A Wirings: AMF, AMS, Angel, Avanti


AMF Wiring: This wiring info is for the AMF Roadmaster models 110, 115, 120, 125 with McCullough rear friction drive engine, not the models 140, 141 with Minarelli V1 mid-engine and chain drive.

AMF 110,115,115KM


AMF 120, 125, 130


AMF stator


AMF 110 wiring


AMF CDI Ignition Upgrade


AMS Wiring: AMS Sierra 50 (step thru), Tahoe G1 (top tank) and Tahoe G2 (top tank 2 speed manual) have the same wiring as General 5 Star ST, except with a Taigene magneto, 3-wire with external ignition ground blue/black for battery charging, no ignition switch in the fork lock, and possibly minor differences in some connectors and grounds. Always ground the blue/black if there is no spark.  

The Taigene FP43 90mm 3-wire magneto is Bosch-compatible. Too bad it was prone to loose spark, even with the blue/black wire grounded and the points functioning. Some needed upgraded to an actual Bosch magneto.  

AMS & Angel Battery Versions: Angel/Speed Birds use a 6N2-2A small 6 volt battery, AMS uses a 6N4B-2A. Modern replacement batteries have different wires than the original ones did. See section “B” Battery Wires. 

AMS has a Taigene Magneto

AMS motor, Sachs 505/1D
3-wire Taigene magneto, Bosch compatible
blue, blue/black, yellow
Honda points & puller tool


AMS Wiring Illustrated Sachs 505 Taigene 3-wire external ignition ground

AMS wiring illustrated, Sachs 505/1D engine
Taigene 3-wire mag, external ignition ground


Angel: 1970’s Angel and Speed Bird mopeds, made in Taiwan by TYM, can have three different magnetos and two different wirings. These all have Ø90-three-M4-screw stator plates, and Ø90 (90mm ID) flywheel-rotors.

1) Bosch 0212-112-053, with brown (external ignition ground), yellow, black wires. The brown wire is the “tail” of the ignition source coil, and must always go to ground to have spark. It helps to power the headlight. So the headlight or headlight wires can cause the ignition to loose spark. 

2) Wtemco FHA ?????, with brown (external ignition ground), yellow, black wires. This whole magneto interchanges with Bosch 0212-112-053, but the internal coils are different. The flywheel, stator plate, points, condenser, the wire colors and wire plugs are all the same.

3) Wtemco FHA 11035, (internal ignition ground) with red, yellow, and black wires. This is the same as the other Wtemco magneto, except for the source coils (armatures). The headlight wiring is different from the others, in that the yellow does not get help from the ignition ground. This would make the headlight dimmer, but at the same time there is a separate output for battery charging, so the headlight gets brighter from that. The net effect is slightly dimmer.

Angel Wiring Diagram

Angel Wiring 1) and 2) Wtemco or Bosch 3-wire, external ignition ground


1) Bosch 0212-112-053
external ignition ground


3) Wtemco FHA-11035, internal ignition ground






Avanti Wiring: Early 2000’s Avanti mopeds have a 90mm 50W Seel magneto, made in India, with modern CDI electronic ignition. Mont and Autopower have 12VAC one-wire for all lights, with an electronic voltage (shunt) regulator. Kobra has 12VAC on 3 separate lighting wires, with no external regulator.

Avanti controls are copies of late 1980’s Italian made Domino controls, used on Trac, Tomos, Derbi. The switches are copies of late 1980’s Italian made CEV switches, that integrate (fit into) the mounts for the controls (brakes, start, and throttle). The switch buttons use the same white international icons, rather than words. 

The original switches for domestic (India) models did not have a handlebar mounted engine stop switch, reachable by the right thumb while holding handlebar grip. The older wiring diagram for Kobra shows this. Only the key on the dash would turn off the motor. But on at least the Supersport model, and maybe also on some Autopowers and Monts, they made the right side headlight high-low beam switch into a engine stop switch, in order to meet the US DOT requirement. This has been the source of confusion. (Turn on the high beam or it won’t start?)

These three wirings took 24 hours to interpret, colorize, re-draw and clean up. The originals were very rough.

Avanti Supersport (top tank) Wiring

Avanti Supersport (top tank) Wiring
Seel 4-wire CDI magneto


Avanti Autopower and Mont Wiring

Avanti Autopower and Avanti Mont Wiring
Garelli-clone engine, Seel 4-wire CDI magneto


Avanti Kobra 3G Wiring Diagram

Avanti Kobra 3G, Garelli 2-speed clone
Seel 6-wire CDI magneto


Avanti Autopower motor Seel 4-wire CDI magneto

Avanti Autopower motor
Seel 4-wire 50 watt CDI magneto, made in India