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July 15, 2014

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American-made Moped Parts

August 27, 2012

Welcome. American made mopeds include AMF Roadmaster with McCullough friction drive rear engine, AMF Roadmaster with Minarelli V1 engine, Colombia Commuter, Imperial, Open Road with Sachs engines, Colombia Commuter, Open Road, and Mopet with Solo engines, Murray mopeds with Puch engines, and others. Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type.


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1979 Wards E-Z Rider made in USA by Dialex Minarelli V1 engine

1979 Wards E-Z Rider made in USA by Dialex
Minarelli V1 engine

E-Z Rider         made in USA by Dialex     Minarelli V1

Dialex ID Plate

Dialex ID Plate

Montgomery Wards department stores, mostly in the eastern US, sold the E-Z Rider moped from about 1979-1981, made by Dialex Industries, Inc. 123 S. Newman St. Hakensack, New Jersey 07671 USA. Read more about Wards mopeds in Italian moped parts. Scroll way down to Wards.


1980 Dialex E-Z Rider Minarelli V1 engine

1980 Dialex E-Z Rider
Minarelli V1 engine


Wards/Dialex components: Minarelli V1 engine, CEV 6932 magneto, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carb, Grimeca 90mm hubs and brakes, Domino “70′s chrome” levers/controls, Peterson tail light, Stewart Warner head light and speedometer, Messinger solo seat, 2.25 x 16″ tires, plastic molded gas tank says “EZ Rider”




1980 Pedalpower G-200

1980 Pedalpower G-200

 Pedalpower       made by Puch (Austria) & Murray (USA)       Puch 1-speed engine

Pedalpower made electric bikes, electric trikes, electric power chairs, and this 49cc gasoline powered moped, the Pedalpower G-200. It is identical to the Murray 8320 (solo seat, 30mph) and Murray 8315 (solo seat, 25mph), made by Puch.  


1979 Pivar Tri Ped Minarelli V1 engine

1980 Pivar Tri-Ped
Minarelli V1 engine

Pivar Tri Ped      made in USA by American Microcar         Minarelli V1

Pivar Tri Ped in action

Pivar Tri-Ped in action

Stuart Pivar was an American inventor in New York, New York, who designed, built, and patented this three wheeled moped in 1980. Then American Microcar Inc, in Farmingdale New York mass produced them. Some were electric but most came with a Minarelli V1 engine with pedals.

Pivar components: Minarelli V1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV “bullet” headlight, Grimeca hubs and brakes, Magura controls, Peterson tail light.


Pryer    made by Pryer(USA) and Puch,Tomos,or BM   various

Bonvicini Marino

Bonvicini Marino

Pryer is a trade name made up by Pryer Motorcraft, 4563 State Route 235, Ada Ohio 45810. Pryer is mostly known for their three wheeled mopeds (trikes). At least three different two-wheelers have been used to produce three-wheelers. Puch (Austria), Tomos (Yugoslavia), and Moto BM (Italy). The Italian (same as Gadabout) two wheel bikes were made in Bologna Italy, by Moto BM, and then converted into three wheelers in Ohio USA. Later Italian bikes were the Motomarina Raven kind. Various options were offered.


1978 Pryer Gadabout

1978 Pryer Gadabout
made by Moto BM

Pryer Owners Manual

Pryer Owners Manual
same for 2 or 3 wheeler



















Tri-Rad     made in USA by Mopeds Midwest     Puch or Tomos

Tri-Rad is a trade name made up by Mopeds Midwest (MM), 320 Main St, Ames Iowa 50010.

At the time these were considered bicycles, so they could motor to the beach, turn the engine off, and pedal down the boardwalk selling ice cream or pizza. Too bad the deluxe three wheeled moped, with differential drive, and hot/cold food box, costed more than some automobiles! That was the only thing that was not three times as rad.






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Taiwan-made Moped Parts (except Indian)

August 27, 2012

Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some parts for General, Grycner, Angel, Speed Bird, AMS, Lazer mopeds and other late 1970′s to mid 1980′s Taiwanese compatibles. Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type. 

Taiwan mopeds were imported into the United States in the late 1970′s surge of consumer demand. It was common for small companies to order one container with about 100 units. You could order them with your own choice of decals, or blank, or with their default names, like “Speed Bird”. Even the owners manuals, which were made by the manufacturers, were available either with the brand name of your choice, or blank, where you put your own labels.

Many of the Taiwan mopeds sold in the United States were from the Los Angeles area, because of the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in the US, and because it’s the closest port to Taiwan. Most of the lower price Taiwan mopeds, like Moprix, Speed Bird and Wheel King were sold in the urban part of Los Angeles. The opposite of those was the General brand, the high end of Taiwan mopeds, with the highest quality.

Taiwan components are similar and sometimes exact copies of Japanese items, particularly Honda. More will follow later about Taiwan component families, and Asian versus European design philosophy and practices. Basically Asian mopeds are made like scaled down motorcycles, European mopeds are made like scaled up bicycles. That’s an oversimplification.  


Taiwan Flag


  Adly (AMS)AMS tiny     AMS (Adly)   made in Taiwan by Her Chee       Sachs 505 engine


1981 AMS Tahoe 50

1981 AMS Tahoe G2
Sachs 505/2D engine

1984 AMS Sierra 50

1984 AMS Sierra 50
Sachs 505/1D engine

AMS was made by Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd, 2 Yikung 1st Rd, Yichu Industrial Area, Yichu Hsiang, Chiayi Hsien, Taiwan, ROC. Her Chee began in 1978 making “moped bikes” with their own brand name “AMS” (Adly Moped and Scooter). In 1985 they switched to making scooters, kid’s motorcycles and ATVs with their new brand name “Adly Moto”. The moped importer was A.M.S. Imports, 923 Moana West, Reno Nevada 89509, or 1110 S Wells Av, Reno NV 89502.  AMS mopeds were the Sierra 50 (Sachs 505/1D 1-speed auto, step thru), Tahoe G1 (Sachs 505/1D 1-speed automatic top tank), Tahoe G2 (Sachs 505/2D 2-speed manual grip shift, top tank) made from 1979 to 1984. The AMS Tahoe was a copy of an earlier Peugeot Sport top tank moped, just like the Lazer Sport 50 and the General 5 Star.   

AMS components: Sachs 505/1D engine (higher torque than 505/1A), Bing Sachs carburetor, 85% the same as General 5 Star, except: controls are slightly different – lever blades are bigger, hubs and brakes are way bigger, rims are slightly wider, turn signals are smaller, cover screws are different size, M6 not 5?. 


1980 Clinton 50-A

1980 Clinton 50-A
Sachs 505/1A engine

        Clinton          made in Taiwan by Jui Li       Sachs 505/1A

1978 Clinton 50-A  Sachs 505/1A engine

1978 Clinton 50-A
Sachs 505/1A engine

Clinton was imported by Clinton Engines Corporation, Clark & Maple Streets, Maquoketa, Iowa 52060 USA. The Clinton 50-A is the same as General 5 Star ST, Grycner Floozie, AMS Sierra 50, and perhaps more. Clinton was made by by Jui Li Enterprise Co. Ltd22 Konan Rd, Jenwu Hsiang, Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.



1980 Condor 729

1980 Condor 729

     Condor               made in Taiwan by ?         engine ?

Condor was imported by G.M.E. Company, Inc, 15671 Industry Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA.

This bike appears in the 1981 Moped Buyers Guide, and nowhere else, not even in the thousands of mopeds pictured in the Moped Army Photo Gallery.


Cuyler small     Cuyler      made in Taiwan by Wheel King      Sachs 505 engine


Wheel King

Wheel King – Cuyler

1978 Cuyler Get Around Sachs 505/1A engine

1978 Cuyler Get Around
Sachs 505/1A engine

The Cuyler C-1A “Get Around” was imported by Cuyler Corporation, 2501 Devon Ave, Elk Grove, IL 60007 USA. It is the same as Wheel King, Road Runner, and possibly others. 



1977 Gemini Commander

’77 Gemini Commander

Gemini Commander      made in Taiwan by Gemini      Gemini engine

Gemini Commander Parts exploded view







Gemini Commander is an original design, frame and engine. There were many problems, and improvements needed to be done, especially the clutch. The original factory parts for the engine were in Gemini packaging. 



Grycner Floozie

1978 Grycner Floozie

 Grycner          made in Taiwan by Jui Li         Sachs 505 foot brake

Grycner is the name of the US importer/distributor, Grycner Motors, Palm Springs, California USA . Grycners were made from 1978 to 1979 by Jui Li Enterprise Co. Ltd, 22 Konan Rd, Jenwu Hsiang, Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Jui Li only produced mopeds. Grycner Floozie is a step thru with a Sachs 505 engine, foot brake, identical to a General 5-Star ST. Grycner was replaced by General in 1979.


