L Wirings: Lazer


Lazer Sport 50 and General 5-Star have the same wiring, except for: 1) General has a steering lock key switch, that kills the spark and ungrounds the battery when the key is removed, 2) Lazer has an extra lt green/red ground wire, 3) Lazer battery is the smaller 6N2-2A, not 6N4B-2A. 

Lazer Sport 50 Wiring


Lazer Wiring Actual

Lazer Wiring Actual

Lazer Wiring Battery

Lazer Wiring – battery








These wirings are for the 1977 Lazer Sport 50, orange, top tank moped, made in Taiwan by Jui Li. They are not for the 2000’s Lazer 4-stroke mopeds, made in China by Bashan. That is a completely different “Lazer”. 

Lazer Battery Versions: All Lazers use a 6N2-2A small 6 volt battery. Modern replacement batteries have different wires than the original batteries did. See section “B” about Battery Wires.