4. Keihin Parts for 1982-87 NQ50, NB50, C70

== carb ID#   S C O O T E R S   a n d   M O T O R C Y C L E S
  8. PA 29C-D  1984-87 Honda NQ50, NB50 xxxxx   30 mph TS

14. PB 15A-A  1982-83 Honda C70 Passport
xxxxx  xxxxx  OHC








8. Keihin PA 29C-B on #GK8 84-85 Honda NQ50 Spree (US)
8. Keihin PA 29C-D on #GK8 1985   Honda NQ50 Spree (US)
8. Keihin PA 29D-A on #GK8 84-85 Honda NQ50 Spree
8. Keihin PA 29D-B on #GK8 1985   Honda NQ50 Spree

8. Keihin PA 29H-A on
#GE8,GN2 1983-85 Honda NB50 Aero 50


1983 Honda NB50M Aero

1985 Honda NQ50 Spree

#0 16100-GK8-673 Keihin PA 29C-D









#0 16100-GN2-601 Keihin PA 04H-A

#0 16100-GN2-633 Keihin PA 046-A








#0 16100-GE8-013










Flange Mount: The flange mount holes on ’84-87 Spree carburetors are spaced 35mm, center-to-center. That is different from ’74-78 PC50 32mm, ’82-83 NC50-AA 36mm, ’77-83 NC50 38mm, ’79-on Z50 32mm, and ’76-78 Z50 38mm.

These were zippy 50cc two-stroke automatic scooters that maxed out at 30mph to meet many US state’s moped laws. They have electric start so there is 12 volt battery power to operate an automatic electric choke. They also have a gas gauge and an automatic vacuum petcock on the gas tank. You don’t have know very much to operate one. They had a CVT variator that continuously changes the belt drive pulley size ratio, for very quick acceleration. 

Idle Mixture Screw: The idle mixture screw is an “air screw” that blocks off an air channel.

Main Jet: The main jet is a screw-in, recessed-type, M6-0.75 thread, size 68 (0.68mm).

Pilot Jet: The idle jet is not replaceable. It is inside the upper end of the brass tube, pressed into the main body, on the engine side of the main jet.

Float Seat: This carb does not have a replaceable float needle valve seat. The seat is part of the main body, and must be cleaned and polished with a spinning Q-tip.

PA 29C-D gaskets N/A

Float: non-stirrup type white plastic 16013-147-004 see 6-4.0b, non-stirrup needle valve 16155-883-005 see 6-2.0b

Top Cap: M18 x 1 thread

The float bowl gasket in the illustration looks like the NC50-type, but it’s not. The actual gasket has an additional loop, for a vent and overflow. A “tall” float bowl gasket for a 1982-83 NC50 would work fine. Only if the float overflowed then some of the overflow would leak onto the carb instead of through the overflow hose and onto the ground.

From measuring an actual PA 29C-D carburetor, the sizes can be displayed in the PA 29C-D gaskets photo. The PA 29C-D gasket set is not available but the PA15A-A gasket set can be a substitute. See above.

Keihin PA (a)29C-B  (b)29C-D   (c)29D-A   (d)29D-B
o# abcd price 00000-000-000   Honda part#x  description xxx specs
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-671
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-672 carburetor PA29C-B ’84-85 NQ50, NQ50-A (US)
o0 0100  N/A  16100-GK8-673 carburetor PA29C-D      ’85 NQ50, NQ50-A (US)
o0 0010  N/A  16100-GK8-731
o0 0010  N/A  16100-GK8-732 carburetor PA29D-A ’84-85 NQ50-AA (US 25 mph)
o0 000N/A  16010-GK8-733 carburetor PA29D-B      ’85 NQ50-AA (US 25 mph)
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-871 carburetor PA000-0      ’86 NQ50-A
o0 1000  N/A  16100-GK8-881 carburetor PA000-0      ’86 NQ50-AA
o1 1111  $18 16010-GE8-305 gasket solo-set   1b 1c 1g 1v 1w
o1 1111  $18 16010-GK8-003 gasket solo-set   1b 1c 1g 1v 1w
o1 1111  $19 16010-GE8-315 gasket multi-set 1b 1c 1g 1v 1w 1x
1b 1111  $$8 00000-000-000 top rubber washer 13 x 16.5 x 1
1c 1111  $$2 00000-000-000 intake o-ring 2 x 20 (24 od) 
1g 1111  $$2 00000-000-000 drain plug o-ring 1.5 x 4 (7 od)
1v 1111  $15 00000-000-000 float bowl gasket  2.5 x 1.5 with loop

1w1111  N/A  00000-000-000 choke o-ring 1 x 16 (18 od)
1x 0000  N/A  00000-000-000 choke o-ring 1 x 12 (14 od)
20 1100  N/A  99101-187-0680 jet 68   30mph versions
20 0011  N/A   99101-187-0650 jet 65   25mph version AA






o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-672
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-673 carburetor PA040-0 ’83-84 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-003 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-013 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-601 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-611 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (DE)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-621 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GE8-671 carburetor PA040-0      ’84 NB50M (CA)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-601 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-602 carburetor PA04H-A      ’85 NB50M (UK)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-621 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-622 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (FR)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-633 carburetor PA046-A      ’85 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-671 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (CA and US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-672 carburetor PA040-0      ’85 NB50M (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-871 carburetor PA040-0      ’86 NB50
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-872 carburetor PA04P-A      ’86 NB50 (US)
o0 0000  N/A 16100-GN2-762 carburetor PA04W-A      ’87 NB50 (US)








14. Keihin PB 15A-A on #GB4  1982-83 Honda C70 Passport (US)

Keihin PB15A-A









Flange Mount: 36? mm hole spacing

Keihin PB (a)15A-A
o# a price  Honda part#x  description xxx specs
o0 1  N/A 16100-174-673 carburetor PB 15A-A 1980   C70  Passport (US)
o0 1  N/A 16100-174-772 carburetor PB 15A-A 1981   C70  Passport (US)
o0 1  N/A 16100-GB5-671 carburetor PB 15A-A ’82-83 C70 Passport (US)
o1 1  N/A 16010-GB4-013 gasket solo-set
o1 1  N/A 16010-141-305 gasket multi-set