Grycner Palm Springs

Grycner Palm Springs

1979 Grycner

1979 Grycner

1979 Grycner

1979 Grycner

Girl on Grycner







1978 Jui Li Honey 50

1979 Jui Li Honey 50

        Jui Li            made in Taiwan by Jui Li       Sachs 505 engine

Jui Li Honey 50, made in 1978 to 1979, is the same as General 5 Star ST, Grycner Floozie, and very similar to AMS Sierra 50. Clinton 50-A.




               Moprix          made in Taiwan by ??            Tas engine

1980 Moprix, Tas engine

1980 Moprix, Tas engine

1980 Moprix

1980 Moprix

Moprix was imported by Moprix, 616 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90401 USA. The engine is a Tas BE-48 (Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan). See Sprinter below. Moprix also made an electric moped, way different from the Tas gasoline engine model. See buyers guides p56. 

There was a Speed Bird with a Tas engine, identical to the Moprix.


Moprix yellow

Moprix with Casal engine

Taiwan Casal connection

Moprix-Casal connection

1979 Casal K177

1979 Casal, M140 engine

This Taiwan made Moprix is different. It has a Casal M140 1-speed automatic engine, made in Portugal. It looks partially like a Honda PA50. 

Besides this “Moprix Casal” there was a “Sprinter Casal”. It was a way different, a re-branded Gemini Commander. 


1981 Motobecane Romp made by Paijifa

1981 Motobecane Romp made by Paijifa

Motobecane             made in Taiwan by Paijifa       MB 50V copy

1981 MB Romp

This very close copy of a 1979 French-made Motobecane is made by Paijifa Industrial Co. Ltd., 109 Liou Ho 1st Rd, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC. Paijifa made motorcycles and motorscooters.  




                  Oakwood             made in Taiwan by Pou Yen       Minarelli  V1 engine

1979 Oakwood Catalina

1979 Oakwood Catalina
Minarelli V1 engine

Oakwood ID plate

Oakwood ID plate

Oakwood seal


The 1979 Oakwood Catalina is made by Pou Yen Mechanical Co, 5 Kuochi Rd, Hsinshis Hsiang, Tainan, Taiwan . It is not like any other Taiwan moped. It is rare, but not valuable. It shares the same componentry as other Taiwan mopeds. Of course, the Italian made Minarelli engine is very common, as is the Dellorto SHA carburetor.


no images were found

Speed Bird        made in Taiwan by TYM       Angel engine

1977 Speed Bird

1977 Speed Bird

Speed Bird is a trade name for a Taiwan moped made by T.Y.M. Industrial Co. Ltd, 554 Chung Cheng Rd, Yongkang Hsiang, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, ROC, The Speed Bird BP-48 and BP-48S models have the same TYM (Batavus M48 copy) engine as the Angel AP-48, also wheels, and other things.

There is also a Speed Bird with a Tas BE-48 engine (Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan). The “Tas Speed Bird” is exactly the same as the Moprix. See Moprix above.


Tas Engine

Tas BE-48 Engine, by
Tanaka Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
looks like Solo (Germany)

    Sprinter         made in Taiwan by Tsing Hua      Tas or Casal engine

Sprinter was imported and distributed by Sprinter Mopeds, 1 Syme Ave, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 USA. In the western US they were distributed by Southern California Sprinter, 2798 Waxwing Cir, Costa mesa California 92626. Sprinter made at least two different models, a “Tas Sprinter” and a “Casal Sprinter” The Tas Sprinter shown below had a Tas (Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan) BE-48 engine. The Casal Sprinter was a re-branded Gemini Commander with a Casal (Portugal) M140 engine. See Gemini above. 

1976 Sprinter

1976 Sprinter

1978 Sprinter

1978 Sprinter



Tsing Hua        made in Taiwan by Tsing Hua      Sachs 505

 The rear half this frame is the same as the rear half of the Sprinter frame.





Wheel King        made in Taiwan by Wheel King      Sachs 505

Wheel King

Wheel King

1978 Cuyler Get-Around

1978 Cuyler Get-Around






Wheel King is a trade name for a Taiwan moped. The real maker name is unknown, apparently hidden. Wheel Kings were imported and distributed by T. & J. Moped, Inc, 3518 Firestone Blvd, South Gate, California 90280 USA. Their excellent owners manuals did not say who the manufacturer was. Some were completely blank, where you would put your own brand name on the cover, and some said CUYLER. 


Taiwan Flag

Italian Moped Parts

August 27, 2012

Italian Mopeds are all very similar and use many of the same component parts.



CEV Magnetos

Mopeds burn out bulbs frequently.


Myrons carries most parts for the Italian components:

Dellorto SHA14/12 carburetor, Domino controls, PV controls, CEV magneto (most), Dansi magneto (Morini), CEV lights and electrical parts, Grimeca wheels with 90mm brakes (most), Bernardi aluminum wheels  (some), CEV, Huret, or Veglia speedometer parts. Plus universal items like spokes, chains, shocks, cables, tires, tubes, spark plugs, coils, bulbs, bearings, axles, nuts, bolts, connectors, wires, fuel line, gas valves, gas caps, handlebars, grips, pedals, crank arms, sprockets, freewheels.  These are in Parts/By Type/

Italian Component Logo Bar


Piston Rings

Woodruff Key assortment

Some of the more universal engine parts, like pistons, piston parts, rings, cylinder studs are in Parts/By Type/Engine Top End, while crank nuts, woodruff keys, bearings, seals, are in Parts/By Type/Engine Bottom.

The Minarelli-specific or Morini-specific engine parts, like cylinders, heads, clutches, transmission gears or shafts, cases, case and trans cover gaskets, crankshafts, and a multitude of small engine parts, are in Parts/By Brand/Minarelli  or Parts/By Brand/Morini Engine.


Two major Italian brands are not here, but instead are on the By Brand menu. Garelli and Vespa. 

1. Use the color bike pictures to verify your year, make, model, version

2. Use the b&w info sheets to learn about the part: make, type, size, etc.

3a. Semi-Universal Parts: Then leave here and go to Parts/By Type to find it.

3b. Brand-Specific Parts: Scroll down to the brand(s) below to find it. 



Italy Flag


1978 Arciero Eagle made by Italtelai Morini MO-1 engine

1978 Arciero Eagle I “tubone” style frame
Morini MO-1 engine

Arciero      made in Italy by Italtelai      Morini MO-1 or Mo-2 engine

1979 Arciero top tank made in Italy by Italtelai Morini MO-1 or MO-2

1979 Arciero top tank
made in Italy by Italtelai
Morini MO-1 or MO-2

Italtelai smallArciero is not in the Wheels of Italy Encyclopedia, but Italtelai is. Italtelai began in 1972, and means “Italian frames”. They made chassis for Arciero, Bianchi, Pacer, Portofino, Snark, and other US export models. They all used Motori Morini Franco engines and Spisni Franzoni forks. 1970′s engines were Morini MO-1 (or MO-2 optionally). 1980′s was Morini M1.

Arciero Eagle close up

Arciero Eagle close up

Arciero Hawk II

Arciero Hawk II

1978 Arciero Sea Gull

1978 Arciero Sea Gull
same frame as Pacer SS








Arciero components: Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino chrome levers, Grimeca hubs and 90mm brakes, Dansi magneto, Huret speedometer with LH driver. Gas cap for “monotrave” is clamp-on pop-up, for step thru is 30mm push-in or 30mm qtr-turn, for top tank is 40mm qtr turn wide wing.


1977 Aspes step thru Minarelli V1 engine

1977 Aspes – by Italvelo

Aspes small  Aspes      made in Italy by Italvelo     Minarelli V1 engine

ItalveloMoto Aspes built quite successful 50 to 125cc sports bikes and offroad racers from 1967 to 1982, with mostly Minarelli or Sachs shifter engines. 

Italvelo is not in the Wheels of Italy Encyclopedia. Italvelo makes Aspes, Italvelo, Bianchi, Snark, Velomec step-thru mopeds.


Veglia smallAspes components: Minarelli V1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (30mph) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino chrome levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV or Veglia? speedometer with LH driver. Gas cap is 30mm push-in.


1978 Beta SL5

1978 Beta SL5

Beta      made in Italy by Beta        Beta 1-speed engine

Beta was formed in the early 1900′s in Florence Italy, by Guiseppe Bianchi, a famous bicycle racer and entrepreneur. Originally it was called “Societe Guiseppe Bianchi”, and made bicycles. Later in the 1940′s when production of motorcycles began, the company was renamed “Beta”, after Bianchi, Enzo and Tosi, Arrigo, the chief officers at the time. Beta is still making motorcycles, mostly off road trials bikes. 

