A20 Petcock

A20. 12x1 female spigot left medium shaft

 A20 12×1 spigot right, long shaft, price $20
01Z2691051 ←reserve  on↓ off→ Italy-made by OMG

This shaft is too long for a Benelli G2 or a Tomos Targa. The handle hits the pedal or the rider’s shoe.


 A20t 12×1 spigot left, medium shaft, price none
229169 ←reserve  on↓ off→ Taiwan-made by FS
Photos:  1995 Tomos Targa original, 1998 Tomos Targa original, 2005 Tomos ST original


A20b 12×1 spigot right, short shaft, price $35
01Z2691051-modified ←reserve  on↓ off→ Italy-made by OMG
1978 Moto Guzzi Robin original, 1979 Benelli G2 original

Benelli G2 The valve shaft sticks out of a small hole in the plastic side cover. To get the shaft through the hole in the plastic side cover, the black handle knob must be pried off and the metal rod unscrewed. The valve must be aimed just right. It might take 2 or 3 guesses to get the shaft aimed at the hole. Then the plastic cover is replaced, and then the handle knob is pressed back onto the shaft.