H Wirings: Harley Davidson, Hercules, Hero, Honda


Harley Davidson Wiring: 1965-66 Harley Davidson M50, MS50 models have Dansi ASL222S magnetos. 1967-72 M65, ML65, ML65 Leggero models have a Dansi ASL236NS magnetos. They all have 3 magneto wires, black (ignition), green (ignition ground and brake light) and red (lights). Red and black are opposite from most other Dansi magnetos. Green must be grounded (connected to the frame) in order to have spark. It powers the brake light. If the brake light burns out, the engine will loose spark when the brakes are applied. Any other situation where green to ground is interrupted will cause loss of spark, like wires under the rear fender cut by the tire, loose or rusted fender mounts, loose or rusted bulb contacts, or the tail/brake light connectors loose or corroded. Always ground the green engine wire to eliminate those causes of no spark. That allows the engine to run, but without a brake light. 

Harley Davidson (Aermacchi) M50, M65


Hercules Wiring: Hercules mopeds, made in Germany, are also known as Sachs. See Sachs.


Hero Wiring: Hero Panther


Honda Wiring: Honda has hundreds of small motorcycle models worldwide, with different wirings. These are the USA models (unless stated otherwise) of mopeds and motor-driven cycles. More to follow…

Honda C100 (50cc)

Honda C100 Cub series 50 and 55cc, 1959-70
CA100, C102, C105, C105T, C110, CA110T


Honda PC50 (US model)

Honda PC50 (US model)


Honda PA50 Hobbit

Honda PA50 Hobbit


Honda NC50 (US) Express Honda NA50 Express II

Honda NC50 Express, NA50 Express II (US)


Honda NC50 (UK model)

Honda NC50 Express (UK model)