K Wirings: Kinetic, Korado, Kreidler, Kromag, KTM, Kynast


Kinetic Wiring: Kinetic TFR, Luna TFR, Magnum, and TFR-USA are modern 1990’s-2000’s remakes of a 1970’s-80’s Italian made Vespa(Piaggio) pedal-start mopeds. They have modern electrical wiring, with all lights on one wire and a shunt type voltage regulator. So there is no battery, and no DC anywhere, only 12 volt alternating current. They have modern CDI ignition, no points. The Kinetic Pride is a scooter (with a floor and no pedals) with a battery, electric start, and a different wiring, not shown here.

Kinetic TFR moped and Magnum, TFR-USA 1980's Vespa remake 4-wire CDI magneto

Kinetic (moped) Wiring, India-re-make of a Vespa, 4-wire CDI magneto


Korado Wiring: The Korado is a Puch re-make, made by Manet. See Manet Wiring.


Kreidler Wiring: These wirings appeared only in the Kreidler owners manuals, in tiny unreadable print. Now they are deciphered and made easy to follow. Even the mysterious diodes are explained. These 3 took 14 hours to scan in and fix up. Because the US requires a brake light, and requires that the head light not get dim when the brake light is on, that is why they used diodes, for bright lights with less bulb burnout.

Kreidler MP9 (early) up to frame 2409540 Bosch 3-wire magneto external ignition ground

Kreidler Flory MP9(early)
up to frame 2409540
Bosch 3-wire 2-coil mag
external ignition ground

Kreidler MP9 (late) from frame 2409541 Bosch 3-wire magneto internal ignition ground

Kreidler Flory MP9 (late)
from about late 1977-on
frame 2409541 and up
Bosch 3-wire 3-coil mag
internal ignition ground

Kreidler MP19 Wiring turn signals & mag whls Bosch 4-wire 3-coil mag internal ignition ground

Kreidler Flory MP19
turn signals & mag whls
Bosch 4-wire 3-coil mag
internal ignition ground










Green/black wire explained: Many Bosch magnetos have a green and black wire that simply goes to ground. Did you ever wonder why they did not just ground it internally? The Kreidler Flory MP19 is one moped that uses the grün/schwarz wire the way Bosch intended it. The green and green/black are inputs to a full wave rectifier, which is the four diodes inside the turn signal power pack. It is for battery charging. If the green black were grounded, it would only be a half wave rectifier, and the battery charging would only be half as much.


Kromag Wiring: Kromag makes the Sears Free Spirit moped line. All Free Spirits have the same wiring and electrical equipment as 1977-78 Puch Maxi (6-wire). The blue/black horn wires need to be connected, or grounded in order to have spark. The external ignition ground is through the clamp of the light/horn switch. Wild!

Kromag/Sears Wiring Sears Free Spirit, uses Puch 1977-78 (6-wire) 6-wire Bosch magneto 1-speed 0212 124 043

Kromag/Sears Wiring, Sears Free Spirit (1-spd)
Puch 1977-78 (6-wire), external ignition ground

KTM (Foxi) Wiring: This wiring is functionally identical to Cimatti, with a hi-lo headlight, console type light and horn switch, external ignition ground running the brake light, and a secret toggle switch under the headlight. When that switch is in the forward position, the blue (external ignition ground) wire is grounded, and the engine will run, even with a burned out or disconnected brake light. When the switch is in the rear position, the brake light operates normally, where the engine dies when the bulb is removed and either brake is squeezed.  KTM Foxi mopeds have CEV 3-wire magnetos. Some of the later ones with 504/1D engines have Motoplat 3-wire magnetos.

KTM (US model Foxi) CEV or Motoplat magneto external ignition ground

KTM (US model Foxi), CEV or Motoplat magneto
external ignition ground


Kynast Wiring: 

Kynast Flying Dutchman Wiring Diagram

Kynast Flying Dutchman, Sachs 504/1A or 508/AD 
4-wire Bosch magneto, internal ignition ground