Table of Contents

A. Wheels for Sale

1. Introduction
2. Wheel Sets
3. Rear Wheels
4. Front Wheels

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B. Wheels on Display

1. brand xxx country  drum (mm) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wheel family

Grimeca Old Logo

Grimeca compatibles

1. Grimeca xxxx   Italy    90, 105
2. Bernardi xxxx
  Italy    90, 105
3. Piaggio xxxxx
  Italy     90, 105
4. KTM xxxxxxx  
Austria    90
5. Tomos xxx    Slovenia  90, 105
6. ZCW xxxxxx   China      105
7. Columbia  xx
 America   105
8. Derbi xxxxxx
  Spain      105

leleu small

Leleu compatibles

9.  Leleu xxxxx  France  70, 80, 100
10. Puch xx xxxx
Austria       80
11. Motobecane  
France       80
12. Kreidler  xx
Germany     80

General 5 star wheel

Taiwan and misc

13. General xxx Taiwan   80, 110
14. Yuan Ta xxx
 Taiwan       90
15. Mira xxxxxx 
Taiwan      100
16. Sport Mag II
America  80, 90



A. Wheels for Sale

1. Introduction

Welcome to Myrons Wheel Parts Department.  Moped wheels are organized here into families with the same size drum brakes. The “Grimeca” family has 90 or 105mm brake drums, with mostly single chain rear hubs. The “Leleu” family has 70, 80, or 100mm brake drums, with mostly dual chain rear hubs. The “Asian” family has 80, 90, 100, or 110mm brake drums, with all single chain rear hubs.  

All mopeds had spoke (wire) wheels until 1977, when die cast aluminum or magnesium alloy wheels (mags) came out. A “mag” wheel resists bending, and never has broken spokes. Through the 1980’s there were both  “spoke” and “mag” wheels. But by the 1990’s most mopeds had aluminum “mags”.

Myrons Mopeds Wall of Wheels in 2011

Myrons Mopeds Wall of Wheels in 2011

Myrons has about 200 moped wheels, but the more popular ones are scarce. Most of Myrons wheels are in the “raw” state. That means they have not been serviced. Most used moped wheels have bad wheel bearings and/or bent rims and broken spokes. They all need at the very least fresh grease, cleaning, sanding the brake drum, lubing the brake cam. 

Some moped wheels interchange but most do not.  Using a wheel from a different moped is not as simple as swapping a car wheel. The brake anchor, the axle spacing, the rim centering, can all be different, resulting in things like tires rubbing and slowing you down, brakes not stopping good, a wobbly feel, or the chain coming off and damaging other things. When the wheel’s inner axle length is too long, the wheel is difficult or impossible to get on or off. When it’s too short, on the front, the front suspension becomes sticky or frozen as the axle nuts are tightened. When the brake anchor is too close to the frame, the brake rubs when the axle nuts are tightened. When it’s too far away, the whole brake plate/panel can suddenly detach from the frame, and rotate with the wheel, wrapping the cable around the wheel, bending the brake arm, and freezing up the rear wheel. When your wheels function and fit properly, you will enjoy riding more, with a smooth, safe, solid, and fast bike.


Terms Used to Describe Wheels:

The wheels below are described by rim width x  rim diameter, and Ø drum diameter.

So a 1.35×16″ Ø90 is a 16 inch rim, 1.35 inch inner width, and a 90 millimeter brake drum. 

A 1-chain rear wheel has a motor chain on one side, and a brake on the other side.

A 2-chain rear has a motor chain and brake on one side, and a pedal chain and freewheel on the other side.


