A35 Petcock

A35. 16x1.5 female side mount

A35 Indian 16×1.5 side-mount   Not Available

A  turnbuckle nut    none  M16-1.5 R and L
B  outer seal ring     none  12 x 16 x 2
Bs  B substutute     $5.00 10 x 16 x 1
C  valve body  xxx   none  20.9 ID
D  trap filter disk     none  19 x 1.5
E  trap seal ring  x  none   15 x 19 x 2
F  trap cup xxxxx    $5.00 M20-1.0 thread (Trac Eagle)
seal disk xxxx    $11.0 20.5 x 3.25 4-hole D10
H  handle plate x     none  21.3 OD
I   wave washer (2)  none  20 x 16 x 0.3
J   face plate  xxxx   none  17 ID
K  face screw (2)    
$1.50 M3 x 6


A35 is an original Indian 16×1.5 side mount, made in Taiwan. All 3 rubber seals have decomposed.

The 2 seal rings do not normally leak if they are undisturbed, but the seal disk does. There are two ways the seal disk can leak.

1) It can keep supplying the carburetor with gasoline when in the OFF position. This leak can be stopped temporarily by pinching the fuel hose with a small vise grip or C clamp.

2) It can leak gasoline outside of the valve when the handle is in any position. Other things besides the seal disk can cause this kind of leak. Some of those things are: improper assembly, damaged handle plate, missing wave washer, damaged valve body, pieces of the old seal disk still stuck to the valve body sealing surface.

Outer seal ring: The 17mm substitute outer seal ring sits in a 16 mm groove. But it has to fold to pass over 14.5 mm thread tops on its way in, Once in it can be unfolded and does fit, but tightly.