Minarelli P4, P4E, P6 engines

1. Minarelli P4

The late 1960’s P4 is still kick only, still has the rounded case of the early 60’s, but the cooling fins are bigger and more square, and head fins are angled instead of straight. 

1967 Minarelli P4

1969 Minarelli P4
4-speed foot-shift
kick start (no pedals)

In 1967 the company name and logo changed, from F.B. Minarelli to Motori Minarelli. Here they showed off their new logo by making it as big as possible, filling an entire page width.









2. Minarelli P4E

The 1970’s P4E has a not-rounded engine case. It has many versions; 5 different cylinders and heads, 5 different kick levers, 8 different  magnetos, 3 different carburetors, and more. 

page 54: Minarelli P4E parts










page 64: Minarelli P4 P6 top-end parts, cylinder, piston, head

1976 Moto Meteora Minarelli M4 4-speed tubone type frame

1976 Moto Meteora
P4E “radiale” head









page 66, 68 Minarelli P4 P6 magneto, carburetor parts (026 missing)

1981 Testi Cricket 4M Minarelli P4 engine

1981 Testi Cricket 4M
P4E “compact” head










page 70: Minarelli P4 P6 transmission parts, covers, levers, tools










3. Minarelli P6 1969-77?

This was a 6-speed foot-shift manual clutch. Most were kick start. Some mid-70’s had pedals, for sale in England. 

1969 Minarelli P6

1975 Minarelli P6

1975 Minarelli P6

1975 Fantic 50 Chopper
Minarelli P6 with pedals