A16 Petcock

A16. 12x1 female spigot back with clear trap

A16 12×1 spigot back
clear sediment trap
01z2101024  $18
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made in Italy by OMG

PA50 original

Links to photos of examples:

1978 Honda PA50 Hobbit tank
1978 Honda PA50 Hobbit original
1993 Hero Panther original
2000 Kinetic TFR-USA original
2002 Whizzer with the tank hole drilled bigger

This valve has a clear sediment trap. Anything heavier than gasoline, like water, dirt, rust settles at the bottom. The trap not only filters, but allows visual monitoring of the fuel for purity.

Whizzer The 2002 Whizzer tank takes a 12×1 thread gas valve. But the original Whizzer valve has no reserve tube or fuel filter. To have those, the 6.3mm hole can be drilled to 7.0mm. Here it is shown with a A16 “spigot back” type valve, but a A18 “spigot right” type would be better.