Beta components: 25mph or 17mph engine versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (25mph) or SHA14/9 (17mph) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino chrome levers, Domino wrap-around throttle, Grimeca hubs and 90mm brakes, CEV speedometer with LH driver.



Fantic            made in Italy by Fantic Motor     Minarelli V1 or V1-L

1978 Fantic Issimo Minarelli V1 engine

1978 Fantic Issimo
Minarelli V1 engine

1986 Fantic Issimo kick start Euro model

1986 Fantic Issimo
kick start Euro model

1980 Fantic Pepi Sport Minarelli V1-L engine

1980 Fantic Pepi Sport
Minarelli V1-L engine








See above, Concord is made by Fantic. The Concord Shadow is the same as a Fantic Pepi Sport. The Concord Invader is the same as a Fantic Issimo. American sounding names versus Italian sounding names, helps sell the product.

Veglia smallFantic components: (1979-later) Minarelli V1-L (late V1) engine 20(1.0hp), 25(1.5hp), 30mph(2.0hp) versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV “pancake” head light, CEV “diamond” switches, Domino chrome controls and levers, Grimeca aluminum mag wheels and 90mm drum brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, Veglia? speedometer with RH driver, and reflectors.


Moto F.B.M.

   FBMF.B.M. engine        made in Italy by Moto FBM

Model P48 Pettirosso, means “Redbreast”

 F.B.M. Fabbrica Bolognese Motocicli, made this older (pre 1970′s) moped engine. It is included here because the name sounds like another Italian make, F.M.B. 

F.M.B. Fabbrica Motocicli Bologna Telaimotor, made motorcycle frames, such as the Yankee Peddler (see below).

1986 logo

1986 Gadabout logo.
By then it was a parts
branch of Marina Mobili


Fabbrica Motoveicoli - Garelli - FanticGary       made by Fabbrica Motoveicoli    Garelli 1 or 2-sp

Fabbrica Motoveicoli S.P.A. (Motor vehicle Factory) was at Via Parini 3, Barzago 22061 (CO) Italy. These are Euro models that lack brake light wires and side reflectors. Frame is a monotrave (mono beam) type, 16 x 2.25″ tires, 106lbs. Engine is due tempi (two stroke) 40 x 39mm, 9:1 comp ratio, CDI ignition, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carb. Gary Uno is monomarcia (one speed). Gary Due is due marce automatiche (two speed automatic), with pedals. Gary Due Special has kick start, turn signals, extras.

1990? Gary Uno Garelli 1-speed with pedals

1990? Gary Uno
Garelli 1-speed horizontal

1990? Gary Due Garelli 2-speed pegs & kick start

1990? Gary Due Special
Garelli 2-speed horizontal

Gary instruments

Gary Due Special instruments (CEV)

Gary Engines








1976 Gilera Mopeds flyerGileraGilera  made in Italy by Piaggio   Piaggio

Gilera was founded in Arcore, Italy in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera. After four decades of making motorcycles, in the 1950′s Gilera had the technical expertise to win the 500cc motorcycle world championship 6 times in 8 years. In 1969, Gilera was purchased by Piaggio.

1976 Gilera Trial Moped

Gilera motorcycles were sold in the US, as a Sears brand in the 1960′s. Gilera mopeds, with pedals, were never sold in the US. These “sport mopeds” at left were for England in 1973 to 1977, where there was no limit on power or speed or transmission gears, only 50cc with pedals. Many of those “sport mopeds” went 55 or 60mph. Wow! 

The Vespa Grande, a US model, is 80% the same as a Gilera cbA, a Euro model, both made by Piaggio. The lights, electrical wiring, and long seat are the main differences.

1976 Gilera cb1

76 Gilera cb1 (Euro model)

1975 Gilera

1975 Gilera cb1 (Euro)

Gilera cb1 b

Gilera cb1 b (Euro)

1977 Gilera cbA

1977 Gilera cbA (Euro)
is like a Vespa Grande







These models are shown for information purposes. Myrons does not have parts for these, other than things that were on US model Vespa Grandes. Some of those parts have become scarce. 



1978 Italvelo I-78 Morini MO-1 engine

1978 Italvelo
Morini MO-1 engine

1977 Italvelo moped

1977 Italvelo with MO-1

Italvelo    made in Italy by Italvelo    Morini MO-1

ItalveloItalvelo is not in the Wheels of Italy Motorcycle Encyclopedia, perhaps because they made mostly bicycles. Italvelo made Aspes, Bianchi, Snark, Italvelo, Velomec step-thru mopeds. The list grows…

HuretPV controls

Italvelo components: Morini MO-1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, Grimeca hubs, brakes, 11mm axles, CEV lights and switches, PV controls, Huret speedometer with LH driver.


Itom       made in Italy by Itom     Itom 1-speed engine

Itom stands for Industria Torinese Meccanica. They made quality 50 to 125cc motor bikes from 1948 to 1975 near Turin, Italy. 


This beautiful Itom Automatic Lusso moped is a “Euro model” because does not have US DOT brake light, side reflectors, bright head light, and electric horn.


Lambretta Lambretino

Lambretta Lambretino

Lambretta       made in Italy by Innocenti     Innocenti 1-spd engine








Moto Bimm (Bimotor)

Moto Bimm later became Bimotor

  Maico            made in Italy by Bimotor – Moto Bimm     Minarelli V1

1973 Cyclobimm Billo (Bimotor Moto Bimm) Minarelli V1 engine

1973 Cyclobimm Billo
(Bimotor Moto Bimm)
Minarelli V1 engine

1976 Maico MPI

1976 Maico MPI
30mph USA model

1978 Maico moped 20mph Euro model

1978 Maico moped
20mph Euro model








Maico is a trade name used by importer/distributer M.P.I. A true Maico is German-made, usually a motocross or trail bike. Maico mopeds are made by Italy by Moto Bimm.

Moto Bimm was founded in 1965 by Jose Becocci in Florence, Italy. They produced off-road motorcycles from 50 cc through 125 cc using Minarelli engines. Later there were sport bikes and mopeds with various small engines. The Maico moped is one, famously known as the Billo in Italy. Sometime in the 1970′s Moto Bimm became Motori Bimm and then Bimotor, which lasted until 1980. Note that “Moto Bimm” is not Moto BM (Bonvicini Marino) and “Bimotor” is not Motobi (Benelli). The names are all similar.

Moto BimmMaico components: Minarelli V1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV speedometer with LH driver.


F. Morini         made in Italy by LEM Motor          Morini MO-1 or MO-2

Lem MotorLem Motor  makes the F. Morini line, a trade name made by the importer and US distributor, Herdan Corporation, Port Clinton, PA. Long lasting Herdan (aka Hermy’s) is still in business importing Italian motorcycle parts and accessories. Note that F. Morini is NOT the engine maker, Franco Morini Motori, nor the world famous motorcycle maker, Moto Morini.

1978 Morini Chembol aka LEM Pratikal

1978 F. Morini Chembol
aka LEM Pratikal

LEM Pratikal ID plate

1978 F. Morini ID plate

1980 F. Morini Chembol Morini MO-1 engine

1980 F. Morini Chembol
Morini MO-1 engine
aka Lem Pizeta

The F. Morini Chembol (Lem Pratikal) and the Safari 300MT, Safari Cobra, and Safari MZV have the same frame, fork and fenders. See Lem above. 

The F. Morini Chembol Mini (Lem Pizeta) is the same as ?



PV controlsF. Morini Components: Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 or 14/9 carburetor, clamp-on pop-up gas lid, 10 x 1 male gas valve, 12 tooth front sprocket (this version does), and a all-cast iron cylinder (unlike most which are iron sleeve with aluminum fins). The red one with solo seat has PV levers with black plastic blades and Grimeca wheels, while the green one with long seat has Domino levers/controls with chrome lever blades and Bernardi wheels.


1976 Moto Meteora Minarelli M4 4-speed tubone type frame

1976 Moto Meteora
Minarelli M4 4-speed
(Euro model) tubone type

1974 Moto Meteora logo

1974 Moto Meteora logo

Moto Meteora    made in Italy by Moto Meteora 

Moto Meteora began in 1953 in Monteveglio, Bologna, Italy. They made lightweight motorcycles with 50 to 125cc OMS and NSU engines. In the early 1980′s they made mopeds with Franco Morini engines, such as the Motomarina Sebring. They closed around 1990.

Moto Meteora components: Minarelli M4 50cc 4-speed shifter engine, Grimeca hubs, CEV electrics. What other “tubone” is it the same as?

