A4 Petcock

A4. 10x1 male spigot left

A4 10×1 spigot left red
01z2351035  $15
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made in Italy by OMG

A4b 10×1 spigot left
403200  $19
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made in Taiwan by FS

Links to photos of examples:

1977 Motobecane frame A4b replacement
1978 Gitane Sport original
1978 Motobecane frame replacement
1978 Motron Classic A4b replacement
1976 Bianchi Snark original

Any top-tank model, with a 10 x 1 threaded hole on the right side (and nothing nearby) would use this A4 petcock.

Motobecane: This spigot-left valve fits 1970’s sheet-metal-frame Motobecanes, where there is a tight space. It substitutes for the spigot-back original configuration. The fuel hose is routed slightly better than it was with the original valve. See above valve A3.

Cutting the Motobecane side cover to fit an OMG petcock