A9 Petcock

A9. 10x1 male spigot down with 26mm extender

A9 10×1 spig. down
26mm extender
01z2231010-c $29
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Italy-made by OMG

This 10×1 spigot down valve has a 26mm extender that positions the valve lower, away from the bottom of the tank. The 26mm extender includes a longer reserve tube.

When an extender is added to a valve, the reserve tube needs to be longer. When the reserve tube is too short, there is little or no reserve. Here the original reserve tube has been replaced with a longer one, 60mm from the valve base instead of 35mm.

Any of the other 10×1 male valves can have a 15, 20, or 26mm extender added. Some already have long reserve tubes.