A8 Petcock

A8. 10x1 male spigot down with 20mm extender

A8 10×1 spigot down
20mm extender
01z2231010-b $29
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Italy-made by OMG

Links to photos of examples:

1978 Pacer Sport P78 original A8 (can use A2)
1979 Motron Classic with just the extender (can use A5)
1980 Motron Fairway no tank extender (can use A2)
1980 AMF Roadmaster 140 original A8
1983 AMF Roadmaster 140 replacement

A8 This valve is an A2 plus a C10.195 extender. The extender costs as much as the valve, so when replacing a 10mm valve that has an extender it is better to re-use the extender.

AMF with Minarelli: The 1980-83 AMF Roadmaster 140, 141 with Minarelli V1 mid-engine is another model that needs a short extender to position the valve knob to go through the hole in the body panel. This A8 replacement shown in the link fits, but the end of the handle must be ground off.



A8b. 10x1 male spigot left with 20mm extender

1978 Malaguti Pilot original A8b (can use A4)
1980 Pacer Super Sport original A8b (can use A4)


A8b This valve is an A4 plus a C10.195 extender. This configuration was on Malaguti Pilot and Baretta Magum. Can use just A4 without extender.



A8c. 10x1 male spigot right with 20mm extender

A8c 10×1 spigot right
with extender  $29
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Italy made by OMG

Links to photos of examples:

1980 Peugeot 102SP original A8c
1980 Peugeot 102SP original A8c

A8c This valve is an A5 plus a C10.195 extender. This configuration was on 1980 Peugeot 102 SP (US model) and others.

Peugeot 102: On 1980 Peugeot 102 there is a wall that prevents the valve from being screwed in, unless there is an extender piece between the valve and the tank. This model must have the extender present.