A25 Petcock

A25. 14x1 female spigot down

A25 14×1 sp. down
633783  $19
↑reserve ←off on↓
made in China

Links to photos of examples:

1980 Honda NA50 Express II original
1979 Yamaha QT50 original spigot-back with trap
1980 Yamaha QT50 (left is A25 substitute, right is original)

This spigot down valve was original on 1979-81 Honda NA50 Express II. It also replaces the original spigot left on Honda NC50 Express, and the original spigot right on Yamaha QT50 Yamahopper.  

Honda Design: Note that the little arrow on the handle points opposite to the handle. So off is arrow left (handle right), on is arrow up (handle down), reserve is arrow down (handle up).

This valve has a 6.0mm spigot, for 3/16″ (4.8mm) hose.