Tomos Grid Tool (takes a minute to load)

Tomos Parts List with Applications Grid

All Tomos USA moped and off-road parts are listed, from the year 2012. Each part number is one row, out of 2382. Each parts catalog (or parts group) is one column, out of 34. So the grid size is 2382 by 34.

How it’s made: In most Tomos parts catalogs there is an index list of every part number contained in that catalog. These index lists were used to create this massive applications grid.

Each row is a part: with a part number, description, and 34 characters, lined up in columns. A “” character means that item is in the Tomos parts catalog for that model, in other words it is original equipment. A “o” character means that item is not in the parts catalog.

Beware of “some”: Tomos parts catalogs cover several models. Sometimes a part is only on some of the models in a parts catalog, not on all. This grid does not show that. It shows if a part if it is on any of the models in that catalog or group. Sometimes that would seem incorrect. 

Sometimes there are different parts used on the same model. Like in 1993-94 when they had 3 or 4 different magnetos. The parts catalog did not say which ones had which part specifically. It was a “specifications subject to change without notice” situation. 

Years can overlap: Often the parts changed during the year, rather than at the end of the year. Then a particular year model would be in two different columns. For example, early 2008 is like 2007, while a late 2008 is like 2009.

Part omissions: Over the years hundreds of obsolete items, no longer sold, have been deleted from this Parts Price List. There are still many that have not been deleted, but instead say “OB” obsolete, or “NLA” no longer available.  

App omissions: Sometimes a part belongs in an app column (parts group or catalog), but does not appear there, for different reasons. Maybe the part was improved so the number changed, or the item was not sold separately anymore, or was simply omitted. Those items will have a “” character, instead of ““. Clover shape means it is a correction, not from a parts manual.

Painted parts: Some painted parts were sold primer coated, not painted. Before the 2000’s if the color was not specified when ordering, some replacement parts were primer coated (unpainted). Sometimes the primer replacement had the next higher or lower part number, and sometimes it had the same number as the finish-painted item.   

Painted parts from before 2000’s did not have part numbers with color suffixes, like 229317BLK. Those early A35 and A3 models will have a “” character for their colored parts, instead of ““. Diamond shape means that particular color item was determined from sales brochures or other official literature, not from a parts manual.