Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any 6 volt ignition coils?

No. A 6 volt coil is for a 6 volt battery ignition. The only vehicles that I know of, that have 6 volt ignition coils are vintage ones from before the 1970’s and 80’s. 1980’s and later cars and big motorcycles all have 12 volt ignition coils. Big motorcycles, like cars have “battery ignitions” where the ignition power source is a battery. Small motorcycles and mopeds have “magneto ignitions” where the ignition power source is a generator. The ignition coils for small motorcycles and mopeds do not say any voltage.

Do you have a rebuild kit for my engine?

You cannot accurately guess what it needs. You will need to get a tech person to:
1. Get the engine unfroze
    feel if it has compression, if not then

2. Disassemble and diagnose what is bad

the least might be just piston rings, which I have

    if the crankshaft and cylinder are bad, then it is not worth fixing
I do not have a engine for sale. Generally, you need to find another whole bike to get that. You hopefully won’t need an engine, but you do not know yet. There is not any engine/transmission that I know of that would fit, although people do occasionally put an engine from a different bike. That requires engineering skills and some luck. For any given moped or motorcycle, the engine costs almost as much as a whole bike.

Do you have the original ignition coil for my moped?

Chances are that if you did find the original ignition coil, and put it on, it would still have the same problem. That coil does not have to be the original one. Any ignition transformer coil for a magneto points ignition (not a 6V or 12V battery ignition coil), would function, if the rest of the ignition was good. Read about ignition troubleshooting online and on my website. Get help from a technical person if necessary. Here are the most likely causes of weak or intermittent spark:

Is there an external ignition ground that goes outside to power the brake light, that must be grounded to get spark?

Is there continuity through the points, when they are closed? Or are they “dirty”?

Is the condenser bad, causing heavy sparks to jump across the points?

Do the points even open enough, or is the points cam rusty, and the points wiper worn so there is no gap?

Has the flywheel been put in the wrong position, so that the spark is at the wrong time, and/or weak?

Has anything been changed, like a different flywheel?

These are the likely things, in order of most likely first.