B Wirings: Batavus, battery, Benelli, Bianchi


Batavus Wiring (early): The 1976-78 models with Laura M48 engine have a 90mm Bosch 5-wire magneto on the right. Those have an internal ignition ground. None of the lights matter for the ignition to have spark. Head light (yellow), tail light (grey), and brake light (green) each have their own generator coils.


Batavus VA 76-78

Batavus VA, HS50, Mobat, Bronco, Starflite
without turn signals 1976-78, M48 engine
Bosch 5-wire magneto, internal ignition ground


Batavus VA, HS50 deluxe w/turn sigs 1976-78, M48 eng

Batavus VA, HS50, Mobat, Bronco, Starflite
deluxe w/turn signals 1976-78, M48 engine
Bosch 5-wire magneto, internal ignition ground


Batavus Wiring (late): The 1978-80 models with Laura M56 engine have a 80mm Bosch 3-wire magneto on the left side. Those have an external ignition ground. That blue/black wire powers the brake light. Consequently there is a special brake light resistor inside the light. While the early ULO 2-bulb tail light did not have a facility for holding a resistor, the later ULO 2-bulb tail light did. In fact there was not just a resistor, but a small circuit board with a nichrome-wire-coil resistor, and a diode. Otherwise the ignition looses spark if the blue/black becomes disconnected.  

Batavus Regency wiring diagram

Batavus Regency Wiring 1978-80, M56 engine
Bosch 3-wire magneto, external ignition ground



Batavus HS50 Canada model 



Battery Wires: For vintage Taiwan-made mopeds with 6 volt batteries, General, Lazer, Angel, Speed Bird, Indian, AMS, Clinton, Grycner, and others, getting the correct battery, 6N2-2A or 6N4B-2A is easier than getting the correct battery wires. In the 1980’s, new replacement batteries had vintage moped wires (double female bullet and male blade or bullet, male bullet). In the 1990’s and 2000’s the replacement battery wires changed, see illustration. In the 2010’s the wires changed again to “universal” (female bullet, female bullet plus an assortment of plug-in adapter wires, all bullet connectors). But the assortment does not contain enough to make vintage moped battery wires. To make those from the assortment, cutting, soldering, and shrink-wrapping is required.

Some vintage mopeds have had the bike’s wires adapted to accept a modern battery. Because of so many possible wires, since the 1990’s Myrons has always transferred the old battery wires onto the new battery, whenever the old wires were available. When unavailable, adapter wires were made, mostly from wire scraps. So many have been made, that almost no traces of the old style battery wires survive at Myrons Mopeds, out of hundreds of moped wire scraps.

Battery Wire Versions Taiwan 6V Mopeds

Battery Wire Versions, Taiwan 6V Mopeds


6 Volt Battery Chart 2008

6 Volt Battery Chart by Yuasa (2008)


Benelli Wiring: The Benelli G2 moped has a Dansi 3-wire 80mm magneto, with an external ignition ground on the green wire, ignition on the red wire, and lights on the black wire. The Benelli Dynamo mini motorcycle also has a Dansi magneto. More on Benelli soon …

Bianchi Wiring: Bianchi mopeds, US models with Morini MO1 engines, all have Dansi magneto type 101732. This magneto is essentially the same as the 101765 3-wire 2-coil, with external ignition ground on the green wire. Ground the green wire to get spark before suspecting anything else.