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Carwi Karburator

Carwi Carburator, from the 1950’s


Encarwi Karburator from 1960's

Encarwi Carburator, from 1960’s or 70’s



Encarwi A30 carb

Encarwi A30 on 1960's Flandria moped








Left, Encarwi A30 carburetor. Right, A30 carb on 60’s Flandria



You can see that these early Encarwi carbs have many things in common with the later ones. The most obvious thing is the angle of the throttle slide with the venturi. Most carburetors have the slide valve 90 degrees to the air flow, but Encarwi carbs are more like 60 degrees. The other thing unique to Encarwi is the “automatic” choke, indicated by the absence of an idle speed adjustment screw, the choke holes and cut-away in the slide, and an extra thumb button on the throttle control that lets the throttle cable go completely slack, below normal idle or “zero”.