========================1977 Silver Foxi

1977 Silver Foxi

   Silver Foxi           made in Italy by Testi                 Minarelli V1 engine

The Silver Foxi, made by Testi,  is one of four marketing names made by United Moped. The others are “Foxi GT” by Sparta (Holland), “Foxi Deluxe” by KTM (Austria) and “Foxi 47″ by Jui Li (Taiwan). The Silver Foxi is a monotrave frame, compatible with the Gitane Cricket, and the Testi Cricket.

PV controlsVeglia smallSilver Foxi components: Minarelli V1 engine 20(1.0hp), 25(1.5hp), 30mph(2.0hp) versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, PV controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV or Veglia speedometer with LH driver.


Snark      made in Italy by Italvelo or Italtelai     Minarelli or Morini

1978 Snark Satellite Morini MO-2 engine

1978 Snark Satellite
Morini MO-2 engine

Italtelai smallItalveloSnark is a fictional animal in the Lewis Carroll nonsense poem, “The Hunting of the Snark”. It was a trade name made up by Snark Moped, Inc, 300 Milik St, Carteret, New Jersey 07008. The Snark Satellite and Bianchi Satellite, made by Italtelai, are the same as Pacer Super Sport and Arciero top tank mopeds, all with Morini Franco Motori engines. Left, the Snark Standard (bottom blue) and the Snark Deluxe (top red), with Minarelli V1 engine, are made by Italvelo. A Snark Deluxe is the same as a Bianchi Stardust. See Bianchi above.

HuretSnark components: Morini MO-1 or MO-2 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, Domino chrome levers/controls, Dansi magneto, CEV electrics, Grimeca hubs with 90mm drum brakes, 11mm axles, CEV speedometer (Huret on top tank) with LH driver.



1977 Velomec Automatic made by Italvelo Morini MO-1 engine

1977 Velomec Automatic

ItalveloVelomec   made in Italy by Italvelo   Morini MO-1 engine

Velomec is a trade name that is not on any list (except this one). The maker Italvelo is not in the Wheels of Italy Encyclopedia. See Italvelo above. Italvelo makes Aspes, Italvelo, Bianchi, Snark, Velomec mopeds.  


HuretPV controls

Velomec components: Morini MO-1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 or 14/9 carburetor, Grimeca hubs, brakes, 11mm axles, CEV lights and switches, PV controls, Huret speedometer with LH driver.


West Wind   made in Italy by Spisni Lino   Morini MO-1

West Wind is a trade name made by the importer/distributor, American Moped Inc (AMI), who also imported the Indian 4-stroke, (before Derbi/Leone). It has a “tubone” style frame (thick tube with gasoline inside).

West Wind components: Morini MO-1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/9 carburetor, Domino chrome levers/controls, Dansi magneto, CEV electrics, Grimeca Razze Incrociate style mag wheels with 90mm drum brakes, 11mm axles, CEV speedometer with LH driver.


Yankee Peddler   made in Italy by FMB Telaimotor   Minarelli V1 engine

FMB smallYankee Peddler mopeds are mostly in the New England area of the USA. The US importer/distributor was Besser Marketing Assoc?, in Rhode Island?.


1969 FMB Telaimotor Minarelli V1 engine

1969 FMB Telaimotor
Minarelli V1 engine

1978 FMB Yankee Peddler Minarelli V1 engine

1978 FMB Yankee Peddler
Minarelli V1 engine

FMB Telaimotor Fabbrica Motocicli Bologna Telaimotor (Bologna Motorcycle Factory that makes motor Frames) was one of the myriad companies in and around Bologna, Italy through the ’50s to the ’80s that specialised in building their own chassis. FMB was based at 38 Via Fossolo, but sadly now there’s a company building lab equipment instead. FMB should not be confused with FBM (Fabbrica Bolognese Motocicli). FMB made chassis and nearby FBM made engines.


1978 FMB gas tank

1978 FMB gas tank

FMB Minarelli V1 engine

FMB Yankee Peddler
Minarelli V1 engine

Yankee Peddler components: Minarelli V1 engine, Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, CEV “console” switches, CEV lights, CEV 6932 magneto, Grimeca hubs, 11mm axles and 90mm drum brakes, CEV speedometer with LH driver, 40mm push in gas cap





Italy Flag


Trac Parts

August 26, 2012

Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some Trac moped parts. Many things are offered in Parts/By Type.

1982 to 1985 Trac mopeds: Eagle, Hawk, Clipper  (DMC M56 1-speed with pedals)

These are made in Korea by Kia Motorcycle Company, Ltd. The engine is a Korean remake of a 1978-80 Batavus M56 (made in Holland), made by Dailim Motor Co. (DMC).

Trac M56 Engine

1984 Trac Sprint

1984 Trac Hawk






1983 Trac Eagle

1983 Trac Eagle







1984 Trac Eagle

1984 Trac Eagle

1985 Trac Clipper

1985 Trac Clipper

1983 Trac Hawk

1983 Trac Hawk








1985 to 1989 Trac mopeds: Olympic, Sprint, Clipper (DMC DP50 1-speed with pedals)













1987 Trac Sprint moped

1987 Trac Sprint

1987 Trac Clipper

1987 Trac Clipper

1986 Trac Clipper

1986 Trac Clipper







1984 to 1989 Trac nopeds: Liberty, Image, Escot (DMC DK50 2-speed kick start)







1984 Trac Image

1984 Trac Image

1984 Trac Escot

1984 Trac Escot









1987 to 1990 Trac DH100 motorcycle:

DH100 Super Hawk






1989 to 1990 Trac Blitz (moped) (DMC DP50) and Metro (noped) (DMC DK50)








Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some Trac moped parts. Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type.

Trac SpeedometersTrac Speedometers: 

Row 1: Trac DH100 console with turn, hi-beam and neutral light, 70mph speedo, no key switch $80

Row 2 left: Trac 1983-85 Hawk, no key switch, new $80

Row 3 left: Trac 1985-89 Olympic, Sprint, Clipper, Image, Liberty, Escot console, with key switch, (not available).

Row 3 right: Trac 1982-85 Eagle, Clipper, used $45




This Trac parts department is planned to follow the layout of the Indian parts department, with pictures on the left, and small groups listed on the right, alongside the picture they are in.


Garelli Parts

August 26, 2012

































WelcomeMyron’s Mopeds carries some Garelli moped parts. Many things are listed in Parts/By Type: Domino levers, throttle, controls. C.E.V. lights, switches, electrical parts. Huret speedometer and parts. Grimeca wheels, wheel hubs, brakes, and axle parts. Delorto SHA carburetor parts. C.E.V. ignition parts. Spark plugs, points, condensers, chains, tires, tubes, nuts, bolts, fuel petcocks, gas lids, bulbs, spokes, pedals, pedal arms, and cables, pistons, rings, are “universal” parts, not specific to Garelli. All of these parts are in Parts/By Type.

More will follow…


Garelli Exhausts

Garelli horizontal cylinder exhausts top view

Garelli 1-speed exhausts:
1. comp. no baffle    $100
2. comp. good cond $150
3. comp. no baffle    $100
4. complete              $120
5. header pipe           $60
6. header pipe           $60
7. tail pipe no baffle   $50
8. tail pipe Afranconi  $75
9. tail pipe blk w/rub $80

Garelli 1-spd exhausts bottom view

Garelli 1-speed exhausts
same ones bottom view
1-speed is horiz. cylinder
two 6mm front pipe bolts
two 5mm tail pipe bolts
Garelli 2-spd is vert. cyl
front pipe screws on
one 8mm tail pipe bolt
made by GL Afranconi

Garelli exhaust parts

Garelli exhaust parts
1. two 6mm flange bolts
2. Puch exh. gasket   $5
(must file holes to fit)
3. original rubber     $20
4. 1″id hose 2″ long $10
5. orig. clamps        $10
(can use hose clamps)
6. original baffle     $30

Garelli vertical cylinder exhausts top view



Garelli 2-spd exhausts

Garelli 2-spd exhausts
1. comp no rubber $130
2. head pipe no nut  $45
3. head pipe w/nut  $60
4. tail pipe no baffle $35









