G Wirings: Garelli, General, Gilera


Garelli Wiring Diagrams: All have CEV 3-wire magnetos with external ignition ground powering the brake light. Garelli wiring is functionally the same as “Minarelli” Wiring on many Italian mopeds. Only some of the wire colors and connector or switch styles are different.

Garelli mopeds US models 1976-86

Garelli Wiring Simplified
US models 1976-86

Garelli Wiring Actual

Garelli Wiring Actual









Garelli (US models) CEV 3-wire magneto
with external ignition ground 


1970’s Garelli Eureka and Katia (UK models)


’85-86 Garelli Monza GT, external ign. ground


General Wiring Diagrams: There has been confusion for years, because of 1) mistakes in the original wirings,  2) wiring in some models not agreeing with the original owners manual, 3) different brand names and alias names for the Jui Li, Her Chee, or Tsing Hua made mopeds, 4) lack of coverage of wiring issues in the service manuals (perhaps because different engines were optional, the engine manuals were separate and not integrated into the main manual), and 5) different versions were produced, sometimes without documentation. The wirings below come from actual wiring harness replacement parts, or actual mopeds or scraps of them. Showing the real wires alongside the diagram for them proves that these corrected wirings are accurate, even though some things might contradict some original wiring diagrams.  

General 5-Star Wiring (top tank, Minarelli eng)

General 5-Star Wiring
top tank Minarelli V1 eng
CEV 3-wire magneto
external ignition ground 

General Wiring Harness (top tank Minarelli eng)

General Wiring Harness
top tank Minarelli engine
CEV 3-wire magneto
external ignition ground 












General 5-Star Actual (top tank Minarelli eng)

General 5-Star Actual
(top tank Minarelli) 

General Wiring Versions top - male battery wire bottom-fem battery wire

General 5-Star Versions
   battery wire, pink circle
top – male bullet
bottom-female bullet










General Brake Light Switches: General 5 Star (top tank) has the brake light switches that screw into the levers. General 5 Star ST (step thru) has a front brake light switch in the cable, and a foot brake switch. Other kinds (Lazer?) have both front and rear brake light switches built into the cables. Some of the wirings have an unused female bullet connector on the white wire, to allow either kind of brake light switch.

General and Lazer (Jui Li) top tank mopeds (Minarelli V1 engine with CEV 6932 magneto with external ignition ground): General 5-Star and Lazer Sport 50 have 97% the same wiring, except for: 1) General has a steering lock key switch, that kills the spark and un-grounds the battery when the key is removed, 2) Lazer has an additional lite green and red ground wire in the harness, 3) Lazer has a 6N2-2A battery, while General has a 6N4B-2A battery, twice the amp-hours and wider. 

General 5 Star ST early

General 5 Star “early”
Sachs 505 foot brake
Bosch 3-wire magneto
external ignition ground

General 5 Star ST late Wiring

General 5 Star “late”
 Sachs 505 foot brake
Bosch 3-wire magneto
ext ign gnd (always gnd)










General 5 Star ST Actual

General ST “late” Actual
Sachs 505/1A foot brake
Bosch 3-wire magneto

General-compatible Wiring new, unknown origin

new, unknown origin
for Bosch 3-wire magneto









General 5 Star ST step thru mopeds (Sachs 505 engine), made by Jui Li: General 5-Star ST wiring “early” version is functionally the same as the top tank models, because of the 3-wire Bosch magneto, configured to charge the battery from the ignition ground. With this version, if you removed the battery, or it went bad from sitting, the ignition would loose spark. The General 5-Star ST wiring “late” version instead charges the battery from the main lights wire and has the ignition ground always grounded, so it never looses spark even when the battery is removed. The trade-off for that increase in reliability is a slightly dimmer headlight, which is also a good thing because it helps prevent headlight burn out.

General look alikes:

Grycner mopeds are identical to General step thru, but have Bosch 5-wire magnetos, with internal ignition ground, and slightly different wiring. 

Unbranded generic Jui Li step thru and top tank mopeds are identical to General. Their wiring and magneto is unknown.

AMS Sierra 50 step thru and Tahoe 50 top tank, are made by Her Chee, not Jui Li. They have wiring compatible with General ST, and a Bosch-compatible 3-wire 90mm Taigene magneto. AMS has the later Sachs 505/1D rather than 505/1A.

Grycner Wiring Diagram step thru with Sachs 505

Grycner Wiring Diagram
Sachs 505/1A engine
Bosch 5-wire magneto
internal ignition ground

AMS Wiring Illustrated Sachs 505/1D engine Taigene 3-wire magneto external ignition ground

AMS Wiring Illustrated
Sachs 505/1D engine
Taigene 3-wire magneto
external ignition ground










General Battery Versions: All Generals and Grycners use a 6N4B-2A flat 6 volt battery. Notice in the “General 5 Star Versions” photo above how the original top tank wiring came with different battery wire connectors, either male or female bullet. Besides that the modern replacement batteries have different wires than the original batteries did. See above section “B” about Battery Wires.


Gilera 106 SS (1967) Sears Allstate (US model) has a CEV 6826 3-wire points magneto with external ignition ground on the green wire. If that wire is disconnected there will be no spark.

Sears (Gilera) 106 SS