J Wirings: Jawa, JC Penney


Jawa Wiring: The original Jawa Babetta, with the famous red “Tranzimo” ignition unit (coil with electronic circuit) had 19″ rims was sold in Europe since 1972. Sometime after that the rims became 16″, and the model became also known as the “207”. Starting in 1976, American Jawa sold US versions of the model 207. They had brake lights and engine stop switches. The earliest US Jawa Babetta was the 1976-78 model 207-011, with big red Tranzimo ignition unit visible on the right side above the engine, with it’s high tech thyristor exposed on one end.

Jawa Babetta 1976-77 US model 207-011 4-wire star magneto with internal rotor Tranzimo CDI/coil

Jawa Babetta 1976-78, model 207.011 (0.9hp)
up to frame # 210999, 4-wire internal rotor mag
big red Tranzimo unit

Jawa Babetta 1976-77 Diag. by California Moped

Jawa Babetta 1976-78, model 207.011 (0.9hp), 4-wire int. rotor magneto, big red Tranzimo unit











In 1978, starting with frame number 211000, the official US model name changed from Babetta to 50 DL, the model number changed from 207.011 to 207.111, and more importantly, the “big red Tranzimo” thyristor ignition unit and stator changed to the newer “black box with separate metal-can-coil” thyristor ignition unit and stator.

Jawa Service Bulletin Aug 1981

Jawa Aug 1981
Service Bulletin 1
On pre-’79 Jawa, replace Tranzimo and stator assy.

Jawa 50 DL 1978-79 US model 207-111 4-wire int rotor mag black box CDI unit metal can-type coil

Jawa 50 DL 1978, model 207.111 (0.9hp)
frame 211000 to 249999, 4-wire int. rotor magneto 
black box thyristor unit, metal can-type spark coil
no eng stop switch shown













Jawa Wiring Diagram no turn signals model

Jawa 50 DL 1978-79, no turn signals model
model 207.111 (0.9hp), frame 211000 to 249999
4-wire int. rotor magneto, black box + metal can
revised w/eng stop switch some new wire colors

Jawa Wiring Diagram for turn signal model

Jawa 50 DLX 1978-79, deluxe with turn signals
model 207.111 (0.9hp), frame 211000 to 249999
4-wire int. rotor magneto, black box + metal can












In 1979, starting with frame number 250000, the USA models changed to the 207.300 series. The horsepower went up from 0.9 to 1.5. The carburetor changed from Jikov 9mm to Bing 12mm. But the wiring and electrical equipment stayed the same. 

In 1980-81, they had new model names, Jawa X30 (30mph 2hp?), X25 (25mph 1.5hp) and X20 (20 mph 1hp). The wiring did not change, but the tail light changed from Peterson to CEV.   

Jawa 50 DL 1979-80 model 207.311 C (1.5hp) model 207.311 DL (1.5hp) model 207.300 DLX (1.5hp) frame 250000 and up

Jawa 50 1979-80
207.311 C,DL,DLX
250000 – 349999
same wiring

Jawa 50 DL 1979-80 207.311 C, DL (1.5hp) 207.300 DLX (1.5hp) frame 250000-up

Jawa mopeds 1980-82
207.311 50C,DL 207.300 50 DLX, X20,X25,X30
frame no. 350000-up
4-wire int. rotor magneto
no head light switch

Jawa 207 Wiring Diagram no turn signals model

Jawa moped 207.305
no brake light (Euro)
no engine stop switch











In August 1981, American Jawa sent out it’s first service bulletin, telling dealers how to cure the Tranzimo ignition problems once and for all, by replacing with the newer black box thyristor type.

In 1983, an all-new model was indroduced, the Jawa 210. It had a two-speed instead of one speed transmission. It had a new frame and other improvements. In the mid 1980’s the 210 was made in sport and deluxe versions. The wiring did not change on the 210 models for the rest of the 1980’s.

In the late 1980’s, Jawa made models 225 (25mph), 230 (30mph), 230 Breeze (30mph mag wheels). They had 2-speed transmissions, and some minor wiring differences.   


Jawa 210 Wiring no turn signals model

Jawa mopeds 1983-91
210 series (2-speed)
no brake light (Euro)
no turn signals

Jawa 210 Wiring for turn signal model

Jawa mopeds 1983-91
210 series (2-speed)
with brake light (USA)
with CEV turn signals

Jawa mopeds 1985-91 225/230 series (2-spd)

Jawa mopeds 1985-91
225/230 series (2-spd)
with brake light (USA)
no turn signals










Jawa Thyristor: Here is an excellent article on how to replace a burned out Jawa “black box”. There are just three components to buy and solder together, a thyristor, a capacitor, and a diode. Here is an even better article that shows in detail the ignition versions, upgrades, and individual thyristor component replacement options.  

In 1993, the country of Czechoslovakia split into Czech Republic and Slovakia. That was pretty much the end of the old Jawa. Then in the mid 1990’s, Jawa mopeds were re-made in Hungary at the Korado factory. The step thru models were called Babetta, while USA top tank models were called Jawa (1995 Sport, Supersport, Ultrasport). The re-make Jawa/Babetta wiring changed, to be like the 1995 Puch Korado, made in Hungary by Manet, with one wire for all lights and a 12VAC shunt type voltage regulator. See Manet Wiring for that. The last year for the beloved Babetta was 1997. Click here for the full Jawa history.

JC Penney Wiring: JC Penney department stores sold the Pinto and Swinger moped models, made by Kromag. They have Puch engines and 1977-78 Puch (6-wire) wiring, where the blue black horn wire must be grounded to run. See Kromag Wiring.