Trac Models

Contents:   1. 1982-84 Trac   M56 engine, pedal start Clipper, Eagle, Hawk, Magura controls

Contents:   2. 1984-86 Trac   M56 engine, pedal start Clipper, Eagle, Hawk, Domino controls

Contents:   3. 1986-90 Trac DP50 engine, pedal start Clipper, Olympic, Sprint or Hawk, Blitz

Contents:   4. 1984-90 Trac DM50 engine,   kick start Escot, Liberty, Liberty LS, Image, Metro


1. 1982-84 with M56 engine


1982-84 Trac mopeds are made in Korea by Kia Motorcycle Company, Ltd. The engine, made in Korea by Daelim Motor Co. (DMC), is a remake of a 1978-80 Laura M56 engine originally made in Holland and used on Batavus mopeds.

Some of the components are European, and some are Korean. This matters for parts compatibility. The spoke wheels, brakes, speedometer, shocks, forks, fenders and seat are Korean or Asian. European things are CEV (Italian) lights and switches, Bosch (German) magneto, Magura (German) controls, Grimeca (Italian) mag wheels, Encarwi (Dutch) carburetor, and the Laura (Dutch) M56 remake engine and exhaust.

  seat: xx solo xxXx  solo xXxx   solo xxXxx   long  xXxx   long xxXxx   long  xXxx  long
wheels: spoke xXx  mags xXx   spoke xXxx   mags  xXx   spoke xxxx   mags  xXx  spoke

1982   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std

1983   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std

1984   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std

In Trac parts manuals “standard” or “deluxe” refers to the wheels, on Eagle and Hawk.

In Trac parts manuals “I” or “II” refers to the seat, solo or long, on Eagle. Most are Eagle II (long seat).


1983 Trac Hawk

1983 Trac Hawk deluxe

1984 Trac Sprint

1984 Trac Hawk standard

Remote gas valve

Hawk weight 120 lbs

top gas tank 1.6 gal







1983 Trac Eagle

1983 Trac Eagle II standard

1984 Trac Eagle

1984 Eagle II standard

14×1 side mount

Eagle weight 100 lbs

in-frame gas tank 1.2 gal







1983 Trac Clipper

1984 Trac Clipper

Remote gas valve

Clipper weight 115 lbs

rear gas tank 1.0 gal








Trac M56 Engine

Trac M56 Engine

All models: Laura M56 engine, Daelim re-make

The original Dutch-made Laura M56 engine was on 1978-80 Batavus Regency and Regency HS. 











2. 1984-1986 with M56 engine

1985 Trac Clipper

1985 Trac Clipper

1984-86 Trac mopeds are mostly the same as 1982-84, except for:

1) the controls are 1980’s Domino black, instead of 1970’s Magura silver

2) the cables are different for the Domino controls

3) the switches are integrated instead of separate clamp-on.

4) the wiring is different for the new integrated (built-in) switches

1984-86 Trac Hawk (dlx), Eagle II (std), Clipper







  seat: xx solo xxXx  solo xXxx   solo xxXxx   long  xXxx   long xxXxx   long  xXxx  long
wheels: spoke xXx  mags xXx   spoke xXxx   mags  xXx   spoke xxxx   mags  xXx  spoke

1984   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std

1985   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std

1986   Clipper   Eagle I dlx   Eagle I std   Eagle II dlx   Eagle II std   Hawk dlx   Hawk std




1986 Trac new mopeds with DP50 engines.
All have a small left lower lever for starting.
Later years did not have a starter lever.

3. 1986-1990 with DP50 engine

Since 1984 Trac made the Escot and Image “no-peds” with the Daelim DM50 2-speed automatic engine. It was proven to be good. In 1986 Trac introduced a pedal version Daelim DP50 1-speed automatic for their models Clipper and Hawk. Both DM50 and DP50 had oil injection, where you don’t have to mix oil with the gas. The older M56 engine models needed 50:1 premix oil and gas.

The DP50 engine replaced the 1982-86 Laura M56 Daelim remake engine. During 1986 both engine types were sold, as not all models and colors changed at once. 

In late 1986 or early 1987, the Hawk was renamed Sprint.

1987 Trac Sprint moped

1987 Trac Sprint, no start lever



1987 Trac Clipper

1987 Trac Clipper, no start lever

1986 Trac Clipper

1986 Trac Clipper









In 1986 the Olympic, and kick version Liberty, replaced the Eagle. The Olympic was all Korean or Asian made. So most of the parts are different from the other models. The brakes were bigger, and the fork improved, true hydraulic with oil dampening, for a smoother ride.

Info Trac 2

Info Trac 2

Trac Olympic

1986-90 Trac Olympic

Info Trac Olympic Specs

1986-90 Olympic Specs










Daelim DP50 info sheet


DP50 upgrades: In 1987 two things were improved.

1) The change lever E13-9 was upgraded to a cable-less type. The start cable and start lever below the left handlebar were eliminated.

More on this later …

2) The gear set E7B-3 and E8B-13 was upgraded. Gear E7B-3 has a rounded square center hole. The four engage balls move inward (to disengage the motor for easy pedaling) and outward (to engage the motor) into the four corners of the square hole. These gears crack at one of the corners, when the engage process is not done gently. The upgraded gear set has 3? more teeth on the E7B-3 gear and 3 less on the mate gear E8B-13. More teeth made the E7B-3 gear thicker at the four corners where it was cracking at.

Driveshaft gear E7B-3 changed from #13009 (24T) to #18750 (27T?).

Idleshaft gear E8B-13 changed from #13019 (23T) to #18751 (20T?).

More on this later …



In 1988 the Blitz came out. It was an Olympic with a solo seat and luggage rack. 

Trac Blitz

1988-90 Trac Blitz

Trac Blitz specs

1988-90 Blitz specs

  seat: xx solo xxx  long xx   long  xxx  solo
wheels: spoke xx spoke x    mags  xx spoke

1986   Clipper    Olympic     Hawk

1987   Clipper    Olympic     Sprint

1988   Clipper    Olympic     Sprint  x Blitz

1989   Clipper    Olympic     Sprint  x Blitz



4. 1984-1990 with DM50 engine


1984-89 Trac Image, Liberty, Liberty ES (electric start), Escot









1984 Trac Image

1984 Trac Image

1984 Trac Escot

1984 Trac Escot

  seat: xx solo xx  solo xx   long  xxx  solo
wheels: spoke x spoke x    mags  xx spoke

1984 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image

1985 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image

1986 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image x Liberty LS

1987 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image x Liberty LS

1988 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image x Liberty LS

1989 x  Escot  x Liberty xx Image  xx Metro

Trac Metro

1989-90 Trac Metro

Trac Metro Specs

1989-90 Metro Specs

’85? Daelim Handy II (Korea model)
is like a ’85 Trac Liberty (US model)









1987-1990 Trac DH100

DH100 Super Hawk

Trac DH100 Super Hawk