A6 Petcock

A6. 10x1 male spigot back medium shaft

A6 10×1 spigot back
medium shaft
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Italy-made by OMG

NVT original 10×1 back,
long detachable shaft

Links to photos of examples:

1977 NVT Easy Rider
1978 Scorpion SC2
70’s Solex 8000 Tenor (Laura M54)
74-75 Solex Tenor 8000 (Laura M56)

Like the other 10×1 male valves, the whole valve must turn around and around, to screw on. But the long shaft would usually hit something. That would prevent the valve from screwing on. The original valves had a detachable shaft, held on by a clip. So the valve could be installed or removed without the shaft.

This replacement valve does not have an easily detachable shaft. But the shaft can be removed by loosening the shaft nut. To install the valve, remove the shaft, then screw on the valve, tighten only to a little more than “finger tight”, aim it to face outward or whatever direction is best, then replace the shaft.