1. Sealed beam 
2. Non-sealed beam 
3. Sealed to non-sealed conversion
4. CEV 
5. Luxor 
6. ULO 
7. Taiwan
8. Honda NC50/PA50 headlight repair 





Sealed beam 4667-1

Sealed beam 4667-1

1. Sealed Beam Headlights (bulbs)

Sealed beam means the entire glass lens in front and mirror reflector in back, are evacuated of air. The bulb cannot be replaced without replacing the whole glass. Moped 4.5 inch round head lights, sealed beam or non-sealed, interchange with some tractor lights, auto and motorcycle fog lights, forklift, golf cart, and utility vehicle lights. There are even clear plastic 4.5″ round 12V landscaping lights that can interchange. 


Bulbs 2bBulbs, sealed beam 4.5 inch round
GE4667     6V 18w  General Electric 4667, normal beam,   2-rear blades N/A   
To use a 4667-1, the connectors can be removed from the 2- or 3- prong plug.
GE4667-1  6V 18w General Electric 4667-1, normal beam, 2-side blades  $15
GE4767     6V 25w  General Electric 4767, normal beam,   2-rear blades  N/A
Peugeot 103 SP original (GE)
W4158      6V 25w   Westinghouse   4158, normal beam,    2-screws       N/A
Motobecane 76-77 original (Westinghouse)
W4583      6V ??w   Westinghouse   4583, normal beam,    2-screws      $20
GE4776   12V 25w General Electric  4776, normal beam,    2-screws      $18
W4568    12V 25w  Westinghouse    4568, normal beam,    2-screws      $17
Motobecane 78-80 original (Westinghouse)

20-0082  12V 30w        Wagner       4416,      spot light,     2-screws     $15
20-0080  12V 35w        Wagner       4415,  normal beam,     2-screws    $17
20-0084  12V 40/40w   Wagner      4440,  normal beam,    3-prong    $20
CEV171    6V 20w              CEV 171 4.5″ normal beam,   2-rear-blades   N/A
CEV172    6V 20/20w       CEV 172 4.5″ hi-lo beam,       3-rear-blades   N/A
18528     3-prong plug socket 
18529      female blade connector, wider type for headlight




2. Non-Sealed Headlights (fixtures for bulbs)

Non-sealed headlights means the bulb is not sealed in. It can be removed and replaced without replacing the whole glass, at a much lower cost. 

a. for under 21 watt generators (most mopeds)

These headlights take automotive bulbs with a BA15s base. Bulbs with this base have about a 20 watt rating. That matches the headlight power output of most mopeds. There are two main bulb choices, #1156 (12V 21W) and #1129 (6V 18W), and also 6V 21W. The bulbs are for car turn signals. The #1156 is sold in every US auto parts store and in some convenience stores. There are also other less common bulbs with this base that interchange, including LED versions.

CEV 171 R
  Replaceable bulb

CEV non-sealed (replaceable bulb) Headlights

CEV171 R  4.5″ glass lens/reflector, new w/04811  N/A
already has factory-cut notched hole for 04811 bulb socket
some used ones may cost less, but be scratched or weathered
04811   bulb socket  for CEV glass lens/reflector $13
Takes a #1156 or #1129 bulb, or any with BA15s base.
  clip for CEV bulb socket 04811               $1
10343   w-clip for holding glass to rim uses 4-5   $2
This w-clip is for CEV rims. There are 3 or more other kinds:
Luxor, ULO, Taiwan headlights have different w-clips. See below.

RBH-06 replaceable bulb headlight

Generic non-sealed (replaceable bulb) Headlights

RBH-06   comes with   6V 18W #1129 bulb $32.0 
For 6V DC battery power, or 15 to 20 watt 6V AC generator power.   
RBH-12   comes with 12V 21W #1156 bulb $32.0
For 12V DC battery power, or 15 to 20 watt 12V AC generator power. 

#1156 12V 21W bulbs are easy to get at USA auto stores.
12V bulb (temp. substitute) works in a 6V system, but is dimmer.

Bulb socket snaps onto metal back reflector.

