A24 Petcock

A24. 12x1 female side mount Maxi

A24 12×1 side mt.
01z2141069a  $16
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Italy-made by OMG

A24b 12×1 side mount
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made in Taiwan

Links to photos of examples:

1976 Intramotor-Gloria Blanco original
1977 Intramotor-Gloria Blanco original
1977 Puch Maxi Sport original
1978 Puch Maxi original
1978 Puch Sport MKII with A24b
1984 Puch Maxi Sport LS original

Puch Maxi: The most popular 1970’s moped in the USA uses this valve. Puch Maxi and Maxi equivalents GN, Rigid, Sport, Sport MkII, Newport, Newport-L, Newport II and Maxi II all have the same sheet-metal gas tank built into the frame. The gas valve is on the right side mounted horizontally.