Gas Valves (Petcocks)

April 16, 2021

Gas Valves listed by Type

Here 53 gas valves (petcocks) are listed by size and type.
Click on the part number to see photos, info and price.
All valves use 3/16″ (5mm) I.D. fuel hose, unless noted.

part#  thread  Screw-on Gas Valves
0A1  08-1.00 male spigot L or R push-pull
0A2  10-1.00 male spigot down

0A3  10-1.00 male spigot back
0A4  10-1.00 male spigot left
0A5  10-1.00 male spigot right
0A6  10-1.00 male spig. back medium shaft
0A7010-1.00 male spig. down 15 extender
0A8  10-1.00 male spig. down 20 extender
A8b  10-1.00 male spigot left  20 extender
A8c  10-1.00 male spig. right  20 extender
0A9  10-1.00 male spig. down 26 extender
A10  10-1.00 male spigot left  26 extender
A11  10-1.25 male spigot right
A12  12-1.00 male spigot down
A13  12-1.25 male spigot down
A13b12-1.25 male spigot left
A14  12-1.00 female spigot down
A15  12-1.00 female spigot back
A16  12-1.00 female spigot back clear trap
A17  12-1.00 female spigot left
2-1.00 female spig left ext. round knob
A18  12-1.00 female spigot right
A19  12-1.00 female spigot back short shaft
A20  12-1.00 female spig. left medium shaft
A21  12-1.00 female sp. right medium shaft
A22  12-1.00 female spigot right  long shaft
A23  12-1.00 female side mount Ciao
A24  12-1.00 female side mount Puch
A25  14-1.00 female spigot down
A26  14-1.00 female spigot left short reserve
A26b14-1.00 female spigot left
A27  14-1.00 female spigot right 1/4″ hose
A28  14-1.00 female spigot back
A29  14-1.00 female side mount Trac
A30  14-1.25 male spigot down 1/4″ hose
A31  16-1.00 female spigot down
A31b16-1.00 female spigot down detachable shaft
A32  16-1.00 female spigot back
A33  16-1.00 female side mount KTM
A34  16-1.00 female spigot back
A35  16-1.50 female side mount Indian
A36  16-1.50 female spigot right
A37  16-1.50 female spigot down
A38  22-1.00 female spigot down
A39  22-1.00 female sp. down medium shaft
A40  14-1.00 vacuum-automatic
A41  16-1.50 vacuum-automatic
part#  Clamp-on, Bolt-on, Remote Valves
13mm clamp-on spigot right
0B2  15mm clamp-on spigot down 1/4″ hose
0B5  12mm clamp-on spigot back
0B6  12mm clamp-on spigot right
0B7  12mm clamp-on spigot down
B13  bolt-on petcock side mount Angel
B15  remote petcock (in-line) Trac
B16  remote petcock (in-line) Suzuki


Gas Valves listed by Application

Here are 177 applications (what bikes take what valves).
Click on the part number to see photos, info and price.
These are US models (sold new in the USA), unless noted.

