TL-800
16a 1 $12.0 D226-gasket lens gasket used
u17 1 $2.00 D220-00-50 brake & tail bulb 6V 21/5W #1154
u18 1 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
u19 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12

Indian tail and turn lights

u20 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
21 2 $0.80 H662-00-50 phillips screw M6 x 20
22 2 $0.80 H661-20-50 phillips screw M6 x 12
23 2 $0.25 H106-00-50 lock washer M6
24 1 none   F310-00-50 tail light bracket for Cateye TL-800
xx 1 $70.0 D230-00-50 tail light assy Cateye TL-800


Turn signals: These Indian round turn signals, that clamp on to a round post, are Taiwan copies of early 1970’s Honda ones (made by Stanley). The Stanley ones are metal, not chrome plated plastic, and have a slightly bigger post and clamp diameter. A 1973 Honda (Stanley) turn signal needs a strip of aluminum can, a single layer, to clamp on to a 1979 Taiwan moped turn signal post.

Turn Signal Handlebar Mount

Front signal mount #6a

Bar mount front signal

Handlebar Mounted Front Turn Signals: These shiny aluminum mounts clamp the front turn signals to the handlebars where they’re protected. Say good bye to broken front signals! They’re not in the 1978-81 Indian Parts Books (by American Moped Associates), but they are in the 1982 Indian Operators Guide (by Leone Accessories – Indian Motor Company), at right. So they are included here in the Indian parts “reunion”. The normal front turn signal chrome posts, with M10 x 1.25 threads, screw into the Taiwan head light body to hold it on. When handlebar mounted turn signals are used, M10 x 1.25 x 20 chrome hex bolts hold the head light on. This also gives a cleaner look, although the signals droop down at an angle (because of the handlebar angle).