A13 Petcock

A13. 12x1.25 male spigot down

A13 12×1.25 male spigot down 01B1331034 $13 
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A13b. 12x1.25 male spigot left

A13b 12×1.25 male spigot left with custom adapter  N/A use A13
left is original, right is replacement

1977 Speed Bird BP48

’77 Speed Bird BP48




1977 Speed Bird BP48

1977 Angel BP48-S  replacement petcock

1979 Angel BP48-S








Speedbird BP48 and Angel BP48-S, tube frame models made in Taiwan by TYM, use this valve. The 1.25 thread is more coarse than 1.0.

A13b is an A4 plus a custom made adapter, 10×1.00 female to 12×1.25 male thread.