July 14, 2015

Table of Contents

A. Wheels for Sale

1. Introduction
2. Wheel Sets
3. Rear Wheels
4. Front Wheels

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B. Wheels on Display

1. brand xxx country  drum (mm) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wheel family

Grimeca Old Logo

Grimeca compatibles

1. Grimeca xxxx   Italy    90, 105
2. Bernardi xxxx
  Italy    90, 105
3. Piaggio xxxxx
  Italy     90, 105
4. KTM xxxxxxx  
Austria    90
5. Tomos xxx    Slovenia  90, 105
6. ZCW xxxxxx   China      105
7. Columbia  xx
 America   105
8. Derbi xxxxxx
  Spain      105

leleu small

Leleu compatibles

9.  Leleu xxxxx  France  70, 80, 100
10. Puch xx xxxx
Austria       80
Motobecane  France       80
12. Kreidler  xx
Germany     80

General 5 star wheel

Taiwan and misc

13. General xxx Taiwan   80, 110
14. Yuan Ta xxx
 Taiwan       90
15. Mira xxxxxx 
Taiwan      100
16. Sport Mag II
America  80, 90



A. Wheels for Sale

1. Introduction

Welcome to Myrons Wheel Parts Department.  Moped wheels are organized here into families with the same size drum brakes. The “Grimeca” family has 90 or 105mm brake drums, with mostly single chain rear hubs. The “Leleu” family has 70, 80, or 100mm brake drums, with mostly dual chain rear hubs. The “Asian” family has 80, 90, 100, or 110mm brake drums, with all single chain rear hubs.  

All mopeds had spoke (wire) wheels until 1977, when die cast aluminum or magnesium alloy wheels (mags) came out. A “mag” wheel resists bending, and never has broken spokes. Through the 1980’s there were both  “spoke” and “mag” wheels. But by the 1990’s most mopeds had aluminum “mags”.

Myrons Mopeds Wall of Wheels in 2011

Myrons Mopeds Wall of Wheels in 2011

Myrons has about 200 moped wheels, but the more popular ones are scarce. Most of Myrons wheels are in the “raw” state. That means they have not been serviced. Most used moped wheels have bad wheel bearings and/or bent rims and broken spokes. They all need at the very least fresh grease, cleaning, sanding the brake drum, lubing the brake cam. 

Some moped wheels interchange but most do not.  Using a wheel from a different moped is not as simple as swapping a car wheel. The brake anchor, the axle spacing, the rim centering, can all be different, resulting in things like tires rubbing and slowing you down, brakes not stopping good, a wobbly feel, or the chain coming off and damaging other things. When the wheel’s inner axle length is too long, the wheel is difficult or impossible to get on or off. When it’s too short, on the front, the front suspension becomes sticky or frozen as the axle nuts are tightened. When the brake anchor is too close to the frame, the brake rubs when the axle nuts are tightened. When it’s too far away, the whole brake plate/panel can suddenly detach from the frame, and rotate with the wheel, wrapping the cable around the wheel, bending the brake arm, and freezing up the rear wheel. When your wheels function and fit properly, you will enjoy riding more, with a smooth, safe, solid, and fast bike.


Terms Used to Describe Wheels:

The wheels below are described by rim width x  rim diameter, and Ø drum diameter.

So a 1.35×16″ Ø90 is a 16 inch rim, 1.35 inch inner width, and a 90 millimeter brake drum. 

A 1-chain rear wheel has a motor chain on one side, and a brake on the other side.

A 2-chain rear has a motor chain and brake on one side, and a pedal chain and freewheel on the other side.


Rim and Tire Size illustration

Rim Width is less than Tire Width 

1.20 rim takes a 2.00 or 2.25 tire
1.35 rim takes a 2.25 or 2.50 tire
1.60 rim takes a 2.50 or 2.75 tire
1.85 rim takes a 2.75 or 3.25 tire




2. Wheel Sets for Sale

.        W H E E L   S E T S        TIRES ARE NOT INCLUDED       SB=sealed bearing
17″ Puch spoke thin rims x  $280  xlnt condition/narrow Maxi rims/complete
17″ Puch spoke thick rims   $320  very good condition  click for image


3. Rear Wheels for Sale

.        R E A R   W H E E L S
wheel 16″R Garelli HD SS spoke xxx xxx  $230  new bearings/straight/heavy duty SS spokes
wheel 16″R Cimatti 42T 165 axle xx xxx  $210  xlnt bearings/straight/good chrome
wheel 17″R Colombia Open Road 57T xx  $150  all American made/SB/double chain/black
wheel 17″R Kynast Flying Dutchman 40T $180  brand new/shiney/needs fresh grease (included)
wheel 17″R Kynast Flying Dutchman 40T $150  xlnt bearings/straight/double chain/half bad chrome
wheel 17″R KTM Foxi 38T xxxx xxxx xxx  $100  good bearings/bent but useable/with brake panel

’77-80 Honda Express rear wheel A
no dents, no wear or rust on 80mm drum
Not for ’81-83 with bigger brakes 95mm.
trued, very straight, price $140

’77-80 Honda Express rear wheel B
80mm drum sanded, trued, very straight
Not for ’81-83. Those have bigger brakes 95mm.
spokes are brown, price $100










Honda Express rear wheel checking and truing set-up











4. Front Wheels for Sale

.        F R O N T   W H E E L S
wheel 16″F Italian spoke 145 axle xxxxx   $70  good bearings/straight/no speedo driver/bad chrome
wheel 16″F Cimatti spoke 145 axle xxxx  $100  xlnt bearings/straight/some spots of bad chrome
wheel 16″F Garelli VIP spoke 105 hub xx   $60  kinda straight/no brake panel
wheel 17″F Colombia Commuter 105mm $130  for sheet frame/3/8″ axle/SB/straight/rusty/complete
wheel 17″F Colombia Open Road 105mm $100  for tube frame/12mm axle/SB/straight/black/no brakes
wheel 17″F KTM Foxi spoke 145 axle xx  $120  xlnt bearings/kinda straight/fair chrome
wheel 17″F Vespa Ciao spoke 152 axle   $120  good bearings, straight, OK chrome, no speedo driver
wheel 17″F Vespa Ciao spoke 152 axle   $160  new, no speedo driver, spokes gray but rest is shiney

Suzuki FA50 front wheel
without axle or brake, good drum
spins true and free, no dents
chrome has tiny spots, price $90











These are some of Myron’s wheels. There are many more wheels not listed, Grimeca mags, other mags, Leleu, Motobecane, Tomos, Taiwan, Derbi. These wheels are still in the raw state. Most of them need service, usually truing and bearing greasing, sometimes replacing bearings and spokes. Once they are in a state that is ready to sell, they will be photographed, priced, and listed here. 


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