M Wirings: Manet, Minarelli, Morini, Motobecane, Moto Guzzi, Motron, Murray


Manet Wiring: This is a mid to late 1990’s Puch remake, made in Hungary by Manet. It is better known as the “Puch Korado”. Some things, like the engine, are the same as Puch, but the electrical and wiring is all different. Like all the other all-AC modern (1990’s and later) mopeds, the Korado has all the lights on one wire, with a 12VAC shunt-type voltage regulator. Like everything modern, it has a completely separate and independent CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) system that in no way depends on the lights. The CDI has no pulser coil.

Manet/Korado also made the mid-to-late-1990’s Jawa remake. The wiring for that not currently available, but is expected to be close to this wiring and electrical equipment. 

Manet-Puch Korado 1995 made by Manet

Manet-Puch Korado
remake of ’86 Puch 1-sp
all lights 1 wire 12VAC
2-wire CDI magneto










Minarelli Wiring: Most Italian mopeds, US models, that have Minarelli engines have this same wiring, functionally. Many have the same exact colors as well. There are at least 21 names: Aspes, Baretta, Bianchi, Cimatti, Concord, Fantic, Gadabout, Gitane, Intramotor, Lem, Maico, Motomarina, Motron, Pryer, Red Foxi, Safari, Silver Foxi, Snark, Testi, Yankee Peddler, and others. They all have the Minarelli V1 or V1L engine with CEV 6932 3-wire magneto with external ignition ground (blue wire) powering the brake light. Ground the blue wire first if there is no spark.

Minarelli Wiring Diagram for Testi/Gitane & others

Minarelli Wiring for Testi/Gitane & others


Morini Wiring: Franco Morini moped engines can have two possible Dansi magnetos. Which one it has is determined by a number stamped on the flywheel. Some Italian mopeds, US models, that have Morini engines have this same exact wiring. This “universal” wiring can be configured for either NC-in-series (for Dansi 101765 or 101732), or NO-in-parallel (for Dansi 101286 magneto) brake light switches. Most others wirings are functionally the same as one of these two versions. There are dozens of brand names: Arciero, Benvenuti, Bianchi, Colt, Cosmo, F. Morini (no relation to Franco Morini), Intramotor, Italjet, Italvelo, Italtelai, Lem, Malaguti, Motomarina, Motobecane, Negrini, Pacer, Snark, Velomec, West Wind, and others. Morini is only the engine name.  

Morini Wiring Diagram

Morini Wiring Diagram

Dansi magneto 101286 3-wire 2-coil
has normally open brake light switches in parallel
and an
internal ignition ground.

Dansi magnetos 101765 and 101732 3-wire 3-coil
have normally closed brake light switches in series
and an
external ignition ground that powers the brake light.



Motobecane Wiring: Two versions for USA model mopeds.

Early “6 volt” version: Before Jan 1978, Motobecane mopeds had a 2-coil Novi magneto, with an external ignition ground. The ignition assisted in keeping the lights bright, in a complex way.

Later “12 volt” version: After Jan 1978, Motobecane mopeds had a 3-coil Novi magneto, with an internal ignition ground. However, the ignition coil still needs at least one of the two neighboring lighting coils to be active. Amazingly, the lights not working can make it loose spark, even though they are not connected. It has to be from the magnetic field. The wiring is also complex.

Motobecane 6V Models 1974-1977 2-coil mag

Motobecane 6V, 1974-77 2-coil
3-wire Novi mag, external ign. gnd

Motobecane 12V 1978-80 3 coil mag

Motobecane 12V, 1978-80 3 coil
3-wire Novi mag, internal ign. gnd















Euro version: They were much simpler. No brake light and less watts.

Motobecane 6V 1968 Euro model
internal ignition ground with external spark coil



Motobecane Sebring, Morini MO1 or MO2 eng.
Dansi 101765 magneto, external ignition ground


Moto Guzzi Wiring: There are two kinds of Moto Guzzi Robin. They have the same name but different frames and wiring. Moto Guzzi made a stamped sheet-metal frame model, called Chiù in Europe, and Robin in the US. They also sold a Robin with a mono-tube frame made by Seimm. Both kinds had the 1970’s Motobi (Benelli) moped engine, with a Dansi 3-wire magneto.

Moto Guzzi Robin (mono-tube) The mono-tube Moto Guzzi Robin is identical to a Benelli G2. The Dansi 3-wire magneto had an external ignition ground on the green wire. It must always be connected to ground to have spark.

Moto Guzzi Robin (sheet frame) The sheet frame Moto Guzzi Robin is the US version of Chiù. The Dansi 101441 3-wire magneto had an internal ignition ground. It would never loose spark because of loose brake light wires, but the lights are not as bright.

Moto Guzzi Robin (Chiù)
sheet frame, Benelli engine
Dansi 101441 magneto
internal ignition ground



Motron Wiring: Functionally the same as the “Minarelli Wiring”. 1978-79 had the CEV clamp-on plastic slide switches. 1980-81 had the CEV “diamond” switches integrated (fitted into) the Domino controls. 

Motron Wiring Diagram Minarelli V1 engine CEV 3-wire magneto external ignition ground

Motron Wiring Diagram
Minarelli V1 engine
CEV 3-wire magneto
external ignition ground

Motron Sliding Switches

Motron Sliding Switches
left,CEV 8188 lites & horn
rt, CEV 8189 engine stop











Murray Wiring: Same as Puch Series B. Bosch 6-wire with external ignition ground powering the horn. Ignition, brake light, tail light, and head light all have separate source coils (armatures). Ground the blue/black wire first if there is no spark.

Murray Wiring (same as Puch)

Murray Wiring Diagram
Bosch 6-wire magneto
external ignition ground