 Garelli Parts List for Front Spoke Wheel

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price Applications/Comments
###### ### ############################# #### ##################################
front hub 90×18 Grimeca 32mm cup $70 Garelli: all except VIP & Gulp (default)
front hub 105×25 Grimeca 32mm cup $80 Garelli VIP/Gulp
H112 1 axle nut M11x1.0/hex17/length=10mm $3 see Axle Nuts
H55 2 washer M11/length=2mm $1 see Axle Washers
H56 3 axle nut M11x1/17hex/length=6mm $2 see Axle Nuts
4 spacer ID=12.5/OD=16/length=7mm $3 see Axle Spacers
H116B 4 spacer ID=12.2/OD=16/length=14mm $5 Garelli VIP/Gulp see Axle Spacers
5 front brake panel Garelli $25
5 front brake panel Garelli 105mm $35 Garelli VIP/Gulp
13 speedo driver Huret 3.5mm thick $20 see Speedos
13 speedo driver Huret 5mm thick $20 Garelli VIP/Gulp see Speedos
14 axle nut M11x1/17hex/length=3mm $3 see Axle Nuts
H66 15 cone Grimeca 11mm $25 see Grimeca
H68 16 dust cover Grimeca for 32mm cup $2 see Grimeca
H67 17 ball steel 1/4″ bag of 20 $2 see Wheel Bearings
H69 18 bearing cup Grimeca OD=32mm $5 see Grimeca
19 front axle M11x1.0/length=145mm $10 see Axles
19 front axle M11x1.0/length=155mm $12 Garelli VIP/Gulp see Axles
H146 20 front hub bare 90mm x 32mmID $15 see Grimeca
20 hub body bare 105mm $30 Garelli VIP/Gulp
H64A 21 brake shoe coil spring Grimeca 90mm $1 see Grimeca
H64 22 brakes Grimeca 90×18 $20 see Brakes
H63 23 brake cam $5 see Grimeca
22 brakes Tomos…105×20 $25 see Brakes
H55A 24 axle washer 11mm length=1.0mm $1 see Axle Washers


Garelli Rear Spoke Wheel Parts List 

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price Applications
###### ### ############################# #### #################################
…….G.A.R.E.L.L.I…R.E.A.R…H.U.B……. in Garelli parts book A=11mm axle and B=12mm axle
rear hub 90×18 Grimeca wide 32mm cup $80 Garelli Sport “A”
rear hub 90×18 Grimeca wide 35mm cup N/A Garelli Sport with heavy duty rear axle option “B”
H112 2 axle nut M11x1.0/hex17/length=10mm $3 see Axle Nuts
2b axle nut M12x1/19hex/length=11mm $3 see Axle Nuts
H55 3 washer M11/length=2mm $1 see Axle Washers
3b axle washer 12mm length=2.0mm $1 see Axle Washers
4 right chain adjuster Garelli style $6 can go either way/can use regular style ones
4 left chain adjuster Garelli style $6 Garelli ones have curved slot, regular has 3 holes
H63 12 brake cam $5 see Grimeca
H60 13 brake cable anchor/pinch bolt $6 see Grimeca see also Cables
H59 16 brake lever $5 see Grimeca
H115 17 axle nut M11x1/24hex/length=4mm $3 see Axle Nuts
17b axle nut M12x1/24hex/length=8mm $5 see Axle Nuts
 more to follow…


Garelli Rear Spoke Wheel – VIP & Gulpmatic Parts List

Part # # ←picture#………Description Price Applications
###### ### ############################# #### ##################################
rear hub with sealed bearings N/A 77-80 VIP and Gulpmatic (2-speed 2-seater)
1 axle nut M12x1/19hex/length=11mm $3 see Axle Nuts
2 axle washer 12mm length=2.0mm $1 see Axle Washers
3 chain adjuster 12mm N/A must drill out an 11mm one
H124 4 bolt M7x1.0×25 $1 see Hardware
H122 5 sprocket locking plate $2 see Grimeca
6 sprocket 30T N/A see Sprockets 2sp 30mph is 30T, 1sp is 32T
7 goes with #8 N/A
8 bearing 6001ZZ… 12x28x08 2-shield $8 see Wheel Bearings
9 adaptor sleeve with lips 28 x 32mm N/A yellow: for SB upgrade, custom made on a lathe
10 central spacer (unknown length) N/A green color see Axle Spacers
11 hub body bare 32 ID 9-rib N/A same as non-sealed bearing hub body
12 axle smooth M12x183 w/12×1 ends $20 see Axles
H64 13 brakes Grimeca 90×18 $20 see Brakes
H64A 14 brake shoe coil spring Grimeca 90mm $1 see Brakes
H63 15 brake cam $5 see Grimeca
16 spacer ID=12.2/OD=21/length=16mm $6 green color see Axle Spacers
17 brake panel N/A must drill an 11mm one to 12
H59 18 brake lever $5 see Grimeca
H60 21 brake cable anchor/pinch bolt $6 see Cables
22 axle nut M12x1/19hex/length=6mm $2 see Axle Nuts
H147 23 spacer ID=12.2/OD=16/length=9mm $3 green color see Axle Spacers
H63 24 brake cable adjuster M6 $1 see Cables
32 spacer ID=12.5/OD=16/length=3mm $2 green color see Axle Spacers

  Garelli Monza GT 1984-1986  

This beautiful piece of Italian art and engineering arrived very late in the USA moped sales curve. As a result, American Garelli did not sell many Monza GT’s, and so they are rare in the USA today. The parts are even rarer. The Monza GT has a 2-speed automatic, vertical cylinder engine, with pedals, like the 1978-1985 VIP, except some of the engine is different. The bore and stroke are both 40 x 39mm, but the VIP has a 1970′s style cast iron cylinder, while the Monza GT has a 1980′s style all aluminum cylinder with lots of fins. The cases are different at the cylinder base. The piston has a very high crown, like the early 1970′s European models such as Tiger, but with a boost transfer port rectangular window on the upper intake side of the piston. Apparently a Tiger piston works in a Monza GT, without the transfer port window, but makes less power.

Out of about 20 moped shop buyouts in the 1980′s and 1990′s, Myrons Mopeds accumulated a “wall” of moped parts manuals, dealer notebooks, sales brochures, service and training manuals. Out of all that there was no 1984-1986 Garelli parts manuals or information. Out of 5000 mopeds serviced over 33 years, only about one or two were Monza GT’s. That’s how rare they are in Southern California. That’s why the only parts for Monza GT that Myrons has, are parts that are the same as other models.


Here are some 1984 Monza GT pictures. 1984′s were silver, spoke or mag wheels, round headlight, radial fin head.

Here are some 1985 Garelli Monza GT pictures. 1985′s were black, spoke or mag, square lite, straight fin head.

Here are some 1986 Garelli Monza GT/S pictures. 1986′s were gold with gold mags, square lite, straight fin head.

Here are some Monza GT engine pictures.



Sachs Engine

August 26, 2012





Sachs engines have the following numbering scheme:



  • 50 is the engine size 30, 50, 80, 100,150, 175 (50 for US models)
  • X is the bottom end designation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (4, 5 or 8 for US models).
  • Y is the number of speeds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or A ( 1 or A for US models)
  • Z is the cylinder designation, and represents the speed restrictions applied, and may be A, B, C or D
  • W is an additional designation sometimes included on later models and import models to identify other peculiarities. A “K” for example indicates the kickstart version.

For example: the most common would be the 505/1A which has the longer “5″ bottom end, “1″ speed transmission, and an “A” speed rating, with corresponding “A” carb, intake, cylinder and exhaust.















Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some Sachs 504 and 505 engine parts. Some things are already in Parts/By Type.

This Sachs Engine parts department is separate from the Sachs (Moped) Parts department. It is planned to follow the layout of the Indian parts department, with pictures on the left, and small groups listed on the right, alongside the picture they are in.

Sachs 504 Mainshaft assy 0285-112-001, bare as shown here, $25, or complete except for sprocket, $35, or complete with sprocket and new seal $60.



Sachs 505 Mainshaft assy 0285-122-101, as shown $40, complete with sprocket and new seal $75.




under super heavy duty construction, almost ultra duty

Morini Engine

August 26, 2012




































WelcomeMyron’s Mopeds carries some Franco Morini moped engine parts. Many things are already offered in Parts/By Type.

This Morini Engine parts department is planned to follow the layout of the Indian parts department, with pictures on the left, and small groups listed on the right, alongside the picture they are in. 










Some Morini clutch components are shown, for information purposes. There are many Morini parts that need to be identified, photographed, priced, and displayed. That might take a few months.

Minarelli Engine

August 26, 2012

Welcome. Myron’s Mopeds carries some Minarelli V1 moped engine parts. Things like pistons and rings are already offered in Parts/By Type. Click to enlarge images. 

 Motori Minarelli of Italy made great little one-speed automatic 49cc moped engines, fan cooled. Center, the earliest (1975-1977) Minarelli V1 engines had a metal (aluminum) fan cover 5430, with three 6mm bolts 5450, a plastic fan 5410, and an aluminum fan cover base 5390. Left, the later (1977-1979) Minarelli V1 engines had a grey plastic fan cover 5440, with four 4mm phillips bolts 7050 (that often rust solid), the same fan 5410, and a plastic fan cover base 5400. Right, the latest V1 (1979-1985) had a slightly smaller black plastic fan cover 5445, with the same bolts 7050, a different plastic fan 5415, and a plastic fan cover base 5405. None of the fan parts interchange. Furthermore, most of the fans made ended up breaking off all their fins from hitting a damaged or loose fan cover, so the fans are very scarce. The V1 engines had either 38.8mm 4540, 38.7mm  4535, or 38.0mm 4500 (20mph version) pistons.

