E Wirings: Eagle


Eagle Wiring: Eagle mopeds were made by Hercules in about 1980-82 and sold in USA and Canada. Eagle I and II are Sachs Suburbans (I has spoke wheels, II has mags), and Eagle III is a Sachs Prima G3 (top tank). They have a Sachs 505 one speed engine (1D for 30mph, 1A for 25mph, 1B for 20mph) with a Bosch 3-wire magneto, external ignition ground. Always ground the blue black magneto wire first if there is no spark. See Sachs Wiring for a way better version of this wiring diagram.

Eagle Wiring Diagram

Eagle I, II, and III Wiring (made by Hercules), Bosch 3-wire magneto, external ignition ground