Wirings and Other Electrical

Generic Wiring Harness


This is a main wiring harness for 3-or-more-coil moped magnetos (ignition, lights, brake light). It can be configured for 2-coil magnetos (ignition/brake light, lights). See below for possible configurations. It is shown as a photo and a schematic. It comes with the round chrome switches, right for engine stop, left for headlight and horn. Price $95

This is only the front main harness. A rear harness, engine to tail light, and connector block are needed to make a complete harness, but they’re not included.

Here is that generic wiring harness adapeted to fit a Garelli (US model), with an external ignition ground on the blue magneto wire.




Peugeot 103 Wiring Harness

Peugeot 103 (US) 1976-79 wiring harness new $185 with CEV switches


Peugeot 103 (US) 1976-79 wiring harness used  none


Peugeot 103 (US) 1980-83 wiring harness used  $45 with switches






Voltage Regulators

1. 123092 voltage regulator 12VAC  $25.0 40w aftermarket
2. 221582 voltage regulator 12VAC  $45.0 80w Tomos A35 no battery ’92-06
3. 236733 voltage regulator 12VAC  $45.0 80w Tomos A55 no battery ’02-17
4. 230844 regulator-rectifier 12VDC $45.0 80w Tomos battery models ’02-13
5. 054704 voltage regulator    6VAC $25.0 40w used MB with heat sink

Regulators 1, 2 and 3 can interchange. They all regulate the voltage on the yellow wire, by dumping any excess voltage into the brown wire, that goes to the frame. They keep the AC voltage below about 13 volts. This allows the use of a stronger generator, for brighter lights when stopped and the engine is idling. The stronger generator would otherwise be too strong when the engine was running fast, and would make a voltage over 13 volts, maybe 14 or 16. That would make the lights super bright, but they would soon burn out. The regulator prevents bulb burnout from too much voltage. The bulbs can also burn out from too much vibration. The regulator would not help that.

Regulators 2 and 3 have blade connectors that are duplicates (connected together inside) or unused (not connected inside).



Turn Signal Flashers

These are listed in turn signals.



201204 blade fuse,  10 amp, 5-pack  $5