Besides the fan cover differences, there was an early “stub plane” style crankshaft 4410, and a later “cone” style crankshaft 4460. Those also had different clutch housings (6200 cone and 4940 stub) and three different clutch nuts (6270 cone right thread, 6275 cone left thread, 5040 stub).

Later, in the early 1980′s, Minarelli introduced the V1L, 49cc one-speed automatic with a crankcase two-petal reed valve. The piston size changed from 38.8mm 4640 to 40.3mm 4641. So the crank changed to a shorter stroke, from 4460 (Cone style crankshaft) to 4461 (V1L short stroke crankshaft). The cylinder was still cast iron.

Still later, in the mid 1980′s Minarelli introduced the V1HL, 49cc one-speed automatic with the same case reed, a new aluminum cylinder with more fins, a bigger head also with more fins, and a needle bearing on the piston pin instead of a brass bushing. The V1HL did not have a cooling fan. Instead it had an electric start mechanism where the fan was. The Minarelli V1HL electric start high torque one speed was used on mid to late 1980′s Motomarina three wheeled mopeds. 

By the late 1980′s, mopeds were out of style, and scooters were popular. Minarelli made 49cc two-stroke scooter engines with variators all through the 1990′s, and still does today. Minarelli has always been behind the scenes, making engines for “everybody”, but not advertising or taking much credit. Many people who own certain scooters don’t know their engine is made by humble and wise Minarelli.

Minarelli V1 Engine – Parts List


Below is the Rosetta Stone of Minarelli V1 parts. This was from Marina Mobili’s Moped Mart #688 Nov 1988.  It’s a complete list of Minarelli V1 parts, showing upgrades or substitutions in blue text. Following the list, after you scroll down, are the Minarelli parts actually for sale. See below.

Dia#  Part#  Description
xxxx  2820 Oil seal set
4240  4240 Intake gasket
4440  4440 Connecting pin
4450  4455 Large end bearing
4460  4410 Stub plane crankshaft
4460  4460 Cone crankshaft assy
4470  4470 Small end bushing
4470  4475 Small end bearing
4480  4480 Piston pin
4490  4490 Piston pin clip
4540  4500 38.0mm piston kit
4540  4510 38.2mm piston kit
4540  4520 38.4mm piston kit
4540  4530 38.6mm piston kit
4540  4535 38.7mm piston kit
4540  4540 38.8mm piston kit
4540  4550 39.0mm piston kit
4540  4560 39.2mm piston kit
4540  4570 39.4mm piston kit
4540  4580 39.6mm piston kit
4540  4590 39.8mm piston kit
4640  4600 38.0mm ring set
4640  4610 38.2mm ring set
4640  4620 38.4mm ring set
Dia#  Part#  Description
4640  4630 38.6mm ring set
4640  4635 38.7mm ring set
4640  4640 38.8mm ring set
4640  4650 39.0mm ring set
4640  4660 39.2mm ring set
4640  4670 39.4mm ring set
4640  4680 39.6mm ring set
4640  4690 39.8mm ring set
4710  4710 Crankshaft oil seal
4720  4720 Flywheel key
4740  4740 Stator plate screw
4750  4750 Flywheel nut
4760  4760 Drive shaft
4770  4770 Drive shaft bearing
4780  4780 Shim
4790  4790 Oil seal
4820  4800 9 tooth sprocket
4820  4810 10 tooth sprocket
4820  4820 11 tooth sprocket
4820  4822 12 tooth sprocket
4820  4823 13 tooth sprocket
4830  4830 Washer
4840  4840 Nut
4850  4850 Shim
4860  4860 Snap ring
4870  4870 Drive clutch
Dia#  Part#  Description
4880  4880 Clutch drum & gear
4890  4890 53 tooth gear
4900  4900 Clutch drum
4950  xxxx  Use 4960
4960  4960 Clutch shoe complete
4970  4970 Clutch shoe plate
4980  4980 Clutch shoe plate screw
4990  4990 Brake pad spring
5000  5000 Brake pad
5010  5010 Clutch shoe spring
5020  5020 Spring retaining pin
5030  5030 9mm washer
5060  5060 Plate return spring
5070  5070 Return spring cap
5080  5080 Clutch pressure plate
5090  5090 Pressure plate lock ring
5100  5100 Clutch lever long
5100  5105 Clutch lever short
5110  5110 Clutch lever O-ring
5120  5120 Return spring for 5100
5120  5125 Return spring for 5105
5130  5130 Lever set screw
5140  5140 Set screw washer
Dia#  Part#  Description
5150  5150 Cable retaining bolt
5160  5160 Cable bridge
5170  5170 Cable adjuster
5180  5180 Upper pressure leaf
5190  5190 Lower pressure leaf
5200  5200 Half case – clutch side
xxxx   5202 Engine case set
5220  xxxx  Sold in 5202 only
5230  5230 Center case gasket
5240  5240 Center case dowel
5250  5250 Bolt
5260  5260 Clutch cover grey
5260  5262 Clutch cover black
5270  5270 Clutch cover gasket
5280  5280 Oil filler cap w/vent
5290  5290 Oil fill gasket
5300  5300 Oil drain bolt
5310  5310 Oil drain gasket
5320  5320 Bolt
5360  xxxx  Specify magneto
5370  5370 Wire guide
5380  5380 Wire guide
5390  5390 Aluminum base mount
5390  5400 Plastic (early) base mount
5390  5405 Plastic (late) base mount
Dia#  Part#  Description
5410  5410 Fan (early)
5410  5415 Fan (late)
5420  5420 Fan screw
5430  5430 Aluminum fan cover
5430  5440 Plastic (early) fan cover
5430  5445 Plastic (late) fan cover
5450  5450 Aluminum cover bolts
5450  7050 Plastic cover bolts
5460  5460 Cylinder base gasket
5480  5470 38.0mm cylinder
5480  5475 38.7mm cylinder
5480  5480 38.8mm cylinder
5490  5490 Cylinder head gasket
5500  5505 Engine head
5510  W8A  Spark plug
5520  5520 Spark plug boot
5530  5530 Cylinder stud
5540  5540 Cylinder stud washer
5550  5550 Cylinder stud nut
5560  5560 Connecting rod
5570  5570 Shim
Dia#  Part#  Description
5600  5580 12mm side manifold
5600  5585 12mm front manifold
5600  5590 9.0mm side manifold
5600 5595 9.0mm front manifold
5600  5600 7.25mm side manifold
5600 5605 7.25mm front manifold
5610  5610 Manifold bolt
5620  5620 Wire guide
5630  5630 Grommet
5640  5640 Carburetor SHA 14-9
5640  5650 Carburetor SHA 14-12
5660  5660 Air filter cover
5670 5670 Exhaust gasket
5680  5680 Pancake exhaust
5690  5690 Muffler retaining bolt
5700  5700 Washer
5710  5710 Idler
5720  5720 Idler pin
5730  5730 Shim
5740  5740 Pedal shaft
5750  5750 Pedal gear
5760  5760 Side gear
5770  5770 Spring
5780  5780 Spring pin guide
5790  5790 Shim
5800  5800 Pedal shaft circlip
Dia#  Part#  Description
5810  H132 Right pedal crank
5820  H131 Left pedal crank
5830  H134 Pedal crank pin
5840  5840 Spring leaf bolt
5850  5850 Pedal shaft cap
5860  5860 Lockwasher
5870  5870 Exhaust stud
xxxx   5890 Engine gasket set
6000  6000 Snap ring
6020  6020 Cone clutch shim
6020  5570 Stub plane clutch shim
6040  6040 Cone clutch bushing
6180  6180 Cone clutch complete
6180  4930 Stub plane clutch comp.
6200  6200 Cone clutch housing
6200  4940 Stub plane clutch hous.
6270  6270 Cone clutch nut r.h.
6270  6275 Cone clutch nut l.h.
6270  5040 Stub plane clutch nut
Minarelli 6180 Cone Clutch Complete, new $70

This is not the “stub plane” type. No key groove. Taper fit. Clean tapered surfaces first and tighten nut fully to not slip.



more to follow …

Sparta Parts

August 26, 2012

Sparta lo-resSparta currentSparta history, as told by Sheldons Emu:  “Established as a bicycle factory in Apeldoorn, Holland, named Verbeek & Schakel in 1917, the company very soon changed its name to Sparta and produced their first autocycles of 74cc and 98c in 1931 using Sachs engines. During the 1930s they built numerous motorcycles using Villiers engines of 148cc and 200cc, many of which were delivery vehicles for bakers, milkmen and the like, and JLO powered machines were added to the range towards the end of the thirties. Subsequent to WWII 250cc Victoria power units saw service in Sparta motorcycles, and a rather nice 98cc Villiers powered scooter was built between 1953 and 1957. Production of motorcycles ceased in 1965.”