This is offered in single filament only, for three reasons. 1) The socket requires a bulb with equal nubs. Common dual filament USA auto bulbs have unequal nubs and unequal filaments. 2) Most moped generators require about 20 watts for each filament. There are 21/5 watt dual filament, but on a generator-powered moped that would quickly burn out the 5W filament, because the generator makes 20 watts. The generator watts must match the total bulb watts, or there will be an under or over-voltage. A 5 watt headlight would get super bright from an over-voltage, and soon burn out, in a few minutes. 3) There are plenty of automotive dual filament headlight bulbs, but they have too many watts and the wrong type of socket.

b. for over 21 watt generators (motorcycles and some mopeds)

RBH-H3-06a replaceable bulb headlight

RBH-H3-06a  with H3-type  6V 25W bulb $28
For 6V DC battery power, or 20 to 25 watt 6V AC generator power. 
  with H3-type  6V 35W bulb $28
For 6V DC battery power, or 25 to 35 watt 6V AC generator power. 

RBH-H3-12a  with H3-type 12V 25W bulb $25
For 12V DC battery power, or 20 to 25 watt 12V AC generator power.   

RBH-H3-12b  with H3-type 12V 35W bulb $25
For 12V DC battery power, or 30 to 35 watt 12V AC generator power.   

RBH-H3-12c  with H3-type 12V 55W bulb $22
For 12V DC battery power, or 45 to 55 watt 12V AC generator power.
H3-06V25W halogen bulb only   6V 25W    $7 

H3-06V35W halogen bulb only   6V 35W    $7
halogen bulb only 12V 25W    $5
halogen bulb only 12V 35W    $5
H3-12V55W halogen bulb only 12V 55W    $2
12V 55W H3 bulbs are easy to get at USA auto stores.
Bulb socket screws onto metal back reflector.
Single filament only (no hi and lo beam)

This headlight is for mopeds with stronger generators, or motorcycles with moped-size 4.5″ headlights. The bulb is a halogen type. They run hot and require the glass to be clean and free of fingerprints.



3. Sealed to non-sealed Conversion

Metal-Backed (not glass-backed) Sealed Beam Headlight – Upgrade to Replaceable Bulb

CEV 171 upgraded

CEV 172 upgraded

This conversion/upgrade is a service procedure, not a part replacement.

Any metal-backed sealed beam headlight can have a hole cut in the back. The hole allows a snap-on bulb socket to give access to the bulb. Then when the bulb burns out, the entire glass does not have to be changed. This is a big advantage.

Myrons can perform this procedure on your burned out sealed beam, as long as it has a metal back, not glass.

Honda Express headlight upgrade

Honda Express, before and after upgrade

At right is an original Honda Express headlight before and after the conversion. When Myrons Mopeds performs this, the wires are transferred over so they still plug in the same way as before. The high and low beam wires are connected together, so the hi-lo switch does not change anything. The benefit is there are many bulb choices that are inexpensive and easy to get.

The snap-on bulb socket can be ordered separately. It has spring loaded wings that hold it in a one inch hole. That is the size just big enough to pass a #1156 bulb through.

E8764   snap-on bulb socket for any 1 inch hole   $6
This has only one wire. Must solder on a second wire.
The old plug(s) can be transferred to these new wires,
then the bike wires will remain the same.

CEV 4.5 inch round headlights, with metal backs, can be converted. Two examples are shown above. So can vintage Japanese headlights with metal backs, like most 1970’s -80’s small Hondas and Yamahas. 

The conversion/upgrade costs $30 for parts and labor, plus return shipping $9 (to USA). Takes about one day.





4. CEV Head Lights

C.E.V. head lights, made in Italy by Fratelli Pagani (Pagani Brothers), are on many Italian motorcycles, most European mopeds, and all Italian mopeds (US models). The moped size is “Tipo 105” which is 105mm at the lip of the glass, and 112mm at the edge, which is 4 1/2 inch. This size sealed beam bulb is also on farm equipment and auxillary vehicle lights.
CEV headlight 1211  18541       screw 3mm for plastic (takes 3)        $0.50
  2  04910       glass lens/reflector 1211, new             $28
  3  04909       pancake housing for 1211, black, new   $10
  3  04909u     pancake housing for 1211, black, used    $5

