Puch Parts

updated 2024-07


Shared Parts: Many parts on Puch mopeds are shared by other European brands. Shared parts such as bulbs or tires are listed in separate sections according to what they do or who makes them. For example, parts for a Puch magneto are in Bosch magnetos, parts for a Puch carburetor are in Bing carburetors. Here are the shared parts sections that contain Puch parts.



1975-86 Puch Maxi and Magnum series,
and rebrands Sears, JC Penney, Murray

US models 1. ’78 Puch Maxi, 2. ’78 Puch Maxi Luxe, ’78 Puch Newport

US models 1. ’78 Sport MkII, 2. ’78 Magnum XK, 3. ’78 Magnum MkII

US models 1. ’78 Sears Free Spirit, 2. ’78 JC Penney, 3. ’80 Murray

1. ’69 Puch Maxi (Euro), 2. ’78 Puch GN (US model)



Engine Parts

Brands/Austria/Puch/ E50 Engine Parts 

Brands/Austria/Puch/ ZA50 Engine Parts

Brands/Austria/Puch/ Exhaust

Parts/Engine/ Pistons and Rings

Parts/Engine/ Bearings and bushings

Parts/Engine/ Seals and seal rings

Parts/Engine/ Nuts keys shims clips etc. 

Parts/Carburetor/Bing/ Bing 1 Puch
This “round Bing” carburetor was on Puch Maxi since 1969. There are other round Bings.

Parts/Carburetor/Bing/ Bing 15, 17, 18
This “square Bing” carburetor was on some Puch models since 1983.  


Frame Parts

Parts/Frame/ Gas Valves

Parts/Frame/ Gas Caps

Parts/Frame/ Steering Parts

Parts/Frame/ Covers

Parts/Frame/ Shocks, Seats

Parts/Frame/ Forks, Swingarms

Parts/Controls/ Magura

Parts/Cables/ Puch Cables

Parts/Drivetrain/ Pedal Parts

Parts/Drivetrain/ Sprockets

Parts/Drivetrain/ Chains

Parts/More/ Reflectors

Parts/More/Speedometer/ VDO

Parts/More/ Fork Locks and Keys/European Locks




Wheel Parts

Parts/Wheels/ Tires and Tubes

Parts/Wheels/ Leleu Wheel Parts 
Leleu made the ’75-86 spoke wheels and the ’79-86 “5 Star” mags.

Parts/Wheels/ Grimeca Wheel Parts
Grimeca made the ’77-79 “Snowflake” mag wheels.

Parts/Wheels/ Brakes

Parts/Wheels/ Spokes

Parts/Wheels/ Wheels


Electrical Parts

Parts/Electrical/ Switches

Parts/Electrical/ Bulbs

Parts/Electrical/ Headlights

Parts/Electrical/ Tail Lights

Parts/Electrical/ Horns, Wiring

Parts/Ignition/ Plugs, Wires, Coils

Parts/Ignition/ Points, Condensers

Parts/Ignition/ Bosch Magneto Parts