Sparta factory in 1934

Sparta factory in 1934, sign says
Rijwiel-Fabriek     Verbeek & Schakel

Sparta factory in 1974

Sparta factory in 1974. The top corner is the old part.










1969-78 Sparta Sport

1969-78 Sparta Sport

1987 Spartamet

1987 Spartamet

Moped production began in 1931 but got big after WWII and continued strong until the 70′s. 1965 was the peak year for Sparta moped production, with 380 workers making 47,000 units. The 1975 helmet law in The Netherlands made the already declining moped sales worse. Sales got a boost from exports to the US during 1977-1980, but declined after 1980, with new US laws and lower gas prices.  Sparta made it’s last “classic” moped in 1982. In the mid-80′s Sparta and Sachs joined forces to make a gas powered rear-engine pull-start motorized bicycle, the 18mph 30cc Spartamet. That was the last gas powered moped Sparta made, and the single most succesful moped model, after 60 years from 1931 to 1992. In 1990, 105,000 bikes were made, and 20,000 of them (1 out of 4) were Spartamets. Sparta B.V. continues to build bicycles and electric powered bikes. They are still in Apeldoorn, but in a smaller facility, at 37 Wilmersdorf. Tour the superb online Sparta history museum.

Sparta long lo-res

The USA had two kinds of Sparta mopeds, both curvey sheet metal stampings, welded together down the center seam, both with Sachs 504/1A engines (in either 45km=26mph, or 25km=17mph versions). The Buddy aka Foxi has the gas tank in front. The Lucky aka Flying Dutchman has the gas tank in back. Otherwise, everything else is basically the same. Sparta Bromfietsclub of the Netherlands has all the classic Sparta models. The USA models have long bench seats and bigger lights, with brake light and side reflectors. The Netherlands models have solo seats, and a front fender license plate holder.

Netherlands Models with solo seat, less lights:

Sparta Buddy (NL model)

1973-75 Sparta Buddy (NL model)

Sparta Lucky (NL model)

1974-77 Sparta Lucky (NL model)









 US Models with long seat, more lights: 

1980 Sparta Buddy (US model)

1978-80 Sparta Buddy (US model)

1977 Sparta Flying Dutchman

1977-78 Sparta Flying Dutchman (US model)

1977 Foxi GT Sport made by Sparta

1978 Sparta Foxi GT Sport (more chrome & rack)









1978 Sparta Flying Dutchman

1977 Sparta Flying Dutchman (rear tank)




























1980 Sparta Buddy

1980 Sparta Buddy
has a larger headlight, not CEV bullet like Foxi
has a left side mount speedo, not inside head lite
has a 12mm longer throttle cable wire
has a colored front fender, not silver like Foxi

1977 Sparta Flying Dutchman same as Buddy, Foxi GT

1977 Sparta Flying Dutchman (front tank)
is the same as Sparta Buddy and Foxi GT












Sticker images are free. Copy-Print-Cut-Stick.

Sparta Foxi GT tank stickers 70dpi

Foxi GT tank stickers 75dpi
For sale in stickers

Flying Dutchman frame sticker 200dpi

Flying Dutchman frame sticker 200dpi






Sparta Side Sticker 200dpi

Sparta Side Sticker 200dpi




Sparta tank sticker 70dpi

Sparta tank sticker 75dpi
For sale in stickers





Flying Dutchman tank sticker 200 dpi original on Kynast & Sparta front tank

Flying Dutchman tank sticker 200 dpi
original on Kynast & Sparta front tank


Flying Dutchman side stickers 200dpi original on Sparta rear tank

Flying Dutchman side stickers 200dpi
original on Sparta rear tank







US Importers/Distributors of Sparta:

Flying Dutchman Ted Van Der Kolk1. Flying Dutchman Moped and Bicycle, Inc was a company made by Ted Van Der Kolk Sr, at 509-511 E Broadway, Glendale CA 91205, one block west of city hall.

Flying Dutchman LetterheadTed Van Der Kolk grew up in the Netherlands. He had a moped shop there, as well as souvenir shops in the Dutch West Indies, before moving to California in 1972. Ted was already selling Sparta mopeds and bicycles in the Netherlands. His shop Flying Dutchman Moped and Bicycle, Inc in Glendale, just north of Los Angeles, was open from 1972 to 1991. John Cochran worked for Ted Van der Kolk for awhile, then later formed is own shop, T. and J. Inc, at 3518 Firestone Blvd, South Gate CA 90280, just south of Los Angeles. Later T and J (Ted and John) became Moped City (John only), a few doors down, in South Gate CA.  All of the Flying Dutchmans in Southern California came from those three shops. Besides teaming up with Van Der Kolk, John Cochran made one of the first moped expansion chamber exhausts, and employed Carlos Rodriquez as main mechanic at Moped City. John Cochran died in 2004. The “Flying Dutchman”, Ted Van Der Kolk, Sr is alive, as of Sep 2013, but in his nineties.

1980 Kynast Flying Dutchman KML 40  with a 1979 Sparta

1980 red Kynast Flying Dutchman KML 40
1979 black Sparta Flying Dutchman Deluxe

1979 Sparta Flying Dutchman

Sparta Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman 

1977-80 Models

(Sparta) Flying Dutchman Lucky, Sachs 504/1A 1-speed

(Sparta) Flying Dutchman Deluxe, Sachs 504/1A 1-speed


(Kynast) Flying Dutchman KML 40, Sachs 504/1A 1-speed

(Kynast) Flying Dutchman KML 40, Sachs 504/1D 1-speed

(Kynast) Flying Dutchman KML 40, Sachs 508/AD 2-speed

 Click to see Kynast in  Germany moped parts then scroll down.



2. Sparta, Inc.  611 Main St/Route 38, Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

                     also  3737 Cook Blvd, Chesapeake, Virginia

                                                                                                                         Sparta Inc.

                                                                                                                         1976-77 Models        1978 Models

bullet HL w/speedo, painted fenders, no rack, console L, chrome R switches   Sparta Standard      Sparta Standard

bullet HL with speedo, chrome fenders, rack,  console L, chrome R switches    Sparta Deluxe         Sparta Deluxe

bullet HL, no speedo, chrome fenders, rack, plastic L & R CEV slide switches                                    Sparta Stingray



United Moped small3. United Moped 18475 Bandelier Circle, Fountain Valley, California 92708




United Moped

1976-78 Models 

Foxi GT, $649, in blue, brown, orange, dark green, black

Foxi GT Sport (chrome fenders & rear rack) $695, in black, dark grey, and brown.



Foxi GT





United Moped

1978-80 Models MSRP

Foxi GT, $649, in blue, brown, orange, dark green

Foxi GT Sport (chrome fenders & rear rack) $695, in black, dark grey, and brown.





4. DUSOR USA Inc  111 Prospect St, Stamford Connecticut 06902

Dutch United Sales and Contracting Organization. Dusor very likely bought out Sparta, Inc. 

 shipped from Boston, Mass.

Dusor USA

1980-81 Models MSRP

Sparta Deluxe $725

Sparta Standard $700

Kynast Deluxe $675.



5. Moby/Sparta  145 Steadman St, Building 6, Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824

Moby/Sparta used Dusor’s nice flyers, but with the Dusor name and contact info cut away with a scissors. Then 11 pages of Sparta parts lists and price lists were inserted into the ex-Dusor flyer, to make a Sparta dealer packet. 

shipped from Woburn, Mass


1980-81 Models MSRP

Sparta Buddy $699 blue

Sparta Deluxe $725 black, brown



                End of history and trivia. Thank you. Beginning of the parts for sale (what is finished so far). 


Foxi owners, make sure you have a “Sparta” Foxi.  

There are four different “Foxi” frames, made in different countries, all with the name Foxi:

1977 Foxi GT Sport made by Sparta

1977 Foxi GT Sport
made by Sparta

Foxi GT, curvy frame with 16 inch tires, made in Holland by Sparta
Sachs 504 1A engine, Bosch 3-coil magneto, right hand exhaust
Internal igniton ground with normally open (on bike) brake switches
Sparta Foxi parts are listed on this page, below.