orig.  use
A15  A15 1980-82 AMF Roadmaster 130
0A8  0A8 1980-83 AMF Roadmaster 140, 141
A28  A26 1978-84 AMS (Her Chee) Sierra 50, Tahoe 50
A13  A13 1978-80 Angel (TYM) BP48, BP48-S (tube frame)
B13  B13 1977-78 Angel (TYM) AP48 (sheet metal frame)
0A8  0A2 1978-80 Arciero (Italtelai) Eagle, Hawk, Sea Gull
A00  0A4 
1978-80 Arciero (Italtelai) top tank
A17  A17 1999-02 Avanti (Mont) Kobra, Mont, Autopower
A17  A17 
1999-02 Avanti (Mont) Super Sport, Cosmo Stinger
orig.  use
A3  0A3
1977-80 Baretta (Piccoli) Magnum, also A4 or A2
0A3  0A3 1977-79 Baretta (Piccoli) 22, 38 (regular tube frame)
A21  A21 
1977-80 Baretta (Piccoli) 44, 45 (large mono-tube frame)
A14  A14 
1976-78 Batavus VA (step thru)
A15  A15 
1977-80 Batavus HS50, Starflite, Regency
0A2  0A2 1969-73 Benelli Buzzer, Hornet, Woodsbike, also A4
0A2  0A2 1967-77 Benelli Dynamo, Compact, Hurricane, also A4
A0 0 A20 
1976-80 Benelli (SEIMM) G2, C2 (mono-tube frame)
A18  A18 1976-79 Bermuda (Flandria) vertical type mounted sideways
A37b A31b ’77-79 BETA L, SL, SL-5 
0A8  0A2 1977-80 Bianchi (Italtelai) Stardust (step-thru)
A00  0A4 1978-80 Bianchi (Italtelai) Satellite (top tank)
0A4  0A4 1976-80 Bianchi (Italtelai) Snark (step-thru)
A00  0A3 1971-73 Broncco (Fantic) Diablo
orig.  use
0A2  0A2 1977-79 Carabela (Acer-Mex) Motomatic
A14  A14 1977-80 Casal K196 (top tank)
0A4  0A4 1976-77 Cimatti Twin Sport (dual tanks, front tank)

A17  A17 1977-78 Cimatti Town Bike (single front tank)
A17  A17 1978-79 Cimatti Twin Sport (single front tank)
A18  A18 1976-79 Cimatti City Bike (with original 10-12 adapter)
0A2  0A2 1976-79 Cimatti City Bike (no adapter, difficult to install)
A28  A26 1978-80 Clinton (Jui Li) ST (step-thru) (also A28)

A17  A17 1979-80 Columbia Commuter, Open Road (mono tube frame)
A18  A18 1976-80 Columbia Commuter, Open Road (sheet fr.) also A15
A18  A18 1978-80 Columbia Imperial, Western Flyer, Yard Man (sheet)
A18  A18 1980-81 Columbia Medallion, Western Flyer Apache 3000 (t.t.)

0A2  0A2 1977-79 Concord (Fantic) XKE (mono-tube frame)
0A2  0A2 1979-80 Concord (Fantic) Freedom, Invader (can be 10 or 12)
A14  A14 1979-80 Concord (Fantic) Freedom, Invader (can be 10 or 12)
0A3  0A3 1977-79 Cosmo (Piccoli) Blazer 1, 2 (step thru)

0A3  0A3 1978-79 Cosmo (Piccoli) Colt 1, 2, 5 (top tank) also A4 or A2
0A3  0A3 1979-80 Cosmo (Malaguti) Colt 3,3A,4,4B (top tank) also A4, A2
A00  A00 1980-80 Cosmo (Testi) Amico (step thru enclosed body)

A17  A17 1999-02 Cosmo (Mont) Stinger, Avanti Supersport (top tank)
orig.  use

0A3  0A3 1976-79
DEMM Smily, Scout, also A4
0B2  0B2 1976-89 Derbi Variant SL, Variant SLE, TT, Variant Sport
A30  A30 1978-86 Derbi C5, RD50, Sport Laguna (top tanks)
0A4  0A4 1974-79 Di Blasi R2 folding mini-cycle (on right side)
0A5  0A5 1979-97 Di Blasi R7 folding mini-cycle (on left side)
0B5  0B5 1997-00 Di Blasi R7E folding mini-cycle (on left side)
0B6  0B6 2000-on Di Blasi R7E-V2 folding mini-cycle (on left)
orig.  use

A18  A18 1982-82 Eagle (Hercules) I, II (step thru) also A15
A18  A18 1982-82 Eagle (Hercules) III (top tank) also A15
orig.  use

