A36 Petcock

A36. 16x1.5 female spigot right

A36 (bottom) 16×1.5 spigot right $20
↑reserve ←off on↓ made in Taiwan

This is a vertical mount valve for ’82-83 Honda NC50I Iowa, and some 60’s and 70’s Honda motorcycles and ATV’s.

Indian valve substitute: The threads fit an Indian 4-stroke moped. This valve A36 will substitute for an Indian gas valve A35, but the cover panel would have to be left off. With the cover on you cannot reach the handle.

Honda Design: Note that the little arrow on the handle points opposite to the handle. So off is arrow left (handle right), on is arrow up (handle down), reserve is arrow down (handle up).

A36a with reserve $34


A36 is a modern substitute 16×1.5, made in Taiwan. It is a vertical design, mounted horizontal. The cover panel must be removed, or a large hole cut, to allow access to the substitute valve. There is no reserve capacity on the substitute, since the reserve tube is horizontal.

A36a is valve A36 with a added aluminum reserve tube that curves upward.