Note that the KTM Foxi also says “Foxi GT”



1977 Foxi Deluxe  made by KTM

1977 Foxi Deluxe
made by KTM

Foxi Deluxe, straight frame with 17 inch tires, made in Austria by KTM 
Sachs 504 1A (1977-78) or 504 1D (1978-80) engine, CEV 2-coil magneto
External ignition ground with normally closed (on bike) brake switches
KTM Foxi parts are listed on this page. Scroll down to the bottom.

Note that the Sparta Foxi also says “Deluxe” on the side covers. 



Foxi 47 made in Taiwan

Foxi 47 made in Taiwan

Foxi 47, top tank, made by Jui Li, aka Taiwan Foxi
Sachs 505 1D engine.
Same bike as AMS Tahoe 50 except for wheels.
Same as General 5-Star and Lazer Sport 50, but with Sachs engine.
1977 Silver Foxi by Testi

1977 Silver Foxi by Testi

Silver Foxi, made by Testi, aka Italian Foxi
Minarelli V1 engine
Same bike as Gitane Cricket or Testi Cricket.
Holland flag 


SPARTA FOXI “UNIVERSAL” ITEMS:   click on these links or choose these menu items:
Sachs Bing Carburetor parts are in Parts/By Type/Carburetor  <scroll down past Dellorto and Bing Puch
Sachs 504 Engine parts are in Parts/By Brand/Sachs/Sachs Engine 
Magura Controls and Levers are in Parts/By Type/Controls & Bars  <past bars, grips but before Domino
CEV Electrical, switches, bulbs are in Parts/By Type/Electrical < switches first, then bulbs, complete headlights
ULO Tail Light parts, “superman” shape: Parts/By Type/Electrical < same tail light as 1977 Puch
Leleu Hubs, axles, brakes, spokes are in Parts/By Type/Wheel Parts  < axles & nuts first, spokes are last
Tires and Tubes, size 16 x 2.25 are in Parts/By Type/Tires & Tubes
Bosch Ignition, spark plugs, coils are in Parts/By Type/Ignition  < except magneto flywheels and stators are here
Gas Valve M16x1, Gas Cap 30mm qtr-turn: Parts/By Type/Gas Tank Parts
VDO Speedometer, cable, driver are in Parts/By Type/Speedometer  <like Puch, but goes to 60
Pedals, Arms, Chains, adjusters are in Parts/By Type/Drivetrain Parts  <pedal arms same as Tomos


Sparta Cover Parts:

Gas Tank Stickers:  See Accessories/Stickers  Scroll down to #51 and #52 for price/availability.

Sparta Engine Covers:  

Here are the engine covers for Sparta Foxi. They are shiny black fiberglass. They don’t fit too well, and you have to bend the mounting brackets, but here you can see they look OK. There is a gap between the rails and each side cover. $60/pair.   


Sparta Frame Parts:

Sparta Fenders: Front fenders are silver and very rounded, for the 16 x 2.25 tires. Used front fenders from $30 to $50, depending on condition and whether or not it has the braces. Rear fenders are painted the color of the frame. Used good ones in orange, brown, blue for $30 to $40. There are no braces on the rear fender. Foxi GT Sport has chrome fenders and chaingaurd. Myrons does not have any chrome ones, sorry.

Sparta Luggage Racks: Not the extension rack, just the side rails below the seat, used  $30 to $50.

Sparta Rear Shocks: They’re chrome, heavy, and they leak oil when they’re upside down. $15 to $30 each.

Sparta Front Fork Assy: Used but straight. Would probably need painting. $100 to $140.

Fork tubes, swing arms, chain guards, tank chrome covers, and other Sparta items available, but not centerstands.

Sparta Steering Bearing sets:  Brand new steering bearing sets (headsets), shiny in the sealed package. Cups, cones, bearings, nuts. $40

Sparta Speedometer: VDO 60mph, 60mm diameter, black background white numbers N/A. VDO speedo cable $17. VDO speedo driver “11mm Left 16″

Sparta Magnetos:

The Sparta (Sachs 504) magneto is Bosch 0212 010 001. That is the ID number stamped into the flywheel. There are at least four other 80mm Bosch flywheels, 0012 010 002 Kreidler, 0012 008 002 Hercules P1 (Sachs 504), 0212 005 021 Italjet, and 0212 005 022 Sprinter. They all have different timing angles. That means the woodruff key groove is at a different angles to the “bump” on the points cam. So you can swap flywheels but your ignition timing would be way off. More about swapping magnetos will be covered, eventually, in Parts/By Type/Ignition.

Several individually numbered Bosch magneto flywheels for Sparta Foxi are offered for sale below. The focus is on the condition of the surface of the points cam. All of the flywheels are otherwise straight and with a good woodruff key groove. The flywheel rotates counter clockwise, viewed from it’s outer facing side. Two views, 180 degrees apart, of each flywheel are shown below. The “A” side is the upwards ramp that opens the points. This is where the most wear occurs, and where the most smoothness and precision are needed, or else the points rubbing block wears down prematurely. The “B” side shows most of the key groove. Any rust has not been cleaned off yet, but is not a problem, other than rust on the outside surface of the points cam.


Sparta Flywheel 1A Sparta Flywheel 1B

Sparta Flywheel 1: $20 The cam has been cleaned. Rust pits visible at the top of the up ramp. Click to enlarge.




Sparta Flywheel 2A Sparta Flywheel 2BSparta Flywheel 2 $80: The cam has been cleaned. Never mind the orange rust. The cam surface is all good on the outboard side of the points rubbing block lane. But it has some pitting near the top of the up ramp on the inboard side of the “lane”.



Sparta Flywheel 3ASparta Flywheel 3B Sparta Flywheel 3: $10 The cam has been cleaned, but needs extensive sanding and polishing. It’s rusted bad.




Sparta Flywheel 4A

Sparta Flywheel 4BSparta Flywheel 4 $25: The B side has not been wiped with steel wool yet. The A side has rust pits all across the points “lane”. There is one original smooth area, that is dark from a reflection. The whole cam would need to be grinded down by the same amount to preserve it’s shape. This can be done with little high-speed sanding and polishing drums, but it’s difficult and it comes out a little (or a lot) lumpy.


Sparta Flywheel 5A

Sparta Flywheel 5B

Sparta Flywheel 5 $60: It has not been cleaned yet. Looks like it would “clean up” good, with steel wool, then emery cloth(s) and polishing. Side A shows pits in the middle of the plateau. So the whole cam has to be sanded down evenly, then polished smooth.




Sparta Flywheel 6ASparta Flywheel 6BSparta Flywheel 6: $150 It has not been cleaned. You can see it’s a new one.




Sparta Flywheel 7A

Sparta Flywheel 7BSparta Flywheel 7 $60: It has not been wiped with steel wool yet. Side A is rusty, but it does not look that deep. It should be cleaned and inspected then. Side B is fine. The orange areas are just surface “stains”, not pits.



Sparta Flywheel 8ASparta Flywheel 8BSparta Flywheel 8: $130 It has not been cleaned. Yet it’s clean and almost new. Notice side A where the points rub the hardest against the cam, where it’s shiny and dark (a reflection). That is the (opening) up ramp and the start of the plateau. Side B has no signs of wear, meaning that the points don’t rub very hard in that area.


Sparta StatorsSparta Stator 1
Sparta Stator 2
Sparta Stator 3
Sparta Stator 4    sold
Sparta Stator 5

Sparta stators are 4-wire, 3-coil. Top coils are (behind) ignition (blue wire) and (in front) brake light (green wire and green/black wire). Bottom coil is lights (head light, tail light, speedo light, and horn) (yellow wire). The ignition and light coils are grounded internally. The brake light coil has an external ground. Because of the internal ground on the ignition source coil, the points continuity cannot be checked unless the source coil is disconnected. Bosch has provided a condenser with a screw-on nut with detachable eyelet connector wires, for testing the points for continuity. Otherwise, the ohms of the coil is almost the same as the ohms of the points. See Service/Electrical/Wiring Diagrams/Sparta Foxi for more Sparta wiring info.

Sachs Bing Carb Elbows

Left: long elbow, orig on
Sparta Buddy, KTM Foxi
Right: short elbow, orig on
Sparta Foxi, others ????
There’s two throttle wires, 12mm length difference

Sparta Cables:

Sparta Front Brake Cable (with Magura adjuster like Puch)  $15  dbl-ended

Sparta Rear Brake Cable (with Magura adjuster like Puch)   $17 dbl-ended

Sparta Throttle Cable: for short carb elbow (Sparta Foxi)  $22 double-ended

Sparta Throttle Cable: for long carb elbow (Sparta Buddy)  $22 double-ended

Sparta Choke Cable: was a univ throttle cable with pinch bolt  $14  wire only $6

Sparta Start Cable: goes thru decomp valve to inside of trans.   $30  wire only $15




Holland flag