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December 8, 2021

updated 2021-12


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Di Blasi Industriale is an Italian manufacturer of folding bicycles, tricycles, and mopeds, based in Francofonte, Sicily.

From Wikipedia  The founder of the company, Rosario Di Blasi, began development of a folding scooter in 1952, which by 1968 had evolved into a Zanetti-powered folding tricycle called the DIBLA 7 that was shown at the Turin Auto Show as a prototype. Finally in 1974 Di Blasi began production of a folding moped with a Franco Morini motor and single-speed transmission called the R2 (also known as the “Paperino”). In 1979 the model R7 replaced the R2 and featured an engine of Di Blasi’s own design as well as a multi-speed transmission. This moped has been continuously improved and is still in production as the R7E. It has been used by the Polizia Stradale, the Traffic Police division of the Italian National Police, aboard their helicopters. The R7 is sold by Di Blasi of America as the “Express.”

Di Blasi of America is in Florida USA. Here is the website: https://www.diblasi.com/

Di Blasi folding moped is a mini-cycle that can fit in a bus, airplane, train, boat or car. It folds into an incredibly compact size in seconds. When you load or unload it you get to say “hand me that motorcycle” with a devious smile!

In Italian it is called a ciclomotore pieghevole, in German it is a faltmokick or klappmoped and in French it is called a cyclomoteur pliable.

Di Blasi parts are sold online at diblasi-shop.com and diblasi.it