I Wirings: Indian, Intramotor, Italjet


Indian AMI-50 Wiring: Indian AMI-50 was made in Taiwan by Merida or Mira.

Indian 1978 Wiring, WTEMCO 3-wire magneto
no key switch, internal ignition ground


Indian Wiring 1979-81, WTEMCO 3-wire magneto
brake switches normally open, in parallel, internal ignition ground


Indian 2-coil Magneto

Indian 2-coil Magneto
is actually 3 coil, since
2 are combined into 1
blue=ign, yellow=lites
green=battery charging

Indian 4-coil Magneto

Indian 4-coil Magneto
early models 1978?
2 small battery charge coils are in series, to
make the same 3 outputs

Indian Magneto Testing

Indian Magneto Testing









Indian AMI-50 Battery Versions: All Indians use a 6N2-2A small 6 volt battery. Modern replacement batteries have different wires than the original batteries did. See section “B” about Battery Wires.


Indian ME100 Wiring: From 1971 to 1976 there was a line of small motorcycles made in Taipei, Taiwan by Indian, and distributed from Los Angeles USA. This Indian brand is different from the 1978-81 Indian moped made by Merida in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Some of the componentry and design was the same as Taiwan mopeds like General, Lazer and Indian.

1973 Indian ME100


Intramotor Gloria Wiring:¬†Of the 3 or 4 Intramotor Gloria models, Scout, Blanco, Kid and Mini-Kid, only the Scout wiring is shown. The others may or may not be the same, depending on their Dansi magneto type. See “Morini Wiring”.

Notice how the Euro model version has no brake light, and one clamp-on switch for lights, horn, and engine stop. Simple!

Intramotor Gloria Scout (USA) Schema Elettrico

Intramotor Gloria, Schema Elettrico
Dansi 3-wire magneto, internal ignition ground


Intramotor Gloria Scout (USA) Wiring Diagram

Intramotor Scout, (USA) with brake light
Dansi 3-wire magneto, internal ignition ground

Intramotor Gloria Scout (Euro model) no brake light

Intramotor Scout, (Euro) no brake lite
one switch for all, Bosch 2-wire+spark
internal ignition ground