Rim and Tire Size illustration

Rim Width is less than Tire Width 

1.20 rim takes a 2.00 or 2.25 tire
1.35 rim takes a 2.25 or 2.50 tire
1.60 rim takes a 2.50 or 2.75 tire
1.85 rim takes a 2.75 or 3.25 tire




2. Wheel Sets for Sale

.        W H E E L   S E T S        TIRES ARE NOT INCLUDED       SB=sealed bearing
17″ Puch spoke thin rims x  $280  xlnt condition/narrow Maxi rims/complete
17″ Puch spoke thick rims   $320  very good condition  click for image


3. Rear Wheels for Sale

.        R E A R   W H E E L S
wheel 16″R Garelli HD SS spoke xxx xxx  $230  new bearings/straight/heavy duty SS spokes
wheel 16″R Cimatti 42T 165 axle xx xxx  $210  xlnt bearings/straight/good chrome
wheel 17″R Colombia Open Road 57T xx  $150  all American made/SB/double chain/black
wheel 17″R Kynast Flying Dutchman 40T $180  brand new/shiney/needs fresh grease (included)
wheel 17″R Kynast Flying Dutchman 40T $150  xlnt bearings/straight/double chain/half bad chrome
wheel 17″R KTM Foxi 38T xxxx xxxx xxx  $100  good bearings/bent but useable/with brake panel

’77-80 Honda Express rear wheel A
no dents, no wear or rust on 80mm drum
Not for ’81-83 with bigger brakes 95mm.
trued, very straight, price $140

’77-80 Honda Express rear wheel B
80mm drum sanded, trued, very straight
Not for ’81-83. Those have bigger brakes 95mm.
spokes are brown, price $100










Honda Express rear wheel checking and truing set-up











4. Front Wheels for Sale

.        F R O N T   W H E E L S
wheel 16″F Italian spoke 145 axle xxxxx   $70  good bearings/straight/no speedo driver/bad chrome
wheel 16″F Cimatti spoke 145 axle xxxx  $100  xlnt bearings/straight/some spots of bad chrome
wheel 16″F Garelli VIP spoke 105 hub xx   $60  kinda straight/no brake panel
wheel 17″F Colombia Commuter 105mm $130  for sheet frame/3/8″ axle/SB/straight/rusty/complete
wheel 17″F Colombia Open Road 105mm $100  for tube frame/12mm axle/SB/straight/black/no brakes
wheel 17″F KTM Foxi spoke 145 axle xx  $120  xlnt bearings/kinda straight/fair chrome
wheel 17″F Vespa Ciao spoke 152 axle   $120  good bearings, straight, OK chrome, no speedo driver
wheel 17″F Vespa Ciao spoke 152 axle   $160  new, no speedo driver, spokes gray but rest is shiney

Suzuki FA50 front wheel
without axle or brake, good drum
spins true and free, no dents
chrome has tiny spots, price $90











These are some of Myron’s wheels. There are many more wheels not listed, Grimeca mags, other mags, Leleu, Motobecane, Tomos, Taiwan, Derbi. These wheels are still in the raw state. Most of them need service, usually truing and bearing greasing, sometimes replacing bearings and spokes. Once they are in a state that is ready to sell, they will be photographed, priced, and listed here. 


   B. Wheels on Display


The purpose of the wheel gallery is to show and explain what every moped wheel is, who makes it, when, what it looks like, it’s official name, and it’s nick name. This is needed to identify wheels to get the right wheel parts, and to specify wheels when simply talking about them. It is also inspiring to see the wheels evolve over the years, and fun to see the all the styles and variety. Enjoy!


 Grimeca New small Italy Flag      1. Grimeca

Grimeca steel hubs or cast aluminum wheels (mags) are made in Italy. Grimeca is a world leader in motorcycle wheels, with many firsts, including the first disk brake, Ducati 1971, and the first light alloy wheel, Morini 1974.

Grimeca single-chain moped hubs and wheels are used on every Italian moped, including Baretta, Benelli, Bianchi, Cimatti, Colt, Concord, Fantic, Gadabout, Gitane, Intramotor, Maico, Malaguti, Moto Guzzi, Motomarina, Motobecane Sebring, Motron, Negrini, Pacer, Safari, Scorpion, Snark, Soni, Testi, and others, plus some non-Italian models of AMF, Colombia, NVT, Trac, Tomos, and others.

Grimeca double-chain moped hubs and wheels are used on Puch, Sears, Sachs, KTM, Kynast, Odyssey, Badger and others. There is a chain for the motor on the left, and a smaller bicycle chain for pedaling on the right.

