A17 Petcock

A17. 12x1 female spigot left

A17 12×1 spigot left
01z2361059    $15
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made in Italy by OMG

A17c 12×1 sp. left
403300    $15
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made in Taiwan

Links to photos of examples:

1978 Garelli VIP original
1978 Sachs Westlake with spigot left
1978 Cimatti Town Bike original
1979 Batavus Starflite with spigot left
1979 Sachs Balboa with spigot left
1979 Columbia 2250 (tube frame, Solo engine)
1979 Columbia 2260 (tube frame, Sachs engine)
1980 Sachs Seville original
1980 Sachs Prima original
1985 Tomos Bullet original
1994 Tomos Sprint original
1998 Tomos Sprint original
2000 Avanti Autopower original
2001 Avanti Kobra original
2001 Avanti Super Sport original

Columbia with tube frame:The original valve on a Columbia Commuter (tube frame) was a vertical mount valve, mounted in the sideways position. So the valve faces up, instead of sideways. That is not bad, but the poor handle gets kicked easily since it is right where you step through the frame at. The original valve had a reserve tube that curved upward, like on a Puch side mount. The replacement valve has a short straight reserve tube. Sideways installation disables the reserve feature. Optionally, a longer curved soft aluminum reserve tube is available. See below.


A17b. 12x1 female spigot left with extended round knob

A17b 12×1 spigot left
round knob
401602 $18
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made in Taiwan by FS

Links to photos of examples:

2007 Tomos LX

This valve was made to replace Tomos 229.455, on 1994-2013 top tanks. Before 1994 was 10×1 male.