0A3  0A3 
1977-79 F. Morini (Lem) Chembol, also A4
A32  A32 1977-79 Flying Dutchman (Kynast) (tube frame)
A32  A32 1976-77 Flying Dutchman (Sparta) (sheet frame rear tank)
A31  A31 1977-80 Flying Dutchman (Sparta) (sheet frame front tank)
A33  A34 1977-80 Foxi (KTM) Deluxe, Baron, Salzburg 

A31  A31 1977-80 Foxi (Sparta) GT, GT Sport, Flying Dutchman
A28  A26 1979-80 Foxi (Jui Li) 47 (top tank) also A25
0A3  0A3 1977-78 Foxi (Testi) Silver Foxi (mono-tube) also A2
orig.  use
0A5  0A5 1977-80 Gadabout (Moto BM) also A3
A15  A15 1973-78 Garelli Eureka, Sport, Gran Sport, Gulp
A15  A15 1978-80 Garelli Sport, Rally Sport also A17
A17  A17 1978-80 Garelli VIP 

A15  A16 1978-86 Garelli Super Sport XL, LTD, SSXL 
A15  A21 1984-85 Garelli Basic (needs long reserve tube) 
A19  A19 1980-86 Garelli Sport, Rally Sport, Rally SL
A15  A15 1983-86 Garelli Monza GT
A32  A32 1970-73 Gemini SST 80 mini trail

A28  A26 1979-85 General (Jui Li) 5-Star (top tank) also A25
A28  A26 1979-85 General (Jui Li) 5-Star ST (step-thru) also A28
0A3  0A3 1984-86 General (Moto Meteora) TE (step thru)

0A3  0A3 1977-80 Gitane (Testi) OKS, Sport (tube frame) also A4 or A2
0A3  0A3 1977-80 Gitane (Testi) CL200 Confort (sheet frame) also A4, A2
0A3  0A3 1977-80 Gitane (Testi) Cricket, Super Sport (mono-tube) also A2

A28  A26 1978-80 Grycner (Jui Li) and re-brands
orig.  use

0A2 0A2 1965-66 Harley Davidson M50 
A15  A16 90’s-00s Hero (Majestic) Pacer, Panther also A17
A17  A17 90’s-00s Hero (Majestic) Gizmo
A25  A25 1979-81 Honda NA50 Express II
A26  A26 1977-83 Honda NC50 Express
A36  A36 1982-83 Honda NC50I Express Iowa
A40  A40 1981-82 Honda NX50 Express SR  16950-187-671
A27  A27 1982-82 Honda MB5 (MB50)
A37  A37 1968-78 Honda Z50 Mini Trail, QA50, MR50
A16  A16 1977-83 Honda PA50 Hobbit
A18  A18 1966-75 Honda P50, PC50 Little Honda
orig.  use

A35  A36 1979-83 Indian (Merida/Mira) AMI-50 
A24  A24 1976-78 Intramotor-Gloria Blanco (sheet frame)
0A3  0A3 1976-79 Intramotor-Gloria Scout also A4 or A2
0A5  0A5 1976-76 Itom Automatic
orig.  use
A38  A38 1970-82 Jawa Babetta 28, 206, 207
A32  A32 1980-83 Jawa Supreme, Supreme II (top tank)
A32  A32 1984-90 Jawa 210 Sport, Alley Cat (top tank)

A15  A18 1978-79 JC Penney (Kromag) Pinto, Swinger
A28  A26 1978-80 Jui Li Honey 50 and compatibles
orig.  use
A14  A14 1995-05 Kinetic TFR, TFR-USA also A16
A18  A18 1987-93 KKM (Columbia remake) Mopet
A39  A39 1995-99 Korado (Manet) (mono tube frame)
A00  A14 1977-80 Kreidler Flory MP9, MP19 also A18

A33  A34 1977-80 KTM Foxi Deluxe, Baron, Salzburg
orig.  use
A28  A26 1977-80 Lazer (Jui Li) Sport 50, Sport 50 ST
A28  A26 2009-on Lazer (Bashan) SSR Lazer 5 (step thru)
orig.  use
0A3  0A2 1976-79 Maico (Moto Bimm) MPI also A3
0A3  0A3 1977-80 Malaguti Commuter (step thru) also A4

