Handlebar Grips

updated 2022-01


Inner diameter: All small motorcycle left (L) grips have an inside diameter of 22 mm (7/8″), to fit the bare handlebar. Right (R) grips have an ID of 25 mm (1″) to fit the throttle twist tube.

Length: Vintage moped grips are short, 100 mm (4″). Modern grips are longer, 115 to 130 mm (4½ to 5¼”) or more. Short grips for vintage mopeds are not offered by most motorcycle shops or suppliers.  

Why length matters: The left side doesn’t matter, in most cases, because most lever housings (perches) can be repositioned along the handlebar to match the grip. The right side matters because the throttle twist tube is a fixed length. When the right grip is too long for the throttle twist tube, it hangs over the end and flexes. The flexible grip end causes less control when just the end is held onto. To eliminate that, the throttle housing can be repositioned along the handlebar to make the bare handlebar stick out past the end of the throttle twist tube, inside the grip. But then the grip rubbing on the bare handlebar can cause the throttle to stick and not spring back.

Grips listed below with logos are original on US-model and many worldwide-model mopeds. Most are for sale but some are only for identification. Grips without logos are aftermarket. Some aftermarket grips are replicas that look the same as originals.


Magura 60’s grey
#    price  100 mm
1 L  none
1 R  none
1 set none 


Magura 70’s ribbed
#    price  100 mm
2 L  $3.00 new
2 R  none
2 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Magura 70’s waffle
#    price  100 mm
3 L  $11.0 used in good condition
3 R  $14.0 used in good condition
3 set none


Domino 70’s ribbed
#    price  100 mm
4 L  $8.00 D22
4 R  $15.0 D21
4 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Domino 70’s waffle
#    price  100 mm
5 L  none  D22a new
5 R  none  D21a new
5 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Domino 1980 octagon
#    price  100 mm
6 L  none D22c
6 R  none D21c
6 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Domino 1980 texture
#    price  100 mm
7 L  none  D22b
7 R  $15.0 D21b used
7 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


70’s grey #    price  100 mm
9 L  none  #21655
9 R  none  #21654
9 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Motobecane 80’s black
#      price  100 mm
10 L  none  #24029
10 R  none  #24028
10 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Replica 70’s ribbed
#      price  105 mm
11 L   $3.00   left only
11 R   $11.0   right only
11 set $11.0  new, matches Magura


General 70’s ribbed
#      price  105 mm
12 L  $5.00 3150-6292
12 R  none   3150-6291
12 set none  


P.V. 70’s ribbed
#      price  112/105 mm
13 L  none   112 mm left
13 R  none   105 mm right
13 set none  use Replica 70’s ribbed


Lazer 1977 70’s ribbed
#      price  112 mm
14 L  none    1150-6292
14 R  none    1150-6291
14 set none 


Magura 80’s block
#      price  115 mm
15 L $6.00
15 R $9.00
15 set $12.0  new, vintage


ProGrip Scooter
#      price  115 mm
16 L  none
16 R  none
16 set $12.0 new, modern gel


Domino 80’s octagon
#      price  120 mm
17 L  $8.00 D22K
17 R  $11.0 D21K
17 set $15.0 new, #1973.82 vintage


UtahGrip 80’s foam
#      price  120 mm
18 L  none
18 R  none
18 set $10.0 new in sealed package


Hidria domed ’92-07 Tomos
#      price  125 mm
19 L  none
19 R  none all have cracked
19 set none


ProGrip Superbike
#      price  125 mm
20 L  none
20 R  none
20 set $12.0 new, modern gel


Tomos thick on Revival, Streetmate
#      price  125 mm
22 L none  232877 ends break, sold as is
22 R $13   232876 ends break, sold as is
22 set none   


TBS modern on Tomos ’08-17
#      price  130 (145 with bumper)
23 L  none
23 R  none
23 set $20.0 #241099





OEM grips: Original equipment grips, some new and some used, are offered for “correct” restorations, when modern replacement grips are not desired. Many original grips are not for sale, but are shown for reference. OEM grips are usually made by the controls maker. Below are the major moped controls makers.

Domino controls are made in Italy. They are on most Italian mopeds, such as Arciero, Aspes, Baretta/Piccoli, Beta, Bianchi, Cimatti, Concord/Fantic, Demm, Gadabout, Garelli, Malaguti, Motobecane Sebring, Motomarina, Motron, Negrini, Pacer/Italtelai, Snark, late 80’s Tomos, and Vespa/Piaggio. 1970’s Domino controls are silver with chrome (stamped stainless steel) levers. Early 80’s were black, most with integrated diamond shape switches and chrome levers. 1970’s and early 80’s had black ribbed grips 100mm long. Late 70’s and early 80’s had waffle style grips. Early 80’s had basketball texture grips. Mid to late 80’s had all black controls with built-in switches and octagon style grips (also called square because they are shaped like a square with shaved off corners). See Domino controls

Magura controls are made in Germany. They were on most non-Italian European mopeds, such as Batavus, Columbia, Hercules/Sachs, JC Penney, Kreidler, Kromag, Kynast, Murray, Peugeot, Puch, Solo/Odyssey, Sparta/Foxi, 70’s to early 80’s Tomos, and Trac. Magura moped grips evolved like Domino. 70’s Magura controls were silver with silver levers (stamped aluminum) with black ribbed grips. Late 70’s to early 80’s controls were black with silver levers, and waffle style grips, early 80’s was block style, or basketball texture. See Magura controls .

Motobecane controls are made in France. They are on 1970’s to early 80’s Motobecane mopeds. The 70’s had silver with chrome levers, 80’s were black with chrome levers. They had built-in (integrated) switches. 70’s grips were grey ribbed 100mm long, 80’s were black ribbed 100mm. See Motobecane controls .

PV controls are made in Italy. They are on some 1970’s Italian mopeds, such as Benelli, Califfo, Cosmo (some), Intramotor Gloria, Moto Guzzi, Testi/Gitane and Velomec. They are silver with black plastic levers. The grips are black ribbed, very close to Domino, but they have a PV logo. The right PV grip is 105mm, but the left one is longer 112mm. See Other controls .

Taiwan controls are made in Taiwan. They are on Taiwan mopeds such as General, Lazer, Indian, Angel and others. They are cast aluminum housings and levers, with built-in switches and buttons, made the same as early 70’s “baby” Hondas, such as PC50. The 1970’s ones had black ribbed short grips 105 mm long. The ribs are small and have gaps. See Taiwan controls .


H.R. controls are made in Slovenia by Hidria Rotomatika (HR). They are on 1992 to early 2008 Tomos, and Volocci electric bicycles. HR controls contain HR-made integral switches, sold separately in Switches. HR controls are similar to ’80’s Domino black, but most of the parts do not interchange with Domino. See Other controls .