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January 9, 2021

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1972-75 Laura M48 Parts List for Info and 1972 Service Manual  





M48 Engine

M48 Engine

Welcome. Laura engines are made in Holland (now The Netherlands).

M48  The Laura M48 is used on 1976-80 Batavus and ROG mopeds in the US. In Europe and Canada the M48 is also on Solo, and early 1971-73 Tomos, and others.

M56 engine

M56 engine

M54  In Europe and Canada, the 1973-77 Laura M54 is on Solex Tenor and others. The Laura M54 is basically an M56 top end (piston, cylinder, and head) on an M48 bottom end.

M56  The Laura M56 is used on 1978-80 Batavus mopeds in the US, and others in Europe. After 1980 it was re-made in Korea by Daelim Motor Corp. for the brand known as Trac (made by Kia) in the US. The M56 remake was on 1982-86 Trac Clipper, Eagle, and Hawk models. The M56 remake engine is 99% the same.




Laura M48 Service Manual p16

This beautiful technical illustration, in the tradition of the Dutch masters, is by Stijn Hoogenbos.