B13 Petcock

B13. Bolt-on valve for Angel

B13 Angel sheet-frame  N/A
6 mm holes spaced 36 mm c-c

Links to photos of examples:

1973-74 Honda PM50 Novio/Canguro sheet-frame moped
1973-74 Honda PM50 Novio/Canguro sheet-frame moped
PM50 gas valve 16950-122-000 offered at cmsnl.com
1977 Angel AP48 (Honda PM50 remake)
1978 Angel AP48 (Honda PM50 remake)

This side-mount bolt-on valve is scarce and not available for sale. Only these two leaking used ones exist at Myrons Mopeds. This petcock uses a D2 inner seal disk. See below.

Son of Honda PM50: The 1977-79 Angel AP48, made in Taiwan by TYM, is a remake of a 1973-74 Honda PM50, made in Belgium. The PM50 was not sold in the US. Some are called Novio and some are Canguro. The name Novio was also on PF50, a completely different bike and engine.