Minarelli P48, P1, P3, W3, EZ engines



Myrons does not have parts for the models shown below, except things that are the same as V1.


2. Minarelli P1 1956-60 and 1963-66

1963-66 Minarelli P1

’64-66 Cimatti Velocim
with Minarelli P1 motor
missing fan shroud

Minarelli P1












The P1 was a pedal start, no kick lever. Unlike most Italian mopeds the pedal system was external, rather than inside the engine, with both pedal and motor chains on the left.

The 1950’s Minarelli P1 had a manual clutch. The 1960’s P1 was the same, except automatic clutch.


3. Minarelli P3 1956- 

This was a 3-speed hand-grip-shift with manual clutch. There were pedal and no-pedal versions. It had a bigger engine case than the P1, but still with the egg shape. There were two head versions, with a motor mount and without. 

Minarelli P3 pedal
3-speed cable-shift

Minarelli P3 pedal

1958-62 Gabbiano with Minarelli P3 pedal
Dellorto SHA 14/12 carb, CEV 6067 magneto








Minarelli P3 kick
3-speed cable-shift

’53 FBM P3 kick




The motor was a carryover from the pre-Minarelli period of FBM. 







4. Minarelli W3

60’s Minarelli W3 kick
3-speed cable-shift

1970? Testi Cricket
Minarelli W3 engine

This was a 3-speed grip-shift manual clutch kick start, no pedals.

It is fan cooled with a very curvy rounded fan shroud. 









5. Minarelli EZ 1963?-68?

This was a one speed automatic with internal pedals. No fan or fan shroud. Some EZ parts are the same as V1.

Minarelli EZ

Minarelli EZ parts










Minarelli EZ

1967 Testi O.K.
Minarelli EZ motor