Grimeca Spoke Wheels

Grimeca makes stamped-steel hubs for spoke wheels in 90mm and 105mm brake drum sizes. See Wheel Parts for the various hub and axle sizes and spacings. 

Most older Grimeca wheels have 11mm threaded axles, cones, cups, and loose balls. Some are 12mm.

Most newer Grimeca wheels have 12mm smooth axles that slide out, and one-piece sealed bearings.

AMF 140 rear wheel

1-chain rear 1.35×16″ Ø90
AMF Roadmaster 140

AMF 110 rear hub

pedal chain R 1.35×16″ Ø90
AMF Roadmaster 110

Kynast rear brake area

2-chain rear 1.60×16″ Ø90
Kynast Flying Dutchman









There are many more Grimeca spoke wheel hubs not shown. See Wheel Parts for more. 


Grimeca Razze Incrociate aka Snowflake

Grimeca X-mags 16 inch Trac

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90
1978-85 Batavus and Trac

Puch crossed-ray "X-mag" 17" magnesium wheels aka "snowflake mags" made by Grimeca

2-chain F&R 1.35×17″ Ø90
1977-79 Puch, Sears, JCP

Puch 1978 Sport MkII

Puch 1978 Sport MkII






1983 Trac Hawk

1983 Trac Hawk









1979-80 Tomos Silver Bullet

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90
’79-80 Tomos Sil. Bullet

Grimeca Razze Incrociate

Grimeca Razze Incrociate (Crossed Ray) wheels










Vespa Grande

Front 1.35×17″ Ø105
79-85 Vespa Grande

Vespa Grande

Rear 1.60×16″ Ø135
79-85 Vespa Grande

Safari Commando rear wheel

1-chain rear 1.85×16″ Ø118
1981-88 Safari Commando










Grimeca 7 Razze aka 7 Ray

This wheel has rays with an “H” or “I beam” cross section, for strength.  

Grimeca 7 Razze

1-chain F&R 1.35×17″  Ø105 drum

Sachs Prima G3

1980 Sachs Prima G3










Grimeca 10 Razze aka 5 Star

1981-1985 Tomos

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90 
1981-1985 Tomos


1-chain rear 1.35×16″Ø90

1986-90 Tomos Golden Bullet

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90
1985-89 Tomos










Motobecane Sebring 5-star mags

1-chain F&R 1.35×17″ Ø90
1981-85 Motomarina Sebring

1981 Motobecane Sebring

1981 Motobecane Sebring

Grimeca 5-star mags from a Gadabout

10 Razze mags
from an 80’s Gadabout





1980's Gadabout

1980’s Gadabout







The 1970’s had Razze Incrociate (snowflake) while the 1980’s had 10 Razze (5 star).



Grimeca 3 Razze aka Crescent

Grimeca Crescent front mag

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90

Grimeca 3 Razze 16 inch

F 1.50×16″, R 1.85×16″, both Ø105

1981 Testi Cricket 4M Grimeca Crescent wheels

1981 Testi Cricket 4M





1986 MZV Cobra

1986 MZV Cobra









This wheel was not on hardly any US model mopeds. It is common in Italy on the step thru 50cc 4-speed motorcycles that look like mopeds on steroids.


Grimeca 5 Razze Parallele aka 10 Ray

Grimeca 10 Razze

F 1.35×17″ Ø90, R 1.35×17″ Ø135, 1980’s Piaggio Ciao

1985 Piaggio Ciao PX

1985 Piaggio Ciao PX

In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Piaggio used their own 4-ray wheels on the Ciao, but they were 16 inch, not 17. In 1982-1994 these 17 inch Grimeca 5 Razze Parallele were on the Ciao PX. Then after 1994 the Ciao had a aerodynamic curved 17″ 3-ray, followed by a aero curved 17″ 5-ray wheel design. 