0A4  0A4 1978-79 Malaguti Pilot (top tank)
A28  A26 1979-80 Moprix (Pou Yen) Speed Bird (step thru)

A27  A25 1979-80 Moprix (Pou Yen) Moprix (top tank)
0A1  0A1 50’s-60s Motobecane/Motoconfort
0A2  0A2 1978-79 Motobecane Model 7

0A4  0A4 1971-80 Motobecane 40, 50, 50V, Moby, Traveler, Le Moped
A15  A15 1980-81 Motobecane Sebring (Italian top tank)
0A3  0A3 1977-79 Motobee (Testi) RS100 (step thru) also A4
0A3  0A3 1977-79 Motobimm (Bimotor) (step thru) 

A15  A15 1971-80 Moto Guzzi (SEIMM) Chiu, Robin (sheet frame)
A00  A20 1977-80 Moto Guzzi (SEIMM) Robin (mono tube frame)
A15  A15 1985-90 Motomarina (Moto Meteora) Sebring (top tank)
0A3  0A3 1987-89 Motomarina (Moto Meteora) Raven (step thru)
0A3  0A3 1987-89 Motomarina (Moto Meteora) Tri-Power (3-wheeler)

0A2  0A2 1978-79 Motron Sprint, Medalist, Classic also A3, A5
0A8  0A2 1980-81 Motron Medalist, Classic also A3, A5
A14  A14 1979-82 Murray (all models) (step thru) also A17
orig.  use
A3  0A3 1977-82 Negrini Harvard, Harvard II (step thru mono tube) also A4
0A3  0A3 1977-82 Negrini Leprotto, Gazelle, Gazelle II, III (step thru) also A4
0A2  0A3 1977-82 Negrini MX Sport, MX Sport II (top tank) also A3, A4
A00  0A6 1976-78 NVT Easy Rider ER, ER2, Scorpion (mono tube)
orig.  use
A27 A26a1978-80 Oakwood (Pou Yen) Catalina
A00  A32 1977-80 Odyssey (Solo) 32/1, 40/1, 40/2 (step thru)
orig.  use
0A7  0A2 1978-80 Pacer (Italtelai) Deluxe P14 (step-thru)
0A8  0A5 1978-80 Pacer (Italtelai) Sport P78 (mono-tube) also A4

0A0  0A4 1979-80 Pacer (Italtelai) Super Sport (top tank)
A8c   A8c 1980-80 Peugeot 102SP also A8
0A2  0A2 1976-83 Peugeot 103, 103SP, TSM
A12  A12 80’s-90s Peugeot Vogue (Euro model)
A32  A32 1978-86 Puch Magnum XK, MkII, II, Cobra 1, 2 (top tanks)
A24  A24 1969-86 Puch Maxi, Sport, Newport models (sheet frame)
A31  A31 1954-68 Puch MS50, VS50, VS50D (Euro models) (sheet frame)
A39  A39 1995-99 Puch (Manet) Korado (mono tube frame)
A24  A24 1989-92 Puch (Piaggio) Super Maxi (Euro model)
orig.  use
0A2  0A2 1977-79 Rizzato Califfo de Luxe, La Mopette (step thru)
orig.  use
A18  A18 1976-80 Sachs (Hercules) P1, Westlake, Sundancer (sheet frame)
A15  A15 1976-80 Sachs (Hercules) M4, Balboa , Suburban (tube frame) also A18
A15  A15 1980-83 Sachs (Hercules) Seville (sheet frame)
A18  A18 1980-83 Sachs (Hercules) Prima (step-thru)
A18  A18 1980-84 Sachs (Hercules) Prima G3 (top tank)
0A5  0A5 1975-78 Safari (MZV) Ridget, Super, Super Extra (mono tube) also A3
0A5  0A5 1978-80 Safari (MZV) Leader, Cobra (mono tube) also A3
0A3  0A3 1978-91 Safari (MZV) Automix, 300MT (top tanks) also A4, A2
0A3  0A3 1978-91 Safari (MZV) 400MT (has two petcocks, top tank and frame tank)