  4  3444         washer M6 lock                              $0.25
  5  3171         bolt M6 x 20 hex                             $0.50
  6  19782       rear cover plate for CEV1211               $3CEV headlight 2143
  7  1211         pancake headlight CEV1211 black, new  $45
  7  1211u       pancake headlight CEV1211 black, used  $35
  8  3309         bolt M5 x 15 slot head                      $0.50
  9  04522       rim/bezel CEV Tipo 105 new                $30
  9  04522u     rim/bezel CEV Tipo 105 used          $15-$22
10  10343       spring clip, CEV “W” type (takes 5)         $2
11  04525.6   short bucket for 2143/2157, black, new   n/a
11  04525.6u  short bucket for 2143/2157, black, used  $35CEV headlight 2152
11  04525.6c  short bucket for 2143/2157, chrome       $90
12  2143        short headlight CEV2143, black, new       n/a
12  2143u      short headlight CEV2143, black, used       $70
12  2143c      short headlight CEV2143, chrome           n/a
12      (comes with a 6V 18W #4667-1 sealed beam bulb)
CEV headlight 215713  2152        short hi/lo headlight CEV2152 black, new  n/a
13  2152u      short hi/lo headlight CEV2152 black, used n/a
14  10626.5   bulb, festoon 6V 1.5W, hi-beam indicator  n/a
14                bulb, festoon 12V 2W substitute – see Bulbs
15  0007.12s  socket, hi beam indicator, no  jewel         $7
16  0007.12   jewel, hi beam ind. no socket, new         $18
17  04630.2   short hi/lo bucket for 2152 black, new     n/aCEV headlight 2139
17  04630.2u short hi/lo bucket for 2152 black, used     n/a
18  0096       bullet bucket for 2139/2158 black, new   $75
18  0096u      bullet bucket for 2139/2158 black, used  n/a
18  0096c      bullet bucket for 2139/2158 chrome used $70
19  2139       bullet headlight CEV2139, black, new       $95
19  2139u     bullet headlight CEV2139, black, used      $80
19      (comes with a 6V 18W #4667-1 sealed beam bulb)
CEV headlight 2155
20  2155       bullet hi/lo headlight 2155 black, new      n/a
20  2155u     bullet hi/lo headlight 2155 black, used     n/a
21  0096.3   bullet hi/lo bucket for 2155 black, new     n/a
21  0096.3u  bullet hi/lo bucket for 2155 black, used   $70
21  0096.3s  bullet hi/lo bucket for 2155 silver, used   $70
21  0096.3k  bullet keyhole bucket  2155 silver, used   $70  
22  2157       short headlight CEV2157, black, new      n/a
22  2157u     short headlight CEV2157, black, used     n/a
CEV headlight 2158
22  (4667 glass, cut for a replaceable 1156 or 1129 bulb) 
23  2158       bullet headlight CEV2158, black, new    $120 
23  2158u     bullet headlight CEV2158, black, used     n/a
23  (4667 glass, cut for a replaceable 1156 or 1129 bulb)
24  19793      cover for speedo hole, black, snaps on   $3 



  Far right, a CEV 2158 “bullet” headlight. It comes with a block off plate over the speedometer hole. Most European moped speedometers fit into the hole, such as CEV, VDO, Huret, Veglia. Japanese made Tatung speedos are too small. besides the beautiful classic look, hiding most of the wiring inside, the glass fixture features a replaceable bulb socket, a big benefit. With sealed beam headlights, when they (often) burn out you have to buy a whole new glass, that’s both expensive and difficult to find. But with a non-sealed beam (replaceable bulb) fixture, you can change the small 15mm bulb inside. It’s a common automotive bulb #1156 (12V 21W) or #1129 (6V21W). You can get an 1156 at all night convenience stores for $1 or $2. Another benefit is you can run an LED bulb, or any 1156 compatible. That’s a single prong bulb. No high beam, just low.  


1989-2013 Tomos head lamps, L CEV, R Saturnus

1989-2013 Tomos head lamps, L CEV 322, R Saturnus

CEV Rectangular Head Lights

Saturnus oldCEV
Both CEV and Saturnus made rectangular head lamps for Tomos mopeds in the 1990’s and 2000’s. They use a large base 12V 25/25w BA20d hi-lo bulb. They are wider than the older round lights, but not as tall. Note how the CEV glass has lots of certifications on it, including SAE and DOT. Then notice how the Saturnus glass has only the E10 certification. 
CEV rectangular headlight parts1    CEV 322 rectangular headlight comp. $70
2    bulb 12V 25/25 or 12V 35/35       see bulbs
3    bulb socket CEV clipless type             $15

3    bulb socket Saturnus type                  N/A
4    socket clip Saturnus type                    N/A
6 & 7  M6 x 16 bolt and washer (2 ea)   $0.75 ea
8    CEV rectangular headlight glass only  none
8    Saturnus  rect. headlight  glass only  $40
9    long plastic screws, phillips (2)           $1 ea                
CEV rectangular head light complete

