ULO Tail Lights

3. ULO Tail Lights

ULO made tail lights, reflectors, and turn signals for German mopeds, Hercules (Sachs), Kreidler, Solo, Kynast, and tail lights for many non-German mopeds, Batavus, Sparta, Puch, Peugeot, Motobecane and Honda PA50. ULO was founded by Moritz Ullman in 1947 in Geislingen Germany. Ullman knew how to make molded glass products, like bicycle reflectors. Today ULO is worldwide, making tail lights for cars like BMW and Audi.

ULO plastic parts have a date mark. The lens has the compliance standards and those have a start date.

ULO 250 xxxxxxx ULO 248
1972-78 xxxxxxxxx 1978-84

1975 ULO 250-1
72-75 lens 250-0015
one bulb 6V 18/5W

1977 ULO 250-2 
76-84 lens 248-0015
upper bulb 6V 10W
lower bulb 6V 5W











1978 ULO 248-1 
lens 248-0015
one bulb 6V 18/5W

1978 ULO 248-2 
lens 248-0015
upper bulb 6V 10W
lower bulb 6V 5W

ULO 248-3 with ignition
ground resistor on brake
upper bulb 6V 10W brake
lower bulb 6V 5W tail

Left ULO 248-1, right 248-3











ULO 250-1 (nicer than the one for sale)

ULO 250-2 good used for sale below








ULO 250 and ULO 248 parts

60a ULO 250-1  $63 used 250-1 1-bulb tail light
ULO 250-2  N/A used 250-2 2-bulb tail light
60b ULO 248-1
 $60 used 248-1 1-bulb tail light
60b ULO 248-2  N/A used 248-2 2-bulb tail light
ULO 248-3  $75 used 248-3 2-bulb tail light
ULO 248-3 $00 with ignition ground resistor

61a 250-6017 $65 ULO250 housing used
61a 250-hous $30 SIM250 housing replica modified
61a 250-hous $00 lens screws must be 5mm shorter

 248-6017 $20 ULO248 housing used broken

62x 250-pum 50¢ Puch upper bolt M5x32
62a 250-upm 50¢ 250 upper bolt M6x32
62b 248-upm 50¢ 248 upper bolt M6x25

63a 250-lnscr $1.00 250 lens screw ST x 55
250-short $2.00 shortened screw ST x 50
63b 248-lnscr $0.70 248 lens screw M4 x 45

64x 248-0015 $35 red lens used 1976-1984
250-0015 $45 red lens used 1972-1975

65x 250-gask  $$7 ULO 250 lens gasket
65x 250-gask  $$0 not for ULO 248 or SIM 250

66x 250-tail  $2.00 6V 5W lower bulb
67x 250-stop $2.00 6V 10W upper bulb
67a 248-bulb $2.00 6V 21/5W dual bulb

SIM 250 housing, R original, L modified
(posts lowered 2mm, wires hole widened
and upper mount hole drilled)

68x 250-lomb $0.50 “Puch” lower bolt M5x16
68a 248-lomb $0.50 non-Puch lower bolt M6x16
248-lwas  20¢ non-Puch lower mnt washer M6

69x 250-csh1 $$9 cushion foam (only on some)
69a 250-csh2 $$9 cushion thick (only on some)
69b 250-csh3 $$9 cushion thin (only on some)

70x 250-locw  20¢ “Puch” mount lock washer M5
70a 248-locw  20¢ non-Puch mnt lock washer M6

71x 250-mnut 25¢ “Puch” mount hex nut M5
71a 248-mnut 25¢ non-Puch mount hex nut M6

72x 248-grom $$1 grommet for 2-bulb mirror

73x 248-0016 $25 used bulb holder-mirror 2-bulb
73a 250-0016 $13 new bulb holder-mirror 1-bulb

69a thick on top, 69b thin, flat, 69 foam, flat


The little rubber grommets #72 for the two-bulb holder-mirror, are important. When one is missing, the bulb holder is loose. Engine vibration causes the loose holder to “buzz” or vibrate and rub against the lens and housing. The buzzing causes the bulbs to burn out, and produces white powder. The white plastic dust or powder is evidence of “buzzing”.  Slices of small rubber hose can be good substitutes.





3a. Replica ULO Tail Lights

SIM 250

SIM 250 tail light, bulbs 12V 10W and 12V 5W
has no upper mount hole, loose bulb sockets

SIM 250w modified to accept original wires

SIM 250m2 modified with ULO 2-bulb holder









SIM 250 on a Batavus fender 16″
with cushion 69b, sold separately

60s $25 SIM 250 tail light, sold as is
60s $42 SIM 250w for original wires
60s $48 SIM 250m1 with ULO 1-bulb holder

60s $55 SIM 250m2 with ULO 2-bulb holder

The SIM 250w, 250m1 and 250m2 allow the original wires to be reused. The wire connectors are protected inside the light, unlike a plain SIM 250 where they are under the fender. There the tire can rub on the wires when going over bumps or with heavy a load, eventually causing damage. 

61s $15 SIM 250 housing
The SIM 250 housing has no upper mount hole, so a 6mm (15/64″) hole must be drilled.  

63s $$1 SIM 250 lens screw 44mm

SIM 250 2-bulb holder

64s $12 SIM 250 red lens
The SIM 250 lens is 2mm taller on top, and the screw hole tubes are spaced 2mm farther apart. So the lens does not fit an original ULO 250 housing.

66s $$2 SIM 250 lower bulb 12V 5W

67s 0$2 SIM 250 upper bulb 12V 10W

73s $12 SIM 250 bulb holder-mirror
The SIM 250 bulb holder-mirror is different, a metal plate with plastic bulb sockets that are loose. The bulb sockets have 3mm male blade connectors, instead of 8mm male blades like the originals. So the original wires with 8mm female blade connectors will not fit. 


Right, ULO 250 2-bulb holder
Left has the top lowered by 2mm, and lens screw holes slotted

SIM 250m1 and 250m2 modified replica tail lights replace ULO 250-1 and 250-2 originals. They are made from a SIM 250 with the bulb holder-mirror changed to an original type.

The benefits are 1) solid bulb sockets for less bulb burn out, 2) uses the same original wires, 3) can also be one-bulb type for US-model mopeds with external ignition ground brake light wiring.

Modifications to the housing: The upper mount hole is drilled. The lens screw posts are reduced in height. The wires hole is widened enough to pass the female 8mm blade connectors through.

Modifications to the bulb holder: The top is cut down by 2 mm and the screw holes are moved 2 mm farther apart by grinding off the outer edge.

Modifications to the lens: None.

Modifications to the lens screws: The ST self-tapping screws are shortened to 50 mm.