0A3  0A3 1978-91 Safari (MZV) Variomatic, Commando (top tanks) also A4, A2
0A0  0A6 1977-79 Scorpion (NVT) SC1, SC2, SC2X (mono tube)

A14  A14 1978-79 Sears (Kromag) Free Spirit (all models) also A15
A31  A31 1956-69 Sears (Puch) Allstate Mo-Ped (MS50)
A31  A31 1965-67 Sears (Puch) Allstate Sabre (VZ50) and others, see Puch
0A8  0A2 1978-80 Snark (Italtelai) Standard, Deluxe (step-thru)
0A8  0A4 1978-80 Snark (Italtelai) Satellite (top tank)
0A6  0A6 1970’s    Solex
Tenor 8000 (Laura M54)
0A6  0A6 1974-75 Solex Tenor 8000 (Laura M56) 

A31  A31 1977-83 Sparta Foxi GT, Buddy, Lucky
A32  A32 1974-77 Sparta Lucky (rear tank)
A13  A13 1977-78 Speed Bird (TYM) BP48, BP48-S (tube frame)
A28  A26 1976-78 Sprinter (Tsing Hua) and compatibles 

B16  B16 1980-91 Suzuki FA50 Shuttle
orig.  use
0A7  0A7 1987-94 Tomos Bullet TT, TTLX, Sprint TT
A17  A17 1974-95 Tomos Bullet A3, A35 (all step thru)
A10  A10 1992-95 Tomos Colibri (A35 engine)

A17  A17 1996-06 Tomos Sprint (A35 engine)
A17b A17b ’94-13 Tomos Targa LX, Tomos LX, LX (top tanks)

A20  A20 1996-06 Tomos Targa, Tomos, ST (A35 engine)
A18  A18 2007-13 Tomos Sprint, ST (A55 engine)
A18  A18 2001-13 Tomos Revival, Streetmate, Arrow
A18  A18 2017-18 Tomos Sprint, Sprint Classic, Racing TT
0B1  0B1 1998-02 Tomos TX50, Super Tom, MC36, MC50, MC80
B15  B15 1982-85 Trac (Kia) Clipper (rear tank remote petcock)
B15  B15 1983-85 Trac (Kia) Hawk, Sprint (top tank remote petcock)
A29  A26 1982-85 Trac (Kia) Eagle (step thru sheet frame)
B15  B15 1985-88 Trac (Daelim) Clipper, Escot (step thru rear tank)

A28  A26 1984-88 Trac (Daelim) Image, Sprint (top tank) also A25
B15  B15 1985-89 Trac (Daelim) Olympic, Liberty, Blitz (step thru remote)
A26  A26 1989-90 Trac (Daelim) Metro (step thru rear tank)
orig.  use
A18  A18 1977-79 Vespa (Piaggio) Bravo (metal tank)
0B1  0B1 1975-78 Vespa (Piaggio) Bravo (plastic tank)
A23  A23 1967-90 Vespa (Piaggio) Ciao, Ciao PX
A21  A21 1978-86 Vespa (Piaggio) Grande, Grande MX, Si
orig.  use
0A1  0A1 1957-64 Wards (Motobecane) Riverside Mo-Ped
0A2  0A2 1965-70 Wards (Benelli) Riverside 150D, 250D
A27  A25 1978-79 Wheel King Road Runner, Cuyler (mono tube)
A15  A16 1998-09 Whizzer motorized bikes (with reserve tube removed)
orig.  use
A27  A25 1979-82 Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper
0A3  0A3 1977-79 Yankee Peddler (FMB), also A4 or A2


Gas Valve Parts

C. inline fuel filters, fittings, fuel hoses,
outer seal rings

D. inner seal disks










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