CEV 322 rectangular head light complete

CEV rectangular head light complete but apart

CEV 322 rectangular head light complete but apart





5. Luxor Head Lights

Luxor head lights, made in France, are on all Motobecane and some Peugeot mopeds. The bezel/ring and clips do not interchange with CEV. 
Luxor Headlight for Peugeot 103 SP

Luxor Headlight for Peugeot 103 SP

Peugeot part numbers            prices: new    used 
1  60400  Luxor headlight complete     n.a.  n.a.
2  73005  Luxor Peugeot grommet      n.a.   $5
3  60321  sealed beam GE 4767          see bulbs
4  68383  Luxor 1710 ring/bezel         $75  $5-30 dented
4a xxxxx  Luxor inner adaptor ring       $4      $2
5  01105  M6 x 12 hex bolt
6  56101  M6 lockwasher
7  69886  Luxor W-clip, takes 4 or 5     $2      
8  xxxxx  Luxor bucket, wrinkle black   $35  $15
Luxor Headlight for Motobecane

Luxor Headlight for 1976-77 Motobecane (6V)

Motobecane part numbers         prices: new    used 
1   53762  HL assy white w/rot. switch  n.a.  varies
2   53433  Luxor 1710 ring/bezel           $60  $5-20 dented
3   19569  M5 x 0.9 (coarse) screw        $2     $1
4   53431  sealed beam bulb 6V 25w      see bulbs
5   53432  Luxor inner adaptor ring        $4      $2
6   54132  Luxor W-clip, takes 4 or 5      $2      $1
7   18324  M8 x 1.25 x 16 hex bolt
8   00137  M8 toothed lockwasher
10 53628  bucket, white, for rotary       n.a.   $5
12 53534  rotary switch, 6V system     see Motobecane
Luxor Headlight for Motobecane

Luxor Headlight for 1978-80 Motobecane (12V)

Motobecane part numbers         prices: new    used 
1  54331  HL assy w/slide sw, flat black   n.a.  varies
1  also 54329 white, 54330 gloss black
2   53433  Luxor 1710 ring/bezel           $60  $5-20 dented
3   19569  M5 x 0.9 (coarse) screw        $2     $1
4   54129  Sealed beam bulb 12V 25w    see bulbs
5   53432  Luxor inner adaptor ring         $4      $2
6   54132  Luxor W-clip, takes 4 or 5       $2      $1
7   18324  M8 x 1.25 x 16 hex bolt
8   00137  M8 toothed lockwasher
10 54291  bucket for slide sw, flat black  n.a.   $10
10 also 54133 white, 54316 gloss black
11 21439  slide switch, 12V system     see Motobecane

ULO6. ULO-Niox Head Lights

NioxNioxGerman-made head light fixtures are made for ULO German-made rings, housings, and clips. They do not interchange with CEV. On 1970’s US mopeds, a Niox 4.5″ round head light in a ULO housing was original on 1978-81 Puch Magnum. Niox square headlights were on 1984-86 Puch Maxi Sport LS, Maxi Sport LS II, Cobra, Cobra II, and Austro Daimler. ULO-housed Niox round headlights were also on some German moped makes like Solo (Odyssey in US). Every other German, Austrian, or Dutch moped had a CEV headlight.
ULO Headlight for Puch MagnumPuch part numbers                         new   used       
1  349.3.53.800.0  ULO HL assembly   n.a.  $70
3  349.3.53.803.0  ULO ring/bezel       n.a.  $25
4  349.3.53.809.1  ULO clip takes 4       $3     $2
5  349.3.53.808.0  ULO lens/reflector  $45   $35  
6  349.3.53.819.2  ULO bulb socket     $18   $15
8  349.3.53.801.2  ULO bucket/body   $35   $25
9 & 10  M6 x 16 hex bolt and washer
11 349.3.53.813.1  ULO rubber cover   $7     $5




7. Taiwan Head Lights

Taiwan head lights, made in Taiwan, are on General, Angel, Indian, etc. The rim does not interchange with CEV. The Taiwan spring “W” clips are different than CEV ones.









8. Honda NC50/PA50 Headlight Repair

The plastic mounts on Honda Express NC50 and Hobbit PA50 plastic headlight housings often break. That has consumed the supply of replacement headlight housings. 

Here is a way to repair and re-use the broken housing:

Two metal brackets are added outside of the broken mounts. These have rubber grommets that cushion and protect the plastic headlight shell from cracking. But they could also be without grommets.