A33 Petcock

A33. 16x1 female side mount

A33 16×1 side mount
original Paoli Not Avail.
A32 16×1 spigot back
mounted horizontally

Links to photos of examples:

1977 KTM Foxi original
1978 KTM Foxi original

The A33 upper valve is an original Paoli 16×1 side mount valve, made in Italy. All their polyurethane inner seal disks have decomposed, even on the last few new valves.

The A32 lower valve is a modern OMG substitute, made in Italy. It is valve A32, a 16×1 vertical mount spigot back, mounted sideways.  The cover panel must be removed, or a large hole cut, to allow access to the substitute valve. There is no reserve capacity on the substitute, since the reserve tube is horizontal.