Vespa (Piaggio) Parts

updated 2020-02

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1. Parts Catalogs (US models 1968-1985)

The Piaggio parts catalogs were well made, well illustrated printed notebooks. When things changed, instead of making whole new parts books, they made parts book amendments. The amendments only contained the parts that changed.

1969 Piaggio 153724
Ciao parts catalog 153483 amendment

1970-71 Piaggio 154232
Ciao Boxer parts catalog

1971-72 Piaggio 154488
Ciao C7N C9N
154232 amendment











1972-75 Piaggio 170534 Ciao parts catalog

1976-77 Piaggio 171371 Ciao Bravo parts catalog

1978-80 Piaggio SRV/30
Ciao Bravo
171371 amendment #2

1981-83 Piaggio SRV/59
Ciao PX 
 171371 amendment #3









1978-79 Piaggio 171716
Grande parts catalog

1979-80 Piaggio SRV/46
Grande with mags
171716 amendment #1

1981 Piaggio SRV/48
Grande MX 068 
171716 amendment #2

1979-80 Piaggio Vespa
Si parts catalog









2. Parts

Most other Piaggio parts are offered in other sections of this website, by type.
Click on a link below, or use the menu, to go to the section for that type of part.


Axle and Wheel parts are in Parts/Wheels/Wheel Parts

Batteries are in Parts/Electrical/Batteries

Belts are in Parts/Drivetrain/Belts and Parts/Engine/Transmission

Brake parts are in Parts/Wheels/Brakes

Bulbs are in Parts/Electrical/Bulbs, Headlights

Cable Parts are in Parts/Cables, Hardware/Cable Parts

Cables are in Parts/Cables, Hardware/Cables/Vespa

Carburetor parts are in Parts/Carburetor/Dellorto scroll down to Dellorto-Vespa

Covers and parts are in Parts/Frame/Cover, Reflectors

Gas Caps are in Parts/Frame/Gas Caps

Gas Valves are in Parts/Frame/Gas Valves

Pedal parts are in Parts/Drivetrain/Pedal Parts 
except pedal shaft bushings are in Parts/Engine/Bearings, Seals, Bushings

Reflectors are in Parts/Frame/Covers, Reflectors not yet listed

Speedometer parts are in Parts/Electrical/Speedometer  not yet listed

Spokes are in Parts/Wheels/Spokes

Steering parts are in Parts/Frame/Steering

Stickers and Emblems are in Parts/Accessories/Stickers  not yet listed

Tires are in Parts/Wheels/Tires and Tubes

Transmission parts are in Parts/Engine/Transmission


Vespa swing arm versions:
Bravo 136060 and 162939 (binkers)
Grande 353835 and 307187 (blinkers)