Gadabout Parts

This is not included here. The parts are all different.

Gadabout (UK)       made in England by Phillips   

The word “gadabout” means wanderer. The Phillips Gadabout was a popular 1950’s – 1960’s English moped. That kind of Gadabout moped is not included here.


Gadabout (US)       made in Italy by Moto BM        Minarelli V1 engine

Bonvicini Marino Moto BM was started by Mario Bonvicini in 1950. BM first made bikes with Ilo 125 -175cc engines, then later with Morini and Minarelli engines 50-125cc. Moto BM made Gadabout mopeds in Bologna Italy.

Minarelli: All of the US-model Gadabout mopeds have Minarelli V1 moped engines, limited power 50cc one speed automatic with internal pedals.

Holiday Rambler: One of the earliest Gadabout moped sold in America was the 1978 Gadabout MK IV by the Holiday Rambler Corporation, made in Bologna, Italy by Moto BM (Bonvicini Marino). It was originally sold on the back of Holiday Rambler RVs to be ridden around campsites.

Gadabout stickers did not last Almost all of them have no stickers left, because they cracked and fell off. That was the only thing that Gadabout owners were not glad about.

Robcor: At some point later, the Robcor Inc. in Plymouth, Virginia USA sold Gadabouts, both two and three wheelers, in 1979-80. 

Pryer is a trade name of Pryer Motorcraft, 4563 State Route 235, Ada Ohio 45810. Pryer is mostly known for their three wheeled mopeds (trikes). Four different two-wheelers have been used to produce three-wheelers, Puch (Austria), Tomos (Yugoslavia), Motomarina (Moto Meteora, Italy) and Gadabout (Moto BM, Italy). The European made bikes were converted into three wheelers by Pryer in Ohio USA. 



1978 Gadabout Minarelli V1 engine 
1. 1978 Gadabout,  2. 1978 Gadabouts by Tom Hartman, 3. 1978 Pryer Gadabout



1979 Gadabout flyer 1979 Gadabout features
1. 1978-79 Gadabout bike and trike flyer,  2. 1978-79 Gadabout bike flyer

The Gadabout trike moped is the same frame as a Pryer Gadabout trike moped.

Gadabout frame 
1. 1978-79 Gadabout frame,  2. 1980-81 Gadabout frame

The frame changed after 1979. You can see the 1978-79 frame is different than the 1980-81, in the luggage rack behind and below the seat. Both frames are made by Moto BM.



1979 Gadabout trike 1980's Gadabout Minarelli V1 engine 1980 Gadabout Minarelli V1 engine
1. 1980 Gadabout trike, 2. 1980 Gadabout, 3. 1980 Gadabout

1980 Gadabout from Terry Elsenrath



1981 Gadabout trike Minarelli V1 engine
1981 Gadabout trike



Gadabout components: Minarelli V1 engine 20(1.0hp), 25(1.5hp), 30mph(2.0hp) versions, Dellorto SHA 14/12 (or 14/9) carburetor, CEV lights and switches, Domino controls and levers, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV 6932 magneto, CEV speedometer with LH driver, and CEV reflectors.