R Wirings: Rizzato


Rizzato Wiring: Italian madeĀ Rizzato has it’s own engine, with either a CEV 6952 or a Dansi 3-wire magneto. Rizzato Califfo uses the same wiring and wire colors as Italian-made mopeds with Minarelli engines. Red is ignition, black is lights, and blue (for CEV) or green (for Dansi) is an external ignition ground, powering the brake light. Unpluging the brake light wires on a Rizzato will make it stop running. When it has no spark, always ground the blue wire first. Outside wiring disconnected is often the cause.

Rizzato Califfo Wiring CEV 3-wire magneto external ignition ground

Rizzato Califfo Wiring, CEV 3-wire magneto, external ignition ground