Grimeca 6 Razze Parallele aka 6 Ray

Grimeca 6 Razze Parallele E-1.35x17

Front 1.50×17″ Ø90

1989 Jawa 210 Breeze

1989 Jawa 210 Breeze










Grimeca 5 Foro aka 5 Hole

Grimeca 5-hole mags for Garelli

1-chain Front & Rear 1.50×16″ mags Ø90

’88 Garelli Team-matic
(Argentina model)










Grimeca 6 Razze Elica

Grimeca Peugeot 103SPX rear wheel

1-chain rear 1.60×17″ mag Ø90
1990’s Peugeot rear wheel

1990 Peugeot 103SPX

1990 Peugeot 103SPX

In the 1990’s some Peugeot mopeds did not have a 2-chain rear wheel anymore. The Peugeot Vogue had pedals, but the 103SPX did not. The pedals, pedal chain and freewheel were eliminated, allowing for bigger wheel bearings. The motor chain was relocated from the left to the right side. The rear brake remained on the left, but was not inside the sprocket anymore.




  Italy FlagBernardi Mozzi Motor      2. Bernardi

Bernardi Mozzi Motor (BMM) made high quality cast aluminum moped wheels. BMM also made motorized bicycle engines, whole mopeds, and components for motorcycles and bicycles.

Bernardi Mozzi wheels

Bernardi Mozzi wheels

In the 1970’s they made many cast plastic BMX wheels size 20 x 1.75. Since the late 1970’s they have made many cast aluminum wheels for mopeds, bicycles, and motorcycles. More Bernardi info is here: http://cybermotorcycle.com/euro/brands/bernardi.htm

Out of the 200 Southern California moped wheels that Royal Cyclery had, and the 200 wheels that Myrons Mopeds has now, none or almost none were Bernardi mag wheels. In a sample of 100 Italian mopeds from Southern California that were stripped out for parts, 75 would have Grimeca spoke wheels, 24 would have Grimeca mag wheels, and 1 would have Bernardi mag wheels. In Maryland or New York those numbers might be more like 70, 22, and 8.  


Bernardi 9 Dual Ray, 6 Dual Ray, 12 Ray

1978 Negrini Harvard Morini MO-1 or MO-2

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90
1978 Negrini Harvard

1978 Morini Chembol aka LEM Pratikal

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90
1978 Lem Pratikal

1980 F. Morini Chembol Morini MO-1 engine

1-chain F&R 2.10×10″ Ø90
1980 F. Morini Chembol mini











Bernardi 7 Ray

Grimeca 7-ray 16 inch rear wheel

1-chain R 1.35×16″ Ø90

Grimeca 7-ray 16 i

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90

1980 Garelli Super Sport XL LTD

’80 Garelli Super Sport XL LTD

This Bernardi wheel has rays with a “+” shaped cross section. The Grimeca 7-Ray style above has rays with an “H” cross section.  







Bernardi V-Ray 

Bernardi front mag V-Ray

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90

Bernardi rear mag V-Ray

1-chain R 16″ Ø90

1982 Negrini Gazelle III

’81 Negrini Gazelle III

This wheel came out in 1981.

1987 Motomarina Raven Minarelli V1L motor

’87 Motomarina Raven










Bernardi 5-Star-curved

Bernardi front mag

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90

1987 Bernardi Mozzi wheels 1.35x17

1-chain Front and Rear 1.35×17″ Ø90 
1987-90 Motomarina Sebring

1987 Motomarina Sebring

1987 Motomarina Sebring










Bernardi 5-star curved 1Bernardi 5-star curved 2Bernardi 5-star curved 3Bernardi 5-star curved 4







Bernardi 5-Star-slanted

Bernardi 5-star wheels

2-chain F&R 1.35×17″ Ø90 
1991-2015 Peugeot Vogue, MVL

Peugeot Vogue

90’s Peugeot Vogue

1992 Peugeot 103 MVL

2-chain F&R 17″ Ø90
1992 Peugeot 103 MVL





1995 Jawa Ultrasport

1995 Jawa Ultrasport





These were on 1990’s models.



Bernardi 3-Ray

Manet 90x20 V-spring Bernardi Mozzi Motors wheels on Puch Korado

2-chain F&R 1.50×16″ Ø90
1995-2006 Manet Puch Korado

1999 Manet Puch Korado

1999 Puch Korado











Italy Flag      3. Piaggio

Piaggio 4-Ray

Piaggio 16 inch 4-star wheels

Front 1.35×16″ Ø90
Rear 1.35×16″ Ø135

The Vespa Si, made by Piaggio, first had these high quality wheels in 1980. They were used on many other worldwide Vespa mopeds into the 1990’s. But in the USA they were only on the 1980-86 Vespa Si.

1980 Vespa Si

1980 Vespa Si

1987 Vespa Bravo 2

1987 Vespa Bravo 2

1986 iaggio Ciao

1986 Piaggio Ciao










Piaggio 5-Ray 2000’s

Piaggio 1990's wheels

F 1.35×17″ Ø90, R 1.35×17″ Ø135
Piaggio 5-Ray 2000’s

2001 Piaggio Ciao

2001 Piaggio Ciao

2005 Piaggio Ciao

2005 Piaggio Ciao











 Austria flag    4. KTM

KTM front wheel

Front 1.35×17″ Ø90
1978-80 KTM Foxi

From about 1978-85 KTM made it’s own cast magnesium wheels for mopeds and small motorcycles. In the US they were only on the Foxi Baron model (more deluxe than the Foxi Deluxe). 

ktm mag made by felge

Made in Austria by Felge

1977 KTM Foxi Baron

2-chain F&R 1.35×17″ Ø90
1978 KTM Foxi Baron










  TomosSlovenia flag     5. Tomos

Tomos (now Slovenia, formerly Yugoslavia) made their own Grimeca compatible cast aluminum hubs and stamped steel brake plates. Their early mag wheel models, 1979-85 Silver Bullet and 1986-88 Golden Bullet, used Grimeca wheels. After 1988, Tomos made their own high quality die cast aluminum wheels. In 1996 Tomos mag wheels went from 90mm drum brakes to 105mm. They made two 105mm wheel styles “Slot’ and “10-ray” in three colors, silver, black, and gold. From 1998 to 2007 they would alternate wheel styles each year. After 2007, Tomos used super high quality aluminum wheels made by Zong Chen Wheel (ZCW). Those 16″ wheels came in silver or black, narrow or wide. The wide front ZCW wheels had a disk brake, on the Streetmate-R model.  

 Tomos (early) Spoke

1975-1990 Tomos spoke wheels

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ spoke Ø90
1974-1991 Tomos Bullet











Tomos Web

1990-93 Tomos Golden Bullet

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90
1989-93 Tomos Golden Bullet

Web style wheel

Front 16″ mag Ø90
1991-93 A35 Bullet











1992-1995 Tomos Wheels

1-chain F&R 1.35×16″ Ø90
1993-1995 Tomos

Tomos Wheel Styles













Tomos Slot

Slot style wheel

Front 1.35×16″ Ø105
1996-2006 Tomos

2003 Tomos LX

2003 Tomos LX









Tomos 10-Ray

1999-2007 Tomos

Front 1.35×16″ Ø105
1999-2007 Tomos

2005 Tomos LX

2005 Tomos LX










China flag small Zong Chen Wheel      6. ZCW

ZCW makes high quality die cast aluminum wheels for Tomos mopeds from 2008-13 and beyond, and for many makes of automobiles and motorcycles worldwide.

Tomos ZCW wheels

1-chain F&R 1.50×16″ mags Ø105
2008-13 Tomos Sprint, ST, LX

2009 Tomos Sprint black

2009 Tomos Sprint black

2011 Tomos ST

2011 Tomos ST










Tomos Streetmate-R wheels

1-chain rear 1.85×16″ mag Ø105
2008-13 Tomos Streetmate-R

Zong Chen wheel

Front 1.85×16″ disk
2010 Streetmate-R

2012 Tomos Streetmate-R

2011 Streetmate -R












Flag 1     7. Columbia

Colombia wheels

1-chain Front & Rear 1.60×17″ spoke Ø105
1977-80 Colombia models with Sachs engine

Columbia mopeds were made in America. They had heavy duty stamped steel Grimeca spoke wheel hubs. They made their own brake shoes and brake plates, also stamped steel. The original steel brake shoes interchange perfectly with cast aluminum Grimeca 105mm brake shoes, or aftermarket compatibles.

1979 Columbia Commuter

1979 Columbia Commuter











  Spain flag     8. Derbi

Derbi Variant SL 

Derbi spoke wheels

1-chain rear 1.60×17″ spoke Ø105
1976-80 Derbi SL (16″ on 1980-86)

 Derbi Variant SL

Derbi Variant SL

Derbi mopeds are made in Spain. They have mostly Spanish made components. Their cast aluminum hubs with straight pull spokes have 105mm brake drums. The Derbi brakes Ø105 x 25 are wider than Grimeca Ø105 x 20, but have the same camshaft and pivot shaft centerlines and widths. So a Grimeca 105 mm brake shoe will fit a Derbi, but is not retained as well, with 5mm of sideways freedom.  







Derbi Variant SLE

Derbi SLE wheels

1-chain F&R 1.60×17″ spoke Ø105
1978-86 Derbi Variant SLE and Laguna

Derbi mopeds are heavy duty with sealed bearing wheels, 12mm smooth axles that slide out, and motorcycle style chain adjusters.

Derbi Variant SLE

Derbi Variant SLE

Derbi Sport Laguna

Derbi Sport Laguna












Derbi Variant Sport

Derbi Variant Sport

1-chain F&R 1.50×16″ spoke Ø105
1987-89 Derbi Variant Sport

Derbi 1988 Variant Sport

1988 Variant Sport












  French Flag   leleu small 9. Leleu

Leleu Spoke Puch

Puch spoke wheels thin

2-chain F&R 1.20×17″ spoke Ø80
1969-1977 Puch Maxi (thin rim)

Puch spoke wheels thick

2-chain F&R 1.35×17″ spoke Ø80
1977-86 Puch Maxi (wide rim)












Leleu Spoke Peugeot

Peugeot 103

Front 1.60×17″ Ø80
Peugeot 103












Leleu Spoke Motobecane

MB Model 7

2-chain rear 1.20×16″ Ø70
1977-79 Motobecane 7












Leleu Spoke Honda Hobbit

Honda Hobbit wheels

Front and Rear 1.35×17″ Ø80
1978-83 Honda Hobbit

1978 Honda PA50II 30mph

1978 Honda PA50II

The Honda PA50 Hobbit was made in Belgium by Honda Benelux (Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg). The wheels are a curious mix of components, Belgian rims, German VDO speedo sender, French Leleu hubs, Japanese Honda brakes and sealed bearing front axle. The rear hub and drivetrain design is like Italian Piaggio, except for the design of the rear brake shoes. Both front and rear drum brakes are 80 x 18mm Leleu type, or EBC322 aftermarket. 






Leleu-Rigida Mag

Peugeot 103SP mag wheels

2-chain F&R 1.60×17″ Ø80
1979-1982 Peugeot 103 SPB

Leleu made “5 star” mags with Rigida steel rims.

1980 Peugeot 103 SPB olive-silver w/black trim

1980 Peugeot 103 SPB












Leleu 17 inch mags for Honda Hobbit

Leleu-Rigida 17″ mags for Honda Hobbit

Leleu-Rigida mags Honda Hobbit

Leleu-Rigida mags Honda Hobbit










Austria flag       10. Puch

Puch 5-star wheels

2-chain F&R 1.35×17″ Ø80
1980-86 Puch deluxe models

Puch made these cherished “5-star mags”, that say “Puch II  E 1.35 x 17”. They are for a 2.25-17 tire. There were also 16 inch ones, for the AD model. Later in the 1990’s there were remakes of these.

Puch 1986 Cobra II

1986 Puch Cobra II

1985 Puch Maxi Sport LS 2

1985 Puch Maxi Sport LS 2












  French Flag     11. Motobecane

Motobecane mags

2-chain F&R 1.60×17″ Ø80
1978-80 Motobecane 50VLA, Le Moped

Motobecane also made “5 star” mags.

1978-79 Motobecane 50VLA

1978-79 Motobecane 50VLA

1980 Motobecane Le Moped

1980 Motobecane Le Moped















      12. Kreidler

Kreidler Flory wheels

2-chain F&R 1.60×17″ Ø80
1978-80 Kreidler Flory MP19
(this rear has a Puch brake plate)

Kreidler MP-19

1979 Kreidler MP-19















Taiwan FlagGeneral 5 star wheel      13. General

General, Lazer, Clinton, Jui Li, Grycner, and clones generally have 80 mm hubs.

Exceptions are foot brake rear, and late AMS. Those hubs are bigger, 110 mm 

The 80mm hubs use Honda NC50 Express brake shoes (EBC301) and components.

The 110mm hubs use Honda C70 Passport brake shoes (EBC303) and components.



These are General models with front and rear hand operated brakes. They had 80mm rear and 80mm front hubs.

General front small hub

Front 1.35×17″ Ø80
General (small hub)

1977 Lazer Sport 50

1977 Lazer Sport 50
Minarelli V1 engine
R hub Ø80, F hub Ø80

1979 General 5 Star ST Minarelli V1 engine

1979 General 5 Star ST
Minarelli V1 engine
R hub Ø80, F hub Ø80

1981 General 5 Star Sachs 505-1A engine

1981 General 5 Star
Sachs 505-1A engine
R hub Ø80, F hub Ø80










These are General models with front hand, and rear foot brake. They had 110mm rear and 80mm front hubs.

General front small hub

Front 1.35×17″ Ø80
General (small hub)

1983 General 5 Star Sachs 505/1A engine

1983 General 5 Star
Sachs 505/1D engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø80

1980 General 5 Star ST Sachs 505/1A engine

1980 General 5 Star ST
Sachs 505/1A engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø80

1983 General 5 Star Sachs 505-1A engine

1983 General 5 Star
Sachs 505-1A engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø80










The first one is an AMS model with front hand, and rear foot brake. It had 80mm rear and 80mm front hubs.

The last three are AMS with front hand, and rear foot brake. They had 110mm rear and 110mm front hubs.

AMS Sierra 50

1979 AMS Sierra 50
Sachs 505-1D engine
R hub Ø80, F hub Ø80

1981 AMS Tahoe 50

1981 AMS Tahoe 50
Sachs 505-1D engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø110

1983 AMS Tahoe G2 Sachs 505-1D engine

1983 AMS Tahoe G2
Sachs 505-2D engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø110

1984 AMS Sierra 50

1984 AMS Sierra 50
Sachs 505-1D engine
R hub Ø110, F hub Ø110











Side-by-Side Comparison of  Taiwan Moped Hubs

Taiwan wheels comparison

1978 Lazer Sport 50

1978 Lazer Sport 50





1979? Wheel King

1979 Wheel King





1983 General 5 Star Sachs 505/1A engine

1983 General 5 Star












Taiwan Flag      14. Yuan Ta 

Indian Parts Group 13b: Spoke Wheels

Front and Rear 1.35×17″ Ø90
Indian 17″ Replacement Spoke Wheels

Yuan Ta made aluminum 90mm hubs for Indian and Trac. They had 12mm smooth axles that slid out, and one piece sealed bearings.

Indian rear hub

Yuan Ta rear hub

The 4 bolt sprocket did not interchange with Italian ones.







These replacement wheels (for sale in the Indian Parts) are 1.35×17, thinner than the original 1.60×17.


1978 Indian AMI50 white with spoke wheels Indian head logo on tank no other stickers

1978 Indian AMI50

1979 Indian AMI50 burgundy w/spoke wheels warm color stripes

1979 Indian AMI50

1985 Trac Clipper

1985 Trac Clipper

1984 Trac Eagle

1984 Trac Eagle








Taiwan Flag      15. Mira 

F&R 1.60x17" Ø100 Mira Mags

Front and Rear 1.60×17″ Ø100
1979-83 Indian snowflake mags

Mira Enterprises in Taiwan made the 1981-later Indian, and also made these beautiful die cast aluminum snowflake wheels for the Indian, starting in 1979.

1981 Indian AMI50 white with head logo Mira snowflake wheels

1981 Indian AMI50

1979 Indian AMI50 black with warm stripes silver Mira "snowflakes"

1979 Indian AMI50










 Flag 1     16. Sport Mag II

Sport Mag II wheels for Indian mopeds right side view

Sport Mag II wheels for Indian

Sport Mag II wheels for Indian mopeds left side view

1-chain F&R 1.60×17″ Ø90 Sport Mag II








1979 Indian AMI-50

1979 Indian AMI-50

1979 Peugeot 103SP

1979 Peugeot 103SP

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Tri Rad 3-wheeler

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Die cast aluminum wheels for Indian mopeds made by Sport Mag II, Inc. Placentia, California

Die cast aluminum wheels for Indian mopeds
made by Sport Mag II, Placentia CA, USA

Sport Mag II die cast wheels were made in Placentia CA, only six miles from Myrons Mopeds in Fullerton CA. They are all the same 8-ray casting. The center was made with four different machining versions, to match the drum diameter, bearing diameter, left-right spacing, sprocket bolt pattern, and speedometer slots of many popular mopeds, Kreidler/Puch/Sparta, Indian, Peugeot, Motobecane. The wheels were sold bare, without any axle parts, as an upgrade for mopeds that had wire spoke wheels. You took the axles, bearings, and brakes off the spoke wheels and put them on the Sport Mag II wheels. After that you never broke a spoke and hardly ever bent a rim!  

These were offered in black and silver, or all silver finish. So there were 8 different wheel sets produced in the early 1980’s. Marina Mobili sold these to moped dealers across the USA. Tri-Rad used these wheels on their 3-wheel moped. Murray used them on their deluxe model. Indian offered mopeds with the “8-Ray” Sport Mag II wheels already equipped. 

Marina Mobili Accessory Wheels 1984

A-29K  Sport Mag II wheel set for Kreidler/Puch/Sparta
A-29I   Sport Mag II wheel set for Indian (shown)
A-29P  Sport Mag II wheel set for Peugeot
A-29M  Sport Mag II wheel set for Motobecane


3. Sealed Bearing Upgrade


Sealed bearings are better than loose balls. Sealed bearings can last longer and carry more weight. They’re used on motorcycle wheels. Loose balls roll slightly more freely. They’re used on bicycle wheels. Mopeds have both kinds.

Sealed bearing upgrade: Any loose ball kind can be upgraded to sealed bearings. If the hub center is 28, 30, or 32mm then no sleeves are needed. These size bearings exist, bearing number 6001 is 12 x 28, 16101 is 12 x 30, and 6201 is 12 x 32mm. A precise 12mm shaft-type axle replaces the original 11 or 12mm threaded one. A center steel tube is custom made to fit tightly between the bearings. Other short tubes are custom made to space out the axle. Myrons sells the bearings, axle, and nuts, but not the exact right spacer tubes. You can slice sections of a steel pipe 1/2″ ID, 5/8 to 3/4″ OD. When your wheel hub center is not 28, 30, 0r 32mm, then sleeves must be custom made to make a smaller bearing fit tight and solid in the wheel center. On a Puch spoke wheel the hub is 29mm and the bearing 6001 is 28. That’s only 1mm difference in diameter, or .5mm in thickness. Because they’re so thin they deform easily when pressed in. At home you must settle for a thin strip of metal, wrapped in a circle, that’s loose enough to go in straight. But then it can work loose and come out.

Myrons offers the sealed bearing upgrade service for Puch rear Grimeca “Snowflake” mag and the Puch/Sparta/Kreidler rear Leleu spoke wheel aluminum hub. For the Leleu Myrons has 28 x 29mm precision aluminum rings, with an inner installation lip, in slightly different thicknesses, with precision 28 x 29mm installation tools, to get a tight fit without bending. For the Grimeca Myrons has 30 x 28 aluminum sleeves, with both an inner installation lip and an outer retaining lip. The installation lip prevents the sleeve from slipping out. Some aluminum hubs need thicker shims because they have been deformed by heavy use. Lastly, if the old axle was 11mm, then the 11mm brake panel axle hole must be drilled to 12mm. Cost for the wheel bearing upgrade is $150-170 parts and labor plus any brake service or spoke adjustment/rim truing. If the hub is badly damaged (flared out or eroded away in the bearing area), there is additional cost.