Generic Wiring Harness


This is a main wiring harness for 3-or-more-coil moped magnetos (ignition, lights, brake light). It can be configured for 2-coil magnetos (ignition/brake light, lights). See below for possible configurations. It is shown as a photo and a schematic. It comes with the round chrome switches, right for engine stop, left for headlight and horn. Price $95

This is only the front main harness. A rear harness, engine to tail light, and connector block are needed to make a complete harness, but they’re not included.



Peugeot 103 Wiring Harness

Peugeot 103 (US) 1976-79 wiring harness new $185 with CEV switches


Peugeot 103 (US) 1976-79 wiring harness used  none


Peugeot 103 (US) 1980-83 wiring harness used  $45 with switches






Other Electrical

221582 regulator, AC voltage 12V Tomos $45
000000 regulator, AC voltage 6V used MB $30   with heat sink
222428 flasher, turn signal 12V 2-prong $7
12-3092 regulator, AC voltage 12V 40W $25   square type with center hole
201204 fuse, blade 10A 5-pack  $5