Encarwi Info

Encarwi (made in Holland, now the Netherlands) was a division of Bing (Germany). On US models, Bing-Encarwi carburetors were used on mopeds by Batavus and Badger, with Laura (Holland) engines, Flandria (Belgium), and pre-1986 Tomos (Yugoslavia).



Batavus: Left, 1970’s Batavus VA had a Laura M48 engine with an Encarwi S-type carburetor. Right, 1980’s Batavus Regency had a Laura M56 engine with an Encarwi H-type carburetor.



Tomos: Before 1973, Tomos had Puch and Laura engines. The 1971 Tomos Automatic N had a Laura M48 engine with an Encarwi S-type carburetor. In 1973 Tomos came out with their own engines the Automatic 1 (one speed), and the Automatic 3 (two speed). The A3 had an Encarwi A-type carburetor. Tomos continued to use Encarwi on their A3 engine, until 1985. After that they used Dellorto.


1977 Flandria Bermuda with Encarwi 

Flandria: 1977 Flandria Bermuda (US model) had an Encarwi S33 or S33A S-type carb. 


A-type has an automatic choke controlled by the throttle cable. S-type has a separate choke controlled by a choke cable. 



Encarwi Carbs

Top, S-type on Batavus. Bottom, A-type on Tomos (no idle screw).


Encarwi “A” series carbs had an “automatic” choke, controlled by a special twist throttle with thumb button. The choke button lets the throttle twist opposite, below “zero”. This exposes a hole in the slide valve, in front of the fuel nozzle. After starting, twist throttle and choke clicks off automatically. All A-type have 3.5mm jet threads except for 88A85/103.

A11            8 mm, Ø14 slide 408, jet 52-54
for 20kmh Laura M48 engine (Euro model)

A22            8 mm, Ø14 slide 108, jet 50-52
for 25kmh Laura M48 engine (Euro model)

A21          12 mm, Ø14 slide 202, jet 56-58
for 40kmh Laura M48 engine (Euro model)

A83          12 mm, Ø14 slide 426, jet 46
for 20, 25, 30mph Tomos A3 engine 1974-80+

88A85/102  Ø12, Ø14 slide 426, jet 46
for 20, 25, 30mph Tomos A3 engine 1980-83+

88A85/103  Ø12, Ø14 slide 426, jet 4mm #50
for Tomos A3 1983-85

Encarwi “S” series carburetors had a “standard” choke, controlled by a small lever on the handlebar via a cable. All S-type have 3.5mm jet threads.

88S23A      8 mm, Ø14 slide 190, jet 54    
for 20kmh Laura M48 engine (Euro model)

S23B          8 mm, Ø14 slide 190, jet 52-54
for 25kmh Laura M48 engine (Euro model)

S23A          8 mm, Ø14 slide 190, jet 50-52
for 20mph Laura M48 Batavus 1976-77

S8A            8 mm, Ø14 slide 190, jet 52-54
for 25mph Laura M48 Batavus 1976-77

S22          12 mm, Ø14 slide 405, jet 54-58
for 30mph Laura M48 Batavus 1976-77

S25          12 mm, Ø14 slide 167, jet 56-58
for 30mph Laura M48 Batavus 1977-78

88S25/101  Ø12, Ø14 slide 188, jet 56-58
for 30mph Laura M48 Batavus 1978-80

Encarwi “H” series carburetors were designed specifically for the Laura M56 engine, later made by Trac (Daelim). All H-type have 3.5mm jet threads.

H8           8 mm, Ø12 slide ???,  jet 46
for 20mph Laura M56 eng Batavus 1978-80

H12/102 12 mm, Ø14 slide 3,  jet 56
for 25 & 30mph Laura M56 Batavus 1978-80

unmarked 12 mm, Ø14 slide 3?, jet 56
25 & 30mph M56 remake Trac 1982-85



Encarwi carbs and slides

Top, Encarwi carburetors, engine view, with slides slightly open, showing the idle air channels or slots or holes. Bottom, the corresponding throttle slides, all 14mm diameter, bottom view. The pair of large holes is for the cable.

Substitutions or conversions: Any S-type slide can be drilled and machined to be made for an A83 or H12 carb. The S-type slides (190, 405, 188, 167, 2) all interchange, but have different idle mixture idling behaviors. The Tomos A3 slide 426 fits a Trac M56 with H12 carb, with only minor widening (drilling) of the sprayer hole.




Encarwi Slides

The amazing Encarwi 426 auto-choke throttle
slide (Tomos A3) is explained in four steps:

1. Full power   – throttle cable is pulled all the way.
The slide does not have to be there. Main jet controls the mixture.
2. Partial power -throttle cable is pulled part way.
The slide limits the amount of air. The main jet controls the mixture.
3. No power (idle) -throttle cable is pulled slightly.
The slide blocks most of the air. Idle slot size controls the mixture.
4. Cold start  – throttle cable is not pulled at all.
The choke jet hole and choke air hole in slide 426 control the mixture.

Substitutions or conversions: The S25 and A83 Ø12 carbs are the same, except for the throttle slide and idle screw.
The Ø14 throttle slides 167 and 426 are nearly the same, except the Auto type 426 